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If you need change, want a fresh breeze through your house and want your life to blow, then start applying color according to the Feng shui.

Feng shui goes further than just placing your furniture in a way that the chi can flow freely.

How does it work?

The whole world around us is made up of energy, a magnetic field of positive and negative charges that constantly vibrate. This is also the case with colors. For example, red is the color with the highest vibration, the most energy. Colors also work like that in nature. Some colors attract, or repel, or represent danger. At Feng Shui, it’s about making someone feel as comfortable as possible in a room. And because color influences your well-being and your mood, it is a good idea to pay attention to this.

Yin and Yang colors

The Feng Shui distinguishes yin colors and yang colors.

  • Soothe and neutralize yin colors
  • activate and stimulate yang colors

Yin colors are the light, cool, soft and pastel colors. Think of gray, beige, green, blue. Yang colors are bright, warm tones such as yellow, orange and red.

Personal preference

Of course there are colors that appeal to you more or less personally. But the Feng Shui teaches you to apply colors in such a way that the chi in those aspects of your life (health, love, work or material well-being) starts flowing in the direction that you want. Always try to choose the color in a shade that you like.

Five Elements

The colors can all be subdivided into the five elements:

  • water
  • wood
  • soil
  • fire
  • metal.

1 WATER – convenience, refreshment and abundance


Blue give peace and cool. It is very good to use in spaces where you want to relax. It is also associated with peace and comfort. That is why blue is a great color for a bedroom, a room where you meditate or use it in a different way to relax. It is less suitable for dining rooms and study rooms.


Black is the color of mysticism and is stylish. Black is the color of the night, deep waters and universal voids. With black you add depth and power to a space and it brings stability. Too much black can have an alienating effect and prevent growth. It is better not to use black in living spaces higher than eye level. Black is less suitable for children’s rooms.

2 WOOD – health and vitality

Dark brown and green

Dark brown and green are the colors of the trees. They are colors of symbolic growth, fertility and harmony. Green is the color for a new beginning, it refreshes and relaxes. If you work with the color green, it is good to work together with multiple shades. They are suitable colors for kitchens and bathrooms. It is less suitable for study rooms, living rooms or playrooms unless you combine them with other colors.


Earth and brown tones are colors of nourishing energy. The color is suitable for use in the hall or for a wall in the room or bedroom. Light brown can also be used very well in the kitchen. Too much brown in a room can lead to a standstill, not progress. Therefore combine brown tones with other colors.

  • Light yellow
  • Beige
  • Earth and sand tones

4. FIRE – passion and energy


Red symbolizes the energy of the sun and life. If you use red in the right way in your house, it means strength, happiness, wealth and luxury. An excess of red stands for anger, overactivity and restlessness. It is therefore better to use red in details and accessories than as the main color for a room. Do not use red or sparingly for the dining room, kitchen or children’s rooms.


Purple is also a color that you better use sparingly. It is a color that stands for spirituality. Purple is also a royal color. Purple stimulates the brain, the imagination and is therefore inspiring. Purple is suitable for use in the bedroom and relaxation room. Purple is less suitable for the kitchen and bathroom.


Rose is the color of innocence, purity and romance. Rose is suitable for bedrooms and less for the bathroom and kitchens.


If red is too intense for you, then orange or yellow is a good alternative. Orange is a warming, stimulating and social color which means that it is suitable for spaces where people talk to each other. It is a suitable color for the living room, dining room, play / children’s rooms.

Bright dark yellow

Yellow is a color that stands for tolerance, but also for authority. Yellow is a color that is stimulating and stimulates the mind and digestion. Yellow is suitable for the living room, the hall and landing and children’s rooms.

5. METAL – clarity and precision


White is the color of purity and purity. It soothes the emotions. White is suitable for all rooms in the house. Especially in combination with bright colors.


Gray stands for independence and forms a shield for external influences. Yet gray often has a negative charge and is associated with fog and smoke, neither white nor black. Too much gray is not recommended in living spaces. Work more with accents. Gray, preferably in warm tones, is moderately suitable for study and study rooms.


Gold is the color of power and abundance, but also for higher ideals and wisdom.
Color combinations also combine the characteristics of the colors.

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