Your house as a source of daily energy

Your house is, if all goes well, the place where you can relax and recharge yourself.

In this article you can read what you can do to turn your house into a true source of energy.

There is a direct link between your house and your state of mind; the saying “a tidy mind in a tidy house” does not exist for nothing. But cleaning up is not the only way in which this effect comes to the fore. The colors, objects and words with which you surround yourself also influence your mood.

Harmony in the house

Feng shui is the Chinese philosophy with which you can create a harmonious living environment. The basic idea of ​​Feng Shui is that your house reflects your inner world. Only if you ensure harmony between your inner self and your living environment can you count on prosperity and happiness in your life according to this teaching.

Now you don’t have to delve into this Eastern philosophy right away in order to benefit from the positive effects that a harmonious interior can have on your well-being. Even a few small adjustments to your house will do wonders for your energy!

What do you want to keep?

Clutter gives stress, it’s that simple. So do you long for more harmony in your palace? Then first clean up rigorously, that gives air literally and figuratively. Do you have trouble saying goodbye to certain things? Then get inspired by the Japanese Marie Kondo, whose ideas blow across the world like a breath of fresh air. She advises you not so much to think about what you want to throw away, but more about what you want to keep. In Kondo’s words: “Keep only those things that speak to your heart.”


Daily dose of inspiration

Your house is a place to relax, but also to recharge. In a tidy interior, things that inspire you come into their own. Carefully selected beautiful objects that will always make you happy, for example. A tip: hang up one or more positive quotes that remind you daily of what you really find important. “Don’t dream your life, live your dream”, for example, but you can also avoid clichés and come up with an appropriate phrase yourself. You can then apply quotes permanently to the wall, but this is of course less flexible than printed variants that you can easily switch between. And if you opt for a stylish version, such a motivating statement is immediately one trendy addition to your interior!

Color for your mood

You can also do a lot with color to create the right energy. You can also use the aforementioned Feng Shui in this regard good ideas bring. Cool blue in a place where you want to relax (such as in your bedroom), refreshing green where you want to gain new energy (such as in the bathroom) … Experiment with it and experience the difference yourself.

The Indian Inayat Kkan said: “Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful. ”A beautiful statement (also for on the wall!) That underlines that it is entirely up to you. Choose the colors, the accessories and the words that suit you and turn your house into a real energy source.

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