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How can you yourself grounding? In other words: what is grounding and how can you do this? You can find good ones here grounding exercises and meditations for grounding. Read more…

How should I ground? All exercises and tips …

Below you will find the exercises, meditations and tips to ground yourself.

Tip 1 – Feel, breathe with your mouth open, open and eventually become soft …

I’m going to invite you in an exercise by freedom. It becomes whole uncomfortable. It’s about deep breathing and spontaneous movement. Earth and presence. We are going back to us body, which becomes a challenging journey. It is not your fault that this is challenging: it is taught to us.

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The invitation is as follows: it is a frank, authentic invitation from me. We go feelings bring up, maybe sadness, maybe suppressed joy, maybe anger. If it doesn’t feel comfortable, or if you don’t want to be fully involved, you also have the option not to do this exercise. The exercise is as follows:

>> Breathe in 50 times with open mouth in and out – completely. I want to hear the sound of the breath. Open your throat completely. There could be a gag reflex, but it doesn’t matter. Open your throat and relax the muscles in your throat.

Here you can read more about bioenergetics and active meditation.

Tip 2 – Feel how you are carried through the ground

Every time you feel that you need some earth, you simply focus your attention on your feet and recognize how the earth carries you. This makes you immediately grounded and it is impossible to sit in your head.

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Tip 3 – Develop the character properties of the Earth element

4 elements character traits

Consider the characteristics of the earth element:

  • Earth people to calm down U.S.
  • If you find something exciting, they are always the ones who say: ‘Sit down.’
  • Earthing is: you energy low to get. Energy is where your attention is.
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More keywords for the character of earth people:

  • Targeting.
  • Watch the time.
  • Give homework.
  • Advance in steps.

More information about the four elements can be found here.

Tip 4 – 15 – Communicate with the Earth souls (Mother Earth: Gaia)

grounding and grounding exercises

Our physical body feeds on the earth. This is how you make contact with the earth souls:

  • Just walk outside. Go out and pay attention to the world around you.
  • Sit on the grass.
  • Run on the grass.
  • Walk barefoot.
  • Work in the garden.
  • Work with flowers.
  • Play in the earth.
  • Feel the soul of a tree.
  • Lie on the grass and feel the earth breathe.
  • Feel regularly how you are carried by the ground: make contact with the ground.
  • Ask for this in your prayer: Emotional healing, healing for stress, removing worries, removing fear, no longer holding onto things mentally but letting them go.
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This is how you are working with the earth souls!


Tip 16 – More ways to ground yourself

Also view the following books about grounding yourself:

In addition to the above methods, there are a number of ways to ground yourself

  • Yoga exercises …
  • Eating earthy food …
  • Precious stones …

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