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A dream reflects your mental, emotional and physical state. It reflects what is going on in your mind and in your heart. A dream, specified in this article about death, can never be interpreted entirely from a booklet. A dream can have several meanings.

It can be about something that we have (un) consciously experienced that day, about spiritual development or even about events in your childhood or childhood that currently still have an impact on your beliefs, behavior and thinking. That is why the meaning of a dream varies from person to person.

General meaning about dreams about death

If you dream about death this can of course be very frightening ! Often people are shocked and people feel that this is predicting something bad. However, most dreams are not about the actual death, but symbolize something else.

Good news, a dream about death is often something positive !

A dream about death usually symbolizes the end of the old and the beginning of something new. Dreams about death and death often come to the fore in people who are facing an important change in their lives or in an important transition in a life phase. However, it can also mean that you feel anxious or worried.

A positive view of death about death

Dreaming about death is often a powerful symbol of self-transformation, inner growth and change, making room for personal development, self-reflection and discovering your subconscious mind. Something very beautiful!

Dreams enable you to better discover your subconscious mind. Dreaming about death can be a symbol of self-development, inner growth and change. It may mean that you have said goodbye to unnecessary things and that you have created space to allow new things to come your way.

Interpreting your dream about death

Try to see death in your dreams as the symbolic death of no longer functioning aspects of your life or of aspects in your life that you should let go. To analyze a dream about death it is important that you look at who or what dies in the dream.

As mentioned earlier, a dream about death symbolizes the end of the old. By looking at what or who dies, you can gain insight into what has ended or should be ended.

Dreams about death can have different meanings. If a dream about death feels negative, you may be holding onto the past too strongly. You may want to end something that has not yet been completed.

Dreaming about death can also simply be that you cannot accept that we will all ultimately die in this present body.

Some examples of dreams about death

Below I will give some examples of situations that may occur in your dream of death.

When you die yourself

Dreaming about your own death often symbolizes a situation from which you want to escape. This is often a stressful situation in your life that you actually want to end.

Due to an accident

If you dream that you die due to an accident, this often means that the end of something (it may be that this is yet to come) went abruptly and you probably did not see it coming. It may also be that this is an expression of worries or fears that you have.

Being killed

In your dream, being killed by someone else often means that you are too dependent on other people. In this case it often means that you make choices or that they make choices that cause you sadness, worries or problems.

Natural death

This may indicate a transition phase in your life that is natural and gradual. For example, it can respond to relationships, if you slowly grow apart with a good friend. It may also be that you transfer or have switched to another job, or even the transition from childhood to adulthood.

When a neighbor dies in your dream

Dreaming about a neighbor who dies can have different meanings. It also depends on how the person dies what it can mean. It is important to know that the relationship you experience when dreaming about others can also be a reflection of the relationship with yourself.

Basis of dreaming about the death of a neighbor

  • Due to an accident: Something has changed abruptly in his or her life that he or she has not seen coming.
  • He or she is murdered: Other people have caused something to change in her or his life.
  • He or she dies a natural death: This means that the change is good for this person or is good for this person.

Dreaming about a neighbor; change in his or her life

When you dream about someone else dying, it says that you see or feel something with that person that causes things to change in his or her life. The way this person dies says something about the consequences or reason for that change. In addition, it may be that this indicates that something in your relationship has changed or is about to change.

Dreaming about a neighbor; resentment or jealousy?

If you dream about the death of a neighbor, it may also be that this reflects feelings of jealousy or resentment towards this person. Finally, the death of a person in your life may be that there is a certain aspect of that person’s personality that you are missing or would like. It may be that you miss this aspect or that it is no longer useful because you are already developing it.

Caring for a sick loved one

Dreams about death can also be a reflection of worries during a loved one’s illness.

Other examples of dreams about death

Committing Murder

Often committing a murder often means ending a bad habit or way of thinking.

Death by snake bite Do you

die in your dream by a snake bite? This often indicates hidden fears and worries.

Dreaming about ghosts

Not dreaming about death entirely, but about ghosts? Then this may indicate a characteristic of yourself that you fear.

Death of a child

The death of a child can indicate the transition from the stage of life from child to adult.

Death of someone of the opposite sex

Carl Jung has his own theory about dreaming of the death of someone of a different gender. Carl Jung indicates that each individual has both male and female aspects. According to Carl Jung, in dreams in which one sees the opposite sex die, one means struggling to acknowledge and express the aspects of the opposite sex in a balanced way.

Dreaming of the death of a former lover or loved one

This may be the symbol of the end of the relationship. This often means that the person who has the dream is now able to close the relationship and move on.

Dreams about the death of rats, mice and other ” unpleasant ” animals

If you dream that rats, mice or other ” unpleasant ” animals die, this often symbolizes the end of negative thinking about something. When this dream feels negative, you often try to suppress the feelings that the dying animal experiences.

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