Chinese Zodiac Dog Compatibility - Who Fits Dog Relationship - Love

Chinese Zodiac Dog Compatibility – Who Fits Dog? Relationship – Love

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2021)

Chinese Zodiac Dog Compatibility – Who Fits Dog? Relationship – Love

Chinese horoscope – the relationships and love of a dog. Which of the 12 animal characters fits the dog best as a partner or love, and with whom will there be a feeling of the best buddies? Dogs are looking for soul kinship and an intense feeling of being able to share everything, including sexually. Who comes closest to the wishes and dreams of the ideal partner of dogs? Which Chinese animal sign is the best match for a love affair? And who a buddy?

Who fits with Sign Dog?

This article provides an overview of who the Chinese zodiac sign dog could have a good or less good friendship or relationship. Astrologically, different interpretations are possible regarding successful combinations or match between the animal signs, because there is always a specific vision underlying it. The principle that opposites attract each other in love will give a different outcome to suitable partner choice than the image based on a harmonious relationship. In addition to an astrological vision, other aspects always play a role in the selection of a suitable partner. In this article, a short sketch is given of who could best fit the dog,

Love horoscope Animal sign Dog – Love and Relationship with Who?

  • Love and Dog – The dog is idealistic in terms of love and has high expectations of love. A dog is very empathetic (great empathy) and very aware of the feelings of others. In a relationship, dogs look for soul relationships, a soul mate, and want to share everything (sometimes too much). It can sometimes take a long time for the dog to find his / her ideal partner. The dog has a strong need for intensity in love, is very loyal, reliable, accepts someone like this. A dog is not strikingly sexy, ie, does not seek to be hot, but nevertheless has a strong natural sexual attraction. If the relationship is intense, the dog can completely surrender sexually, and this can become heavenly sex.
  • Fits best – The dog fits the horse best in relation to the horse
  • Provides the least – The dog has the least chance of success with the dragon in terms of the relationship
  • Friendship – The dog gets along well with the tiger, the hare, and the monkey

Love and Relationship with a Rat

A relationship of a dog with a Rat can go reasonably well and smoothly. Both are calm and calm in nature, creating a sense of recognition and connectedness. The dog can be irritated by the rat if he or she uses his / her charm too much to be able to fool someone. Dogs like to be sincere and honest to each other and not to twist or mucus.

Love and Relationship with an Ox

The relationship of a dog with an Ox can go well, but both will also find the love relationship a bit boring. Both animal signs are not stars in doing new things and do not like significant changes. For one, this will feel as calm and pleasant, for the other as a grind, too sluggish, and the feeling of boredom could strike in this relationship combination.

Love and Relationship with a Tiger

A relationship of a dog with a Tiger can be an attractive and pleasant combination. The dog and the tiger are very different but can get along well (real buddies). The pitfall in this love combination is that both the tiger and the dog tend to claim the partner too much and therefore suffocate each other.

Love and Relationship with a Rabbit

Dog and Rabbit compatibility. The characteristics and attitude of life of a dog and a rabbit agree reasonably well. This combination will be characterized by strong mutual loyalty and loyalty, an institution that both have strong. The partner relationship between a rabbit and a dog can feel very relaxed and familiar, but on the other hand, it can also be experienced as dull and (too) rippling.

Love and Relationship with a Dragon

The love and relationship of the dog with a Dragon can often be characterized as a love-hate relationship. There can be an irresistible attraction between the two animal signs. On the other hand, they can become very irritated, reared, and experience intense conflicts and tensions in their relationship.

Love and Relationship with a Snake

A dog with a snake in the field of love can, in the longer term, grow into a beautiful and stable relationship. In the first instance, the dog may have difficulty with the snake’s tendency to dig (too) profoundly and the powerful and purposeful way of life. When a dog really starts to love a snake, this will not change quickly or become less.

Love and Relationship with a Horse

A relationship of a dog with a Horse is often the ideal love combination of all animal signs. The dog and the horse have many similarities. They can be both best buddies in a real sense, as well as dear lovers and soul mates. Both will, therefore, sometimes have the feeling of being created for each other and never wanting to let go of each other again.

Love and Relationship with a Goat

Love and a relationship of a dog with a Goat is a right combination in itself. However, there may be problems that continue and where both the dog and the goat do not take sufficient or timely initiative to resolve them. Due to the accumulation of new tensions, things can go wrong.

Love and Relationship with a Monkey

The love combination of a dog with a monkey will be pretty good in the relational area. The dog and monkey see the positive qualities of each other. The dog can find the monkey too impatient and capricious, and the monkey’s tendency to joke about anything can irritate. This match could be better suited for a friendship bond than for a partner relationship.

Love and Relationship with a Rooster

The love and relationship between the dog and the rooster can be characterized as reasonably good. The dog will sometimes experience the rooster as too fierce, violent, or aggressive. Dogs can sometimes be good-natured, and this is not as pleasant for every animal sign, as it can sometimes require a fierce conflict to grow, both personally and relatively.

Love and Relationship with a Dog

The love and relationship between the dog and a Dog can be a cozy and warm relationship. Dogs like to be close to each other and can share interests and experiences in different areas. Some dogs may need a relationship with more mutual differences between the animal signs that complement each other.

Love and Relationship with a Pig

Love and a relationship of a dog with a Pig can be a reasonably cordial relationship. Frustrations will always play a role, as the dog will feel rushed by a pig to do everything. Conversely, the pig sometimes gets bored in a love affair with a dog.

Animal Sign Dog – Features Overview

  • The dog is the eleventh sign in the Chinese zodiac
  • Element: Metal ( Chinese Astrology – Five elements )
  • Yin or Yang: Yin ( Chinese Astrology – Yin and Yang )
  • Wind Direction: West North West
  • Season and Month: Fall and October
  • Lucky stone: Turquoise
  • Colors: Brown, Earth tones, Green
  • Parallel with Star sign: Libra / Libra

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