Dreaming Of Going Bald Or Having A Hair Loss

Dreaming Of Going Bald Or Having A Hair Loss
(Last Updated On: January 21, 2021)

Dream hair falling out. Interpretations of dreaming of baldness.

One of the interpretations that the hair has, is that of the vital force, and the power of the person to carry out the things that have been proposed. Dreaming of being bald is, then, a representation of the lack of strength that afflicts the dreamer and the low self-esteem he is feeling at that moment. It is important to recognize in what area you feel you are failing, to find the solution to your problems.

Dreaming that you lose your hair can also be interpreted as a symbol of inferiority to others. In other words the dreamer feels less than the people around him , and this feeling of inferiority has moved to his subconscious, causing him to lose vitality and strength in the world of dreams.

On some occasions, mostly in women, this dream may represent the fear of aging. Although the most common thing would be to dream that the hair grayed, this dream can also occur when the person is afraid of aging, because it feels as if he is losing his strength and that he can no longer do the same things he did a few years ago, which fills him with sadness.

Dreaming of being bald in living environments

There are times when this dream affects only one or two areas of the sleeper’s life. For example, if you dream of being bald before an important job interview, it means that the dreamer does not feel qualified to do well in the interview, or that he does not feel qualified to perform the work for which he will choose.

Dreaming of being bald before an appointment is interpreted as that the sleeper feels very little for the person with whom he is going to have the appointment, or for his partner if he already has it. At this moment he goes through a depressive stage and feels that his partner would be better off with someone more virile or stronger than the dreamer is. You must understand that the way you see yourself is not the same as others, and perhaps for your partner you are just what he / she wants and needs.

Dreaming that you stay bald before arriving at the church, or before sitting down to meditate, means that the dreamer does not find that strength that he should find either in religion or in meditation. The spiritual environment of the sleeper is stunted by the pressures of everyday life.

Depending on how you go bald in your dream

If you dream that you stay bald and have a lot of hair in real life it means that the dreamer will soon be going through a very sad and distressing stage . Maybe there are problems at work, or bad news comes in the family environment. The safest thing is to go through a very sad moment soon.

Dreaming that you are combing your hair and tumbling your hair is interpreted as that the dreamer goes through times when he feels very inferior to others and has a very low self-esteem for the mistakes he has made in the past and because of the way others look at him, because he feels that it is not enough for others.

If you dream that you have very pronounced tickets it means that there is a moment that the dreamer does not want to arrive due to the humiliation he can receive from others. It may also be the fear of aging, because he feels that others will make fun of him for being older.

If you dream that you have a little hair on your head, it means that the dreamer is afraid or nervous about the way people look at him or what others think of him / her, and spends the day wondering what they will say from my?

Dreaming that he is completely bald (that he does not have a single hair on the body) means that the dreamer is going through a very hard problem that he does not seem to want to remit, or the sleeper does not have enough strength to go through it alone. Maybe it’s time to ask your family and friends for help to overcome adversity.

Other meanings of dreaming about balding

  • If you dream that you use hair loss shampoo if you are bald it means that you are suffering a lot from the fact that you have lost your hair. You have sought by all means to make it grow again but you have not succeeded , and that fills you with frustration.
  • Dreaming that you stay bald on the left side of the head is an augury that the dreamer will be widowed very soon.
  • To dream that he is bald on the right side of the head means that the dreamer will go through moments of anguish that will make him age much faster than he had been doing.
  • To dream that we find wool instead of hair in our head, means that we will go through a strong illness and that we will feel worse and worse.
  • If a woman dreams of being bald, it means that she looks like the least graceful among her social group, or that she feels bad for not being as pretty as any of her friends. It can also mean that you feel without strength to achieve your goals in life or that you are going through a bad streak.

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