The Rabbit Spirit Animal – Totem Meaning

The Rabbit Spirit Animal - Totem Meaning

The Rabbit is an animal whose essence and energies have something paradoxical. Depending on the culture in question, people looked at this rodent in various ways. In Greek mythology, for example, the Rabbit was connected to the goddess Hecate. In Egyptian hieroglyphs, it had to do with the concept of ‘existence’ or ‘being.’ The ancient Hebrews considered this animal to be unclean because of its lust (Deuteronomy 14: 7). For the Algonquin Indians, the Great Rabbit is the animal demiurge.

In China, the Rabbit, as one of the twelve astrological zodiac signs, is considered a thrilling star.

People born under this sign would have access to the powers of the moon and pass on as sensitive and artistic. They are characterized by ambition, finesse, and virtue. According to Chinese legend, a hare lives on the moon.

Striking properties of the Rabbit include its reproductive capacity and quickness. The animal moves mainly in a hip and jumping manner. The activities of people with this totem will often follow the same pattern. Studying these aspects of the Rabbit can be very educational.

Rabbit spirit animal

rabbit spiritual meaning. Fertility, regeneration, abundance, quick-footed, moon magic. He also shows that changing direction when there is a threat can sometimes be very rewarding or freezing yourself ie waiting silently until the cycle is over and a new cycle has begun can open new paths. 

The hare stands in the animal kingdom for fear. Because of his constant fear of being killed and devoured by a lynx, coyote, eagle or snake, the hare attracts these animals in a magical way and what he fears most happens. Because what happens on earth always happens, it is the teachings of the hare that what is most feared will happen most often. 

Avoid any black-eyed viewing and any fear that illnesses or other forms of accident may affect you.

Totem animals: Rabbit

The rabbit is usually associated with anxiety, because it flees at the slightest or least.

But precisely because of his constant fear, he pulls the accident to himself and is caught by the coyote, the eagle or the snake.

Realize that when you put your energy into imagining what you are afraid of, you help shape it.

Face your fears and stop feeding them.

Strength fertility, active during the day and at night, together with the mouse, the most hunted prey animal nature compensates for this through tremendous fertility. An ancient symbol of sexuality and fertility. Manifestation cycle of 28 days that is based on the number of days that young rabbits cared for until they are independent.

Rabbits hopping and jumping movement in the lives of people with this totem will often show the same pattern and have no steady step-by-step character. It will usually follow a cycle of a moon [28 days].

They possess a fantastic defense mechanism, for that they dig a shallow bowl in the earth or grass. Which is open at the front and back, so that they can escape if necessary, rabbit knives should also be prepared for all eventualities.

The appearance of a rabbit can mean that the man has to plan better or where the man is already busy again so that the man is not confronted with surprises. Rabbits are masters in avoiding being able to freeze words and keep them perfectly still. They realize that many predators can detect movement at great distances.

If you are engaged in some form of competition, then it is essential that the moves are well camouflaged. Rabbits can also turn around instantly and get away with lightning speed. Switching from absolute standstill to high speed is, therefore, an art in which everyone with this totem should become proficient.

Man will be more successful in what man does and can take advantage of opportunities that may be offered very briefly. Rabbits are vegetarians, which is why you should definitely examine dietary patterns. Also, study the rabbit in the Chinese horoscope.

The Rabbit Spirit Animal – Totem Meaning

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