7 DIY Chocolate Face Mask Recipes ‚Äď make your face glow!

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Chocolate face mask recipes

Chocolate contains many ingredients that can benefit health, such as antioxidants and flavonoids. Chocolate can also be used to make a face mask. Beauty masks often offer chocolate facial masks, but you can also make them at home.

Chocolate face mask benefits

A chocolate mask can moisturize the skin, blur wrinkles, and make your face glow.

Chocolate face mask recipes

Cocoa is a potent antioxidant; it attacks the free radicals that could damage the skin and thus protects the face from wrinkles and skin aging. The flavonoids in cocoa absorb UV light and protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. They will also improve the blood flow to the face, making the skin look healthy and radiant. Cocoa facial masks can help people with more mature skin after exposure to the sun, and those with dull skin. Always use pure, unsweetened cocoa powder.


  • 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder
  • 2 tablespoons of cooked oatmeal
  • a tablespoon of yogurt
  • a teaspoon of honey.

Mix all ingredients and apply the mask to the face with a brush or fingers, leave for 20 minutes, and rinse with warm water. This mask is suitable for people with dry or combination skin and people who suffer from pimples or acne. Oatmeal is extra moisturizing and helps to remove dead skin cells. Yogurt provides even more hydration and reduces pores. Honey is antibacterial and will help reduce breakouts and acne.

Cocoa and coconut oil mask

Cocoa and coconut oil mask
Source: Lebensmittelfotos, Pixabay


  • 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder
  • a tablespoon of coconut oil
  • a teaspoon of honey

Mix all ingredients and apply the mask to the face with a brush or fingers, leave for 20 minutes, and rinse with warm water. This mask is suitable for people who suffer from pimples or acne and those who want to blur wrinkles. Coconut oil contains many saturated fatty acids that make the skin glow and reduce wrinkles; it is also antibacterial and removes impurities. The honey also prevents the formation of pimples and acne.

Chocolate, olive oil and egg yolk mask

Chocolate, olive oil and egg yolk mask
Source: Skeeze, Pixabay


  • 50 grams of chocolate
  • a tablespoon of olive oil
  • an egg yolk

Melt the chocolate over a warm water bath or in the microwave. Mix the melted chocolate with the olive oil and the egg yolk. Apply the mask to the face with a brush or fingers, leave on for 15 minutes, and rinse with warm water. This mask is suitable for people with dry skin, it is extra moisturizing thanks to the olive oil and the egg yolk and will blur fine lines.

Chocolate and fruit mask

Chocolate and fruit mask


  • 50 grams of chocolate
  • an Apple
  • a banana
  • some strawberries
  • a slice of watermelon

Melt the chocolate over a warm water bath or in the microwave. Meanwhile, mix the apple, banana, strawberries, and watermelon in a blender‚ÄĒmix two tablespoons of the fruit mixture with the melted chocolate. The rest of the fruit mixture can be used in a smoothie. Apply the mask to the face with a brush or fingers, leave for 20 minutes, and rinse with warm water. This mask is suitable for people with older, less elastic skin. The mask firms the skin, improves elasticity, and blurs fine lines.

The face is one of the most delicate areas of our body, that is why we must provide it with the best care so that our skin remains fresh and healthy throughout the years. Today we have the best seven chocolate-based masks for you to give your skin a natural glow‚ÄĒincredible¬†and delicious benefits.

Cocoa powder face mask

Cocoa Powder Face Mask

Today I have a recipe for you to make your face mask. It is suitable for all skin types and contains only natural products. (& it’s also straightforward to make!)

Voila, this is all you need!

  • bowl + spoon
  • honey
  • cocoa powder
  • milk

Honey has an antibacterial effect; milk softens the skin, and cocoa powder has a calming effect + reduces redness!

Let’s start!

You put 3 to 4 spoons of cocoa powder in a bowl, together with one spoon of honey and two spoons of milk.

Smear on your face, let it soak in for 20 minutes, and we’re done! 

So this was it, natural. (:

Do you ever make masks yourself?

Chocolate and honey mask for your face

Chocolate And Honey Mask For Your Face

You have a romantic evening with that particular person, or with your best friends, if so, you must be beautiful to dazzle them all. For this reason, we bring you a super recipe to pamper yourself with a honey and chocolate face mask.

This mask will serve as a revitalizer, lightener, and impurity remover, thanks to the properties of the ingredients that make it up.


1-ounce dark chocolate

Two tablespoons of honey

One tablespoon of oatmeal

One tablespoon plain yogurt


Making this mask is very easy; you have to take the dark chocolate and put it in a bain-marie until it melts. When it has acquired a creamy consistency, add honey, oatmeal, and plain yogurt.

Once the mixture is integrated, you should let it cool until it reaches an ideal temperature to place on the skin. You mustn’t allow it to solidify.

Wao! Incredible, right? To apply this mask, you can do it with a brush or with your fingertips gently, leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes, and remove with warm water.

The best seven masks to brighten your skin

The face is one of the most delicate areas of our body, that is why we must provide it with the best care so that our skin remains fresh and healthy throughout the years. Today we have the best seven chocolate-based masks for you to give your skin a natural glow‚ÄĒincredible¬†and delicious benefits.

1. Freeman Chocolate & Strawberry Facial

Freeman Chocolate

This chocolate-based mask is perfect for the T zone of your face. Designed for all skin types, especially for normal and dry skin. It decreases the appearance of blackheads, n utter, moisturizes and tones the skin. 

2. Farmhouse Fresh Sundae


A mask made with natural ingredients. Designed to soften the face and have an even brighter and revitalized skin. In addition, it helps reduce wrinkles.

3. Coffee Honey & Chocolate Facial Mask


A product formulated to clean oily skin and leave it soft and shiny. This mask will hydrate, nourish and nourish your skin, leaving it healthy and beautiful.

4. Sweet Sin Chocolate Face Mask

A mask based on cocoa extract , which serves as an antioxidant. It keeps the skin soft and supple, which helps retain moisture. In addition, it  increases cell turnover and circulation.


5. Eminence Mousse Hydration


This excellent mask is designed to hydrate and nourish the skin. It has a chocolate and collagen based formula. Reduces the visible signs of aging.

6. Shea Terra Facial Masque Chocolate


A chocolate mask that serves as a natural exfoliant to have fresh, clean and shiny skin.

7. Papa Recipe Cacao


This fabulous mask removes residue, blackheads and nourishes the skin, keeping it smooth, clean and shiny. Apply it with your special brush for a better result. 

Give your skin a deep and delicious treatment with these fantastic special chocolate-based masks. You will notice your skin much softer, nourished and renewed, in addition to feeling like a whole bonbon.

Why Dark chocolate makes you healthy and beautiful?

Chocolate ‚Äď not just sweet seduction, but healthy food?¬†Yes, but only those who know how often they have to choose which variety can enjoy these incredible ten advantages.


Bitter chocolate makes you healthy and beautifulPhoto: Grape_vein / iStock / Thinkstock

Sweet tooth who prefer chocolate to gummy bears do something good for their health! It is best and most effective if you also leave the milk chocolate aside and turn your attention to dark dark chocolate, which has a much higher cocoa content and less fat and sugar than milk chocolate. Because the valuable ingredients of chocolate come exclusively from cocoa.

Cocoa ‚Äď a real superfood

Due to the high cocoa content, dark chocolate contains many valuable ingredients. Flavonoids, such as catechins, are even four times stronger in dark chocolate than in green tea. Secondary plant substances such as polyphenol and the substance similar to caffeine, theobromine, round off the ingredients of this superfood perfectly. However, milk prevents the absorption of these valuable ingredients. 

Fortunately (also for all lactose intolerants), dark chocolate contains little or no milk. Bitter chocolate, as the name suggests, does not taste as sweet as whole milk chocolate. You can get chocolate with 50, 70 or 80% cocoa, but also products with 100% cocoa are available. The following applies: The higher the cocoa content, the more you can enjoy the following ten health benefits.  

Cocoa - a real superfood
Chocolate: the darker, the healthier Photo: unsplash / MichaŇā Grosicki

Minimized risk of cardiovascular diseases

Bitter chocolate lowers blood pressure and improves the elasticity of the arteries. The reason for this is the polyphenols in the cocoa bean. There are also many polyphenols in red wine or tea, but an Italian study showed that only cocoa could lower the test subjects’ blood pressure. 

If you want to benefit from the hypotensive effect, you do not have to eat a bar of chocolate every day, with just six grams a day (i.e., half a bar a week) a positive effect could be achieved. Regular and moderate consumption of cocoa can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Better memory and focus

You are snacking on the brain works ‚Äď with dark chocolate‚ÄĒanyone who takes a snack once a week is ingesting valuable flavonoids. Brain scans have shown that chocolate increases blood flow to the brain, so you are more focused and alert. A study with seniors in New York showed that eating half a bar of dark chocolate had a positive effect on memory, and after three months, there were measurable changes. You can now enjoy a piece of chocolate with your daily diary entry!

Relieves stress

Cocoa is a real stress killer. The high flavonoid content of chocolate reduces the release of cortisol and adrenaline, the two best-known stress hormones in the body. The effect could be proven in several studies. If you don’t believe it, take the self-test: Bite into a piece of dark chocolate and relax immediately.


The catechins in the cocoa bean have anti-inflammatory effects. Studies have shown that catechins have a positive impact on the composition of the intestinal flora, especially bifidum, and lactic acid bacteria benefit from these substances. These bacteria help the body, especially against oxidative stress. So if you offer the right foods to your intestines, you can avoid inflammation in the body.  

Relieve cough

Study results suggest that! The in chocolate occurring The bromine relieves coughing better than they usually are occurring in cough syrups codeine. If you have a piece of chocolate melted on your tongue with a sore throat, you can create a protective layer around the throat’s nerve endings. 

Lower insulin resistance and better cholesterol

Sweets cause the blood sugar level to skyrocket. It is probably the other way around with dark chocolate: Because dark chocolate helps to keep insulin levels low ‚Äď an aspect that is particularly interesting for people with diabetes. Harmful cholesterol can also be reduced by eating dark chocolate regularly.¬†


The potent antioxidant effect of chocolate can protect against free radicals and even against cancer. The valuable ingredients can help the body fight the harmful tumor cells better. Chocolate can also have a preventive effect: A study found that magnesium, as is also found in dark chocolate, can prevent pancreatic cancer. 

Beautiful skin

Chocolate makes you beautiful ‚Äď both outside and inside. Whether as a nourishing face mask or a healthy snack: chocolate increases blood circulation, reduces cell aging, and can work against cellulite. Collagen production is supported, and the skin appears firmer and firmer.

Pick-me-up with more iron than spinach

Chocolate contains twice as much iron as spinach! One-piece a day corresponds to about one percent of the daily requirement. Magnesium also occurs in large quantities in the cocoa bean. So the regular piece of chocolate can be part of a healthy diet. 

Incidentally, the theobromine in chocolate has a similar effect on the body as a cup of espresso: we are getting lively! If you don’t want to have a sleepless night, you shouldn’t necessarily eat a whole bar of dark chocolate on the couch in the evening. 

Chocolate makes you slim.

It sounds paradoxical at first glance, but chocolate makes you slim! There is even a separate chocolate diet, where you should eat two pieces of dark chocolate before each meal, as it has a filling effect. Studies have shown that chocolate lovers have a lower body mass index than the comparison group. 

The reason for this is the catechins, which stimulate metabolism. However, a psychological effect is also conceivable: Allowing yourself to enjoy chocolate regularly can reduce uncontrolled cravings. And since the dark chocolate is so healthy, you can enjoy it without any remorse!

Some remarks

After using these face masks, it is recommended to lubricate the face with a day or night cream to prevent dirt from entering the pores. All ingredients used in these face masks are edible so that you can eat any leftovers.

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