Heart Meditation Texts: 7+ Loving Heart Exercises

Do you want to meditate on your heart and find good ones there heart meditation texts in front of? Here you will find exercises for meditating on your heart. Read more…

Meditation 1 – Heart Sourcing: Fill your heart with the Source

In this meditation you are going to fill your heart – or soul – with light from the infinite Source. We take a sip from the source of our High Self to regain strength and to be supported by this powerful energy source that is always with us.

We are going to make contact with the ever-unlimited, infinite source to replenish ourselves and bring back all our missing particles.

  1. Imagine a flower in the center of your heart. And ask with your intention to open your heart, leaf by leaf. And imagine a beautiful sphere of light in the center. It is your soul, your spirit.
  2. Above you see a giant sphere, coming from the Source, which is sending a beam of light down to you especially for you.
  3. Receive the ray of light through the crown of your head and feel it filling you in the center of your heart as you breathe in and receive it.
  4. Breathe … Receive … Come home … In the light …
  5. And spread the light … See the light grow bigger and bigger in your heart until it covers the entire area of ​​your chest … and then your torso … and then your body … and then the area around you … and then the entire room … and then your entire street … and then your entire city … and then your entire country … and then your continent … and then your world half … and then the whole world … and then the universe … Everything just lights up.
  6. Breathe … Receive … Come home … In the light …

Meditation 2 – Do the Love Response exercise

meditations for your heart

meditations for your heart< Do the Love Response exercise from the Institute of HeartMath:

  1. Close your eyes and put your hand on your heart. Oxytocin is released by this simple operation. The love hormone.
  2. Breathe in and out deeply and imagine that you are doing this through the heart. 6 count in and 6 count out. Breathe very well. Do this until your breathing has calmed down and it continues naturally.
  3. (Meanwhile you keep breathing through your heart and your hand is still on your heart). Breathe in peace, love and compassion every time. And exhale. Feel at the last time how your heart is completely filled with peace, love and compassion. At the last exhalation you take your hand away from your heart and open your eyes.

If you do this often, after a while you just have to put your hand on your heart and the rest will come naturally.

You can also find this heart meditation in the book: “The Power of the Heart”.

Meditation 3 – Do the heart affirmations of Louise Hay


Affirm the following heart meditation by Louise Hay:

Deep in the center of my being, is an infinite source of love, an infinite source of joy, an infinite source of wisdom, an infinite source of peace.

This is true. For everyone. We wonder how often we connect with it. Only for a short moment would I ask you to close your eyes. Take a deep breath and go to that place in you, where infinite love is where it always was and always will be. And feel that place of love in you, and let it grow and grow.

Take the instructions in the paragraph above and do the same with the location of joy, wisdom and peace.

“I am filled with {love} and I share it today!”

Meditation 4 – Do the Mirror Work by Louise Hay, but without a mirror

heart exercises

Where is love anyway? Where can you get it? The answer is: in your own heart! Intend to unconditionally trust your heart forever. Put your hand regularly on your heart and feel the (self) love from the center of your heart.

Put your hand on your heart and say: “I love you. I love you very much. “

Meditation 5 – Feel your heart mission

what-is-my-heart mission

Also do the following meditation on the power of your heart & mission: for what greater purpose are you on earth?

  1. Close your eyes and just observe your breathing. View it without manipulating it, and you will see it soothes spontaneously.
  2. Bring you consciousness to the center of your heart, in the middle of your chest and ask yourself mentally: ‘Who am I?’ Do not look for the answer but allow any feeling, image or thought to come to you spontaneously.
  3. Now ask the question ‘What do I want? What is my deepest desire? ” Do not look for the answer but allow any feeling, image or thought to come to you spontaneously.
  4. And now: “What is my mission / purpose?” Allow any feeling, image or thought to come to you spontaneously.
  5. Finally, open the door to abundance awareness by asking yourself: “What am I grateful for?”
  6. Return to your breathing. Observe it. And rest in “being”: existence without interpretation and just being. Awareness & joy. This is our true nature.
  7. Finally feel your body again and open your eyes.

Meditation 6 – Ask your intuition: what do you want to let me know?

heart meditation intuition
  1. Focus you first attention on your heart, for example with a walk or meditation.
  2. Ask your sixth sense then: “What do you want me to know?”
  3. And feel then what the answer is. How can you feel that exactly? No worries! This article tells you about your intuition …

One of the most powerful ways to feel your heart is at least by using your feelings. The language of the heart is feelings. So you do not listen to your head but to what is good feels.

Meditation 7 – Use your heart for answers from angels and guides

heart meditation with angels

You can also use your heart as an entrance to request and receive guidance from your angels and guides:

  1. Put your hand on your heart.
  2. “I need guidance on {e.g. my love life}. “
Heart Meditation Texts: 7+ Loving Heart Exercises

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