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(Last Updated On: January 28, 2021)

Almost spring … Give your house a Feng Shui spring cleaning. A clean, fresh house gives you new energy. This is how you approach it.

Get started!

According to the teachings vThe Feng Shui must allow the energy in your house to flow freely. The energy stagnates due to clutter and that affects how you feel.
Negative energy must give way to positive energy. Discard all unnecessary, old and broken junk. Clean up things that you have not used in the last six months. If you can’t say goodbye to it yet, save it. That creates space, literally and figuratively. Space for new things in your life.

Cleaning sessions

Cleaning up of course costs energy. You first have to invest energy to get new energy. So handle it well. Start with a cupboard or drawer, just the way you like it. But limit your cleaning sessions to 45 minutes or an hour. Once you get started and see the first results, the rest will be easier.

Your kitchen

According to the Feng Shui is the kitchen the main room in your house. After all, you store and prepare your food there and that is directly connected to your health and energy. Therefore pay extra attention to your kitchen. The state of your kitchen is important for your health. Don’t forget to take a good look at the fridge and freezer.

Use natural cleaning products

Forget about chemicals and fake odors. Clean your house with natural and environmentally friendly means such as soda, green soap, cleaning vinegar and if you want it to smell nice, choose a drop of essential oil in the water.

Bring greenery into your home

Get fresh green plants in your home and vases with spring flowers and if you want green herbs in the kitchen. Green plants purify the air and flowers in the bud symbolize growth and a new beginning.

New love?

Do you want a new love in your life? According to the Feng Shui, there must be room for it. In your life and in your house. So make room for it. Literally. Make sure your house and cupboards are tidy and not overflowing.

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