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Tiger Eye is a popular crystal because of its well-known and striking light reflection. Tiger’s eye has different variants, such as the chrysoberyl and the falcon’s eye. Tiger’s eye is a popular crystal for making decorative items. This protective and grounding crystal has a positive effect on, among other things, the nervous system.

It protects your aura against negative influences and provides more self-insight. This crystal is suitable for children from 6 years old. This crystal fits the constellations Leo and Gemini and stimulates the basic chakra and the solar plexus chakra. You can read more about the effect and spiritual significance of the tiger eye in this article.

Tiger eye crystal in short

Tiger’s eye is a golden-brown to red-brown crystal that falls under the quartz family. Tiger’s eye has a light reflection in the crystal. Tiger’s eye also has other forms, such as the falcon’s eye. The falcon eye is also called blue tiger eye and is a blue-gray variant of the tiger eye. Another well-known variant of the tiger’s eye is the chrysoberyl, also known as the cat’s eye.

This is a yellow variant of the tiger eye. The red tiger eye is also a well-known variant of the tiger eye, which is also called a bull’s eye. Tiger’s eye is a quartz that contains iron, creating the characteristic color and reflection. Due to the difference in iron concentration that tiger eye contains, the different color stripes are created.

Tiger’s Eye has been used throughout the centuries for making decorative items. The name tiger eye is due to the special light effect and the famous golden yellow color of the crystal. The combination of the color and the light effect sometimes reminds one of a tiger’s eye.

Tiger’s Eye is a suitable stone for children from around 6 years old.

Applications Tiger eye

Tiger’s eye is a popular crystal that you can wear on your body or wear in your clothes. Tiger eye is also a suitable stone to place on the body that needs attention. The same is possible for opening and stimulating the basic chakra and the solar plexus chakra.

Tiger eye is used for massage, gemstone therapy and meditation. Tiger Eye can also be well used during tests, exams or for use during study. This crystal actually stimulates analytical skills. Tiger’s eye can also be used to make an elixir. As an elixir, it stimulates the brain and protects this crystal against negative influences.

Tiger’s eye can be cleaned and recharged in all ways.

Spiritual effect and history

Tiger’s Eye has been a beloved stone over the centuries. We can already lead the tiger’s eye back to Ancient Greece. They used this crystal for a positive mood and to strengthen the senses. They also believed that this crystal would protect them against negative external influences.

In the Middle Ages it was believed that tiger’s eye would protect against black magic, such as the evil eye. Not only tiger eye was used for this, also other crystals that contain a light effect reminiscent of an eye were used for this.

Tiger eye Zodiac sign and month of birth

It is wonderful to choose a crystal that matches your zodiac sign. Please note, this does not always fit. Sometimes this crystal does not work for you at that time. 

Astrology can help us to lead us in the spiritual, while the crystals are connected to the earth and thereby help us to heal. The crystals extract energy from all elements around us.

The stars help us learn more about ourselves in this way, the crystals help us to strengthen and develop our talents and positive qualities. By choosing a crystal that is close to your character or that fits your birth month or zodiac sign, this crystal can work extra powerful.

The tiger eye matches the constellation Gemini and Leo.

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Effect of the tiger eye on the constellations

De Gemini sometimes has a conflicting and complex personality. De Gemini is energetic and entrepreneurial, but can also be restless and self-centered. Tiger Eye ensures that the energy is directed inwards, so that you are able to gain more self-insight. This helps the Gemini in his battle. Tiger Eye helps the Gemini with indecision, internal conflicts and doubtful behavior. Thanks to the calming and soothing effect, this crystal also helps with the restlessness that the Gemini can sometimes experience.

De Leeuw is not afraid to take on challenges, but sometimes takes too many risks. De Leeuw also sometimes tends to adopt a condescending or authoritarian attitude. The tiger eye supports the Lion to keep an overview and to take distance. In this way de Leeuw can prevent him from taking unnecessary risks. The tiger eye can also help the lion to see the big picture. This ensures that he gains more insight into himself and others, which can prevent the Lion from adopting a condescending and / or authoritarian attitude.

Operation of the tiger eye

All crystals have a healing effect in different areas and in different ways. Below I discuss the effect of the colors and the crystal system. In addition, I discuss the healing effect of the aventurine in the spiritual field and the influence on the chakras.

Crystal system

The tiger eye has a trigonal crystal system. This means that it has a grid that is formed from triangles. This focuses and anchors energy and strengthens and protects your aura.


Tiger’s Eye stimulates the basic chakra and the solar plexus chakra.

The basic chakra sits at the bottom of the backbone and deals with our survival instincts. These crystals help to support the positive properties of this chakra and to weaken the negative properties of this chakra. The positive qualities: basic security, active, independent and a strong sense of own power. Negative traits: impatient, desiring to die, revengeful, angry, hyperactive, impulsive, manipulating, violent, oversite or impotent.

The solar plexus chakra It is the emotional center and provides an emotional connection. If this chakra is in balance you are empathetic, orderly, active and you can make good use of your own energy. When he is out of balance, you become lazy, you take over feelings and problems from others and you react excessively emotionally or, on the contrary, excessively cool. You can no longer organize your energy and therefore no longer make good use of it.

Color of Tiger eye

The tiger eye has a golden brown or red-brown color. The Tiger Eye falls under the brown, gray and black crystals. These crystals detoxify negative energy and ground the physical body, making them suitable as protectors.

Spiritual working, subconscious and soul

Tiger’s eye is a strong protective and grounding crystal. This crystal protects the aura (energy field) against negative energies and external influences. It ensures that you are able to direct your energy in and focus on yourself. This ensures that you are better able to see the bigger picture and it gives you more insight into yourself and others.

Tiger Eye ensures that you are able to maintain an overview and distance yourself from situations that make you able to achieve your goals. Tiger’s Eye stimulates concentration and intuition and gives confidence, courage and perseverance. This crystal also helps to deal with (internal) conflicts and dilemmas and ensures less indecision and less doubtful behavior.

It is a calming and soothing crystal. This crystal also has a positive effect on personality disorders and depressive feelings. In the crystal healing tiger eye is mainly used for the warming effect. This is due to the concentration of iron that contains tiger’s eye.

The golden yellow variant of the tiger eye has an even more positive effect on the ability to concentrate and clear thinking and is a very suitable crystal to use during studying / exams etc.

The red tiger eye stimulates (in addition to the general properties) the vitality, the willpower, your energy level and your own power and works grounding.

Physical effects Tiger eye

Tiger’s eye has a positive influence on the eyes, ears, heart, brain, circulatory system, liver, sore throat, lung complaints, complaints of the abdomen such as intestinal cramps, hyperventilation, anemia, sexual organs, muscle cramps and asthma. Tiger’s eye has an analgesic effect and helps with tension.

This crystal also helps with an over-stimulated nervous system. Tiger’s eye stimulates the healing of bone fractures and has a positive effect on the metabolism. Tiger Eye also supports fine motor skills. Tiger’s eye protects the aura against negative energy and outside influences and stimulates the basic chakra and the solar plexus chakra.

Practical and fun facts

  • In 1886 during the Witwatersrand Gold Rush, many people went to South Africa to mine gold and diamonds. A lot of tiger’s eyes were found during this period, especially in the area of ​​Griquatown. Griquatown is still known as a big tiger eye site.
  • Tiger’s eye used to have the Greek name ‘crocidolite’. This means wire stone.
  • Tiger Eye protects your house against unwanted guests if you place Tiger Eye at the front door.
  • Tiger’s eye is mainly found in South Africa, India, Mexico, the United States and Australia.
  • Only in the 19th century did the yellow (cat’s eye or chrysoberyl) and blue tiger’s eye (falcon’s eye) get their own name in order to keep them apart.

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