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Do you also find it difficult to forgive the one person who did something to you? Can you not let go of your resentment, even though you may have heard many times that it is your Christian duty to forgive, as God forgives us? But how exactly do you do that?

In this blog 3 insights that will help you to forgive. 


It is often said that you must forgive immediately after something has been done to you. That you cannot harbor hatred or resentment, but that you must forgive. Point. Although your heart may always be focused on forgiveness, forgiving is a terminus . You cannot forgive immediately after something has been done, simply because there are often many emotions that must first be expressed.  I

n Micah 7:18 we read of God’s anger that He feels before he turns to grace. God’s anger has to do with justice. No justice has been done and that makes him angry. Before you proceed to forgiveness, it is important that you do justice to the emotions that exist. That you give this space so that you can express it. You may be angry if your injustice has been done. In fact; you have to express your anger, otherwise it will proliferate in your heart and bitterness will arise.

What emotions do you have to express before you can forgive that one person?


As long as anger and pain are in your heart, there is less room for positive emotions. There is also less room for feeling the desires that God has placed in your heart. If you want to find your calling and find out what desires are in your heart, then it is important that anger, pain and sorrow are ‘out the door’ as much as possible and that you have a ‘whole’ heart again.

n how far has your heart been blocked by old pain and anger?


By expressing your anger and sorrow, space is created in your heart again. Then it is important that you first forgive. Forgiving is not only nice for the other, but ensures that you can let go of the situation yourself. After which there is more room for positive emotions. You can focus on the future. On your calling .

To what extent do you long to get rid of that one nasty situation? How would it feel if you had forgiven the other person and you can come loose?

One of the biggest blockages that hinders Christians from growing spiritually is forgiveness. Do you experience a blockage in your spiritual life? Do you want to forgive others, but can’t you? Then use the keys in this study to break through to the new life in Christ. Take care of every block in the stream of God’s grace! In this study, Gerard de Groot gives you practical keys to forgive others. Not from your own strength, but from your new identity in Christ. The Holy Spirit helps you with this.


God wants your heart to remain ‘pure’ and ‘clean’ so that you can use it to love. That is precisely why He calls us to forgive. 

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