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The people belonging to the Chinese dog horoscope are those whose year of birth has been between, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982 , 1994, 2006, 2018, and 2030.

De Dog, the most reliable, intelligent and friendliest animal in the Chinese zodiac. De Dog fits the month of October and a birth time between 7pm and 9pm In addition to being friendly and reliable, the dog is honest, curious and responsible. However, the Dog can also be judgmental, nervous and anxious.

De Dog can work well in a team and is respectful to his colleagues. We will not soon see the Dog in a managerial position or in the business world. In love, the Dog fully surrenders to his partner. Sometimes it is difficult for the Dog to be alone and the Dog can show jealous behavior.

This is not what the Dog means, the Dog is always afraid that his partner no longer loves him. What else can we say about the work, the love, the taste and the different types of Dog? You can read it all in this article.

External animal, secret animal and inner animal

In Western astrology we know the constellation, the moon sign and the ascendant. We see the same in the Chinese zodiac. The animal of your birth year is what you show yourself to the outside world. The animal of your birth month is how you are inwardly and how you are in relationships and in love. Your secret animal is the animal of your birth time; this animal is about your true, deep self. You will keep this true self hidden from others.

The dates of the Dog according to the Chinese calendar

  • February 14, 1934 – February 3, 1935 (wood)
  • February 2, 1946 – January 21, 1947 (fire)
  • February 18, 1958 – February 7, 1959 (earth)
  • February 6, 1970 – January 26, 1971 (metal)
  • January 25, 1982 – February 12, 1983 (water)
  • 10 February 1994 – 30 January 1995 (wood)
  • January 29, 2006 – February 17, 2007 (fire)
  • February 16, 2018 – February 4, 2019 (earth)

Birth month and time of the Dog

The month of birth that belongs to the Dog is October. The birth time that belongs to the Dog is between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.

The five types of Dog

The basic element that belongs to the Dog is metal, but every year has its own element. This ensures that five types of Dog can be distinguished, which I will briefly explain below.

Earth dog

18 February 1958 – 7 February 1959 & 16 February 2018 – 4 February 2019

The Dog with the earth type is well balanced and in balance. These people have materialistic ambitions. They are especially successful in the entertainment world, thanks in part to their natural charisma. These people are sincere, rational and intelligent. In addition, they are also just and diplomatic; they will never immediately choose a side or draw conclusions before they have all the stories and opinions above the table. Partly because of this, this type of Dog is suitable to act as a leader.

Fire dog

2 February 1946 – 21 January 1947 & 29 January 2006 – 17 February 2007

This type of Dog is colorful, a bit crazy, friendly and warm. This type of dog is loved. They are good with children, thanks in part to their angelic patience. These people are resourceful and often have an unusual career. Make no mistake, this type of Dog is also honest and open. It is not the type that will settle down easily, partly due to their unusual and active life.

Wood dog

February 14, 1934 – February 3, 1935 & February 10, 1994 – January 30, 1995

This type of Dog is creative. They are gifted and intuitive. This allows them to empathize with the problems and needs of others. They are less independent than the other types of Dogs and are flexible. They want to belong to a group, partly to be more firmly in their shoes. They love a warm, pleasant and beautiful house.

Metal dog

February 6, 1970 – January 26, 1971

This type of Dog is strong, determined and fundamental. Yet this dog would just like to be liked. These people place high demands on themselves and others. Partly because of this they know exactly how they want to live their lives. These people will always be ready for their loved ones and will fully surrender to their loved ones. This type of Dog loves honesty and justice and will certainly make himself heard if he sees something that is unjust. Thanks to their clear goals in life and because they know how they want to live their lives, this type of Dog sometimes comes across itself when something does not go as expected. This is very stressful for this type of Dog.

Water dog

January 25, 1982 – February 12, 1983

This type of Dog is seen as the happiest type. They like being out in nature. They are more relaxed compared to the other types. This Dog is charming and it is nice to be with him. In comparison with the other types, this dog is a little more open-minded. This type of Dog has a lot of knowledge so that they can view situations from multiple angles. This makes them easy to handle and flexible. In comparison with the other types of Dog, this type is less loyal.

Characteristics of the Dog


The key words of the Dog are: loyal, reliable, kind, kind, selfless, responsible, honest, fearful, overwhelming and curious.


De Dog is dedicated, considerate, warm, friendly, reliable, intelligent, enthusiastic, modest, responsible, meaningful and balanced.


The Dog can also be aggressive, petty, judgmental, fickle, nervous, anxious, and rushed.


The Dog is a Yang sign and matches the metal element. The Yang energy stands for the masculine and stands for the active, the moving, the creative, summer, fire and the constructive. The metal element represents the west, useful, strong and reliable.


The colors that suit the Dog are brown, dark green and earth tones.


De Dog has a busy taste. Actually De Dog likes to make combinations that do not officially fit together. Most people born in the sign of the Dog love to cycle and swim. They are talkative people who also love to dance and like to do something fun with their loved ones. To relax, they like to go for a walk or read quietly. De Dog is therefore often a person who goes on a walking holiday or goes to the water.

Character of the dog

The Dog is seen as the most intelligent and reliable animal in the Chinese zodiac. In addition to being intelligent and reliable, De Dog is also the most friendly and kind type of the Chinese zodiac. After all, the Dog is an animal that serves others and likes to make itself useful. Loyalty and reliability are very common for these people.

The Dog is determined, dutiful and noble. They are virtuous and selfless. In general, they like being with others. They are honest and tolerant, but others can easily abuse them. De Dog will always want to please and help others. Sometimes they may want this too much. De Dog can take on a victim role, in which she can tolerate everything that goes wrong with a sense of resignation. They are sometimes not very enterprising.

It is therefore important that these people are given guidance and supervision, because they are needed in order not to go wild. The Dog is very good with children. Children like to go out with the Dog. Perhaps De Dog is still a little child in his heart. De Dog has some close friendships, but they are extrovert and social people who want to be constantly in the company of others.

Work of the Dog

De Dog is a hard worker who is not afraid to take on a challenge. They are able to work in a team and can also work independently and dare to take responsibility. They would rather not have a leadership role, partly because they need the support and encouragement of their colleagues.

De Dog can best perform clearly defined tasks and we will not see them in the business world soon. De Dog is able to work reliably and with dedication and is respectful and harmonious towards his colleagues. De Dog has difficulty with unfair colleagues or colleagues who do not comply with agreements. Professions in which the Dog could thrive are, for example: critic, doctor, professor or social worker.

The dog in love

Character in love

De Dog experiences romance and love with complete surrender. De Dog, however, enjoys a friendly relationship more. They are looking for companionship and are generally good at staying in a platonic relationship. Because they are so eager to please others, they will still be excellent lovers.

They do everything to get approval and appreciation from their partner. The Dog is reliable in a relationship, but can also become jealous and suspicious because they constantly need confirmation and reassurance from their partner that they still love the Dog. Because of this jealousy and suspicion, they can inadvertently destroy their relationship.

Perfect match

The Dog fits well with the Tiger and the Horse . The Tiger, the Horse and the Dog all fall under the group of ‘protectors’ in the zodiac. These people are capable of selfless commitment to the world.

The Tiger is boisterous, but the Dog is a bit quieter and is able to control the Tiger. The Horse is a person who, without thinking, throws himself into new challenges. The Dog helps the Horse first to ‘just put it in place’. The Dog will also go well with the Tiger and the Horse.

Don’t do better?

The Dragon. The Dog does not fit well with the Dragon. The Dragon has new ideas every time that are often rejected by the sober and critical Dog. As a result, they regularly have conflicts and difficulty in communicating.

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