What does it mean when you dream about finding money.

In our dreams, the most everyday things often get a symbolic meaning. Now the question is what exactly those dream signs mean with that, and how you can best interpret those symbols. In this article we are talking about dreams about money and what those dreams could mean. We try to give you an explanation for your dream on the basis of some possible dream scenarios and accompanying interpretations.

Whether we like it or not, these days the world is more or less about money. It is therefore logical that money appears in our dreams. To a large extent, money determines what we can achieve and acquire as a person. Indirectly, money is therefore a symbol for our ability and will.

Below are some dream scenarios in which money plays an important role, and the possible interpretations that accompany it.

You find money

Finding money in a dream usually indicates that opportunities come to light in everyday life. Whether these are financially relevant is not important here. So it can also be perfect about the possibility of traveling somewhere, or even the release of a date on which you can meet up with friends you haven’t seen for a long time.

On the other hand, the dream can also express a desire: you are waiting for such an opportunity, or you are even in need of money.

You lose money

Losing money again indicates fear or disappointment. You may not have grasped a certain opportunity that occurred, or lost something that was important to you.

On the other hand, this dream can also mean that you have made financially unwise choices this week. The dream warns you not to do that anymore, because it brings a lot of stress with it.

You count money

Counting money in a dream is a sign that our subconscious mind is looking back at your achievements. You are satisfied with what you have achieved, and can now fully enjoy it.

Does it concern a small amount? Then your subconscious mind reminds you that even small realizations can bring about great things, and that you can be proud of that.

You earn money

If you do an act in your dream and are rewarded with money for it, this symbolizes that you have undertaken something during the day that will pay off. You may not have experienced the positive consequences yet, but they are coming – your hard work will be rewarded!

Your money is stolen

When you are robbed in your dream, it indicates a threat in daily life. You have the feeling that someone is out to steal you. This can be about literally taking away your possessions, but also being more abstract. For example, someone may steal an idea from you, or you may fear that the new knowledge of your best friend will knock you off your throne.

If the money has already been stolen and you find out in your dream, then that is also true during the day: you have already been robbed. You are a bit disappointed, and the loss is troubling you.

You have no money

This dream often indicates a lack of self-confidence. You are afraid that you do not have the necessary capacities to make your dreams come true, and you are very worried about it. But don’t be sad: we often have a lot more to offer than we think!

Another interpretation is of course that you are dealing with serious financial setbacks and therefore are afraid.

That you dream this can, finally, also symbolize a lack of self-worth. You feel that you are not worth much, and therefore you do not have to take much into account. In this dream you may see yourself as a homeless person. Keep in mind that money and property do not matter who we are. What is inside is much more important, and money alone does not keep a person alive!

You steal money

This dream also indicates pressing uncertainties. You have the feeling that you cannot achieve anything on your own, and that you have no people in your area that you can ask for help. You have no option but to grab that ‘help’ yourself without asking. We advise you to take a good look at your surroundings: it is more than likely that there is someone among your acquaintances who can still help you out of trouble!

You give money away

Giving away money in a dream indicates a sense of helpfulness. You may have helped others implement their plans, or were you the push they need.

On the other hand, this dream can also indicate that you are capable of that. Somewhere around you there has been a chance to help someone move forward. Now it is up to your waking self to do something about it!

You borrow money from someone

Whoever borrows money in a dream may have called on someone else during the day to achieve something. Depending on the further setting, it may be that you are not comfortable with this, or that you are very driven to return the ‘borrowed money’.

You lend money to someone

With this dream too, the correct interpretation will depend strongly on the further dream setting. Pay attention to how you feel when lending your money. Do you feel that you have to do this too often? Or are you just ashamed of how much effort it takes to distance yourself from your money?

You get money

Anyone who is offered money in a dream will probably also have received an offer during the day. This may not have been money, but can also symbolize a more abstract kind of opportunity.

On the other hand, this dream can also point to a form of doubting yourself. You fear that you only owe what you have achieved to others. Without their help and attention you might not have got as far as you are now. However, that is not something to feel bad about: we do not live in a vacuum and are here to help each other. Let this dream remind you that gratitude is in place, more than doubt about yourself!

You see piles of money

Seeing piles of money in a dream can be an omen: a form of ownership is coming your way, and you can be almost certain that this will make a big difference financially.

You tear up or burn money

When we tear up money in our dreams, it means we want to be free of how people see us and what they think of us. We are tired of our value being determined by society and the people around us and wanting to free ourselves from this stigma. Keep in mind that, deep down, we are actually free. We always have a choice, and can change things at any given time. Often the things that keep us from doing this are just the things we really care about – luckily we are largely free to choose what we care about!

You spend (very much) money

Spending money in our dreams is often a sign of wastage and pride. When the money seems endless in our dream, this is often a symbol of how we handle our energy. We keep putting energy into all kinds of companies, regardless of whether or not results are achieved. This dream is a reminder to take a step back and look carefully at what we are doing. We may be able to distribute and use our energy and resources more efficiently.