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Positive thinking in the Bible

Do you recognize that? That you want to do anything and everything, but that you think: “Oh, I can’t do this at all …”, which means that you keep running like a stressed chicken and get nowhere! While, if you speak firmly and just start praying, you suddenly get all those things done? 

Do you also notice that if you have loving, encouraging thoughts about yourself and about people around you, you experience more peace and joy and your relationships get better? 

Realize that your thoughts can be like poison to your soul or just like a kind of Pokon (flower food) that makes you bloom and grow. What do you choose? 

This week three Biblical tips on how to keep your thoughts ‘true, noble and pure’ (Philippians 4: 8):


Reading and studying God’s Word will positively affect your heart and mind. God’s Spirit wants us to look more like Jesus, and by reading and studying God’s word, the Holy Spirit can work in us. Hebrews 4:12 says, “For the word of God is alive and powerful, and sharper than a two-edged sword: it penetrates deeply where soul and spirit, bone and marrow touch each other, and is capable of the views and thoughts of dissect the heart. ” 

How beautiful is that? Unfortunately, there are many Christians who have God’s word dusted in the cupboard … You too? (This is not intended as a judgmental question, only as a confronting …) 

Or do you regularly – preferably every day – take the time to listen to God through his word? Even if it is one sentence or even one word that you ‘chew’, it can be life-changing! And you will find that if you start working on a certain theme – for example: “I want to be more patient, God help me with that …” – you will gradually change as you spend time with God. Special right? 


If there is something that the devil is very busy doing, it is to bring (half) lies to our minds. Lies are a breeding ground for feelings of inferiority and for behavior that negatively affects our lives. Ephesians 4:25 says, “Therefore, lay down the lie and speak the truth to one another, for we are members of one another.” In other words: if you think or speak, stop and ask yourself: “Is this the truth?” Even small lies or half-truths are lies and lies keep us away from God’s truth. While we need his truth to live life in the right way!

In the example that you are walking around like a stressed chicken because you think: ‘Help! It is too much, I cannot do this … “, it is important to ask yourself:” Is this really true? Can I really not? ” If you then pray, you will relax and suddenly you will see opportunities that you can complete. Or you come to the conclusion that you have taken too much hay on your fork and that you have to cancel something . (Incidentally, this is often based on a lie, for example: “I must always say yes,” or “I must be strong, I can do all of this.”)


‘Feed your thoughts with healthy food’ means that you consciously think about what you allow in your thoughts. What kind of magazines or books do you read? What kind of programs do you watch on television or on Netflix? But also: what kind of people do you associate with? And how do they speak? 

 “What you deal with, you get infected,” is a well-known saying. How do you want to stand in life? What is your calling and how are you going to follow it? If you deal a lot with people who do not encourage you in your calling, then it is a lot harder to do what God puts in your heart to do than if you have positive, encouraging people around you. 

It is not for nothing that we have special communities for all Power women who do training with us. If we can encourage and encourage each other to make the right choices, to trust in God, to read his word and to celebrate together when steps are taken again, then it is so much easier to just do what God ( every day) from us …

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