Christian Dream Symbols: Biblical Dream Interpretation and Symbols of Faith

Christian Dream Symbols Biblical Dream Interpretation and Symbols of Faith
(Last Updated On: February 19, 2021)

Biblical dream interpretation is founded on christian dream symbols of faith and worship that are significant to the dreamer.


As we struggle to find answers to the big questions regarding who and what we are, we’re often led to explore our spiritual side in dreams. Dreams of a religious nature are usually potent – especially when we dreamt that God has spoken to us. While this is unlikely to be a divine message, it may be about something that our subconscious wants us to explore.


are usually viewed as buildings of great spiritual importance and interpreted to represent the soul in dreams. Dreaming of an empty church, devoid of furniture or decoration, may be a sign that the dreamer has abandoned beliefs that were once held dear. On the other hand, a church elaborately decorated with flowers and candles can suggest a reawakening of someone’s spirituality.


appearing in dreams can offer comfort for people who are grieving – or may be there to impart a message.


The presence of bells in dreams can refer to the arrival of good news.


Dreaming of a cross may be a sign that a period of ill luck may have conspired against someone.


A dream of heaven is a sign of elevation, either in the context of growth in one’s spiritual beliefs, or in a temporal sense an improvement in social standing or a promotion at work.


Dreaming of hell reflects the state of a dreamer’s mind, highlighting challenges that may be tormenting them. There may be a guilt-element to dreams of hell, indicating that may need to take some steps to salvage their conscience.


Dreaming of the Bible alludes to discretion and sensitivity, and swearing upon one tells the dreamer that despite criticism, their current actions are correct.


Dreaming of Christ may have a personal meaning to a person based on their own religious or spiritual beliefs. As well as the redeemer, the symbol of Christ can represent perfection of the self, martyrdom, worldly suffering or resurrection. You may feel like a martyr in some aspect in your life or believe you suffer as Christ did on the cross.

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