Feng Shui in the bedroom

If you always sleep well, there is no reason to make changes.

If you often do not sleep as well as you would like then you can try applying some Feng Shui in the bedroom.

Below some Feng Shui tips. Feng Shui is focused on allowing positive energy (chi) to flow through your house.

What can you change?

The door

The door is the place where the energy enters the room. A door that does not open further than a 90 degree angle through a cupboard or other piece of furniture indicates limited possibilities. Try to prevent this.

Your bed

According to the Feng Shui, the state of your bed reflects the state of your relationship. Do you have a rickety bed with a saggy mattress? Then your relationship will probably not look too bright. Maybe an idea to replace that bed?

The location of your bed

Is your bed in line with the exit or a door to e.g. bathroom, that is considered a very unfortunate position in Chinese culture.

The idea is that you can see from your bed who comes in but don’t put your bed in the flow of energy. Place the head of the bed against the wall. But leave the sides free.

Sometimes a room has such dimensions that there is simply no other place for the bed. In that case, your folding screen or light, transparent curtain can hang between you and the door to prevent your chi from flowing away.

Electrical equipment

Electrical devices in your bedroom cause an electromagnetic field, which has a negative effect on your Chi. Remove as many devices as possible. If you still want a TV in your room, put a rug or cloth over it at night. According to the Feng Shui, a TV in your bedroom is bad for your love life and your sleep.


Hang on no mirrors in places where you can see yourself or parts of yourself from your bed in the mirror.

Clutter next to your pillow?

Take a look next to your bed and your pillow. Do you have jars with pills, a trash can, newspapers, magazines, junk under your bed, clothes and fitness equipment? Then it’s time to clean up. According to the teachings of the Feng Shui, clutter blocks energy flow and blocks progress.

Fitness equipment

If you have fitness equipment in the bedroom and exercise there, you bring the energy that comes with hard work and effort into your room where peace, relaxation and romance really belong. If you have another place, use it for it.

Color that fit in the bedroom

Choose neutral colors for your bedroom. Shades of blue, lilac, green, beige and light yellow are very suitable. Choose a balance of cool and warm colors. Too many cool colors such as blue, green and gray give the idea that a room is colder than it really is and that is not pleasant in a room where you need to be able to relax.


According to the Feng Shui, water does not belong in the bedroom. No real water and no images (art) of water.


  • The bedroom is a yin space and requires soft lighting.
  • Do not hang light above your bed, but opt ​​for light points next to your bed.
  • Candles also give the right light, but can be dangerous.

Good for the relationship

  • One large mattress is better for the relationship than two separate mattresses.
  • Choose colors that both find beautiful. This also applies to any posters or art.
  • The bed symbolizes the relationship. A nice, good bed is good for your relationship.

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