Feng Shui in the kitchen

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The kitchen plays an important role in the Feng Shui.

Food is prepared in the kitchen and food has a major impact on your well-being and health. Feng Shui sees the kitchen as the heart of the house. Other important places in the house according to the Feng Shui are the front door, where the Qi enters, and the bedroom where we spend almost a third of our lives.

Place of the kitchen

Of course you cannot always determine the location of the kitchen. But ideally the kitchen is at the back of the house. At least in a place where it cannot be seen immediately upon entering. If this is the case then you can solve this creatively by making a (beaded) curtain or sliding door. Another solution is to place a striking object in front of the kitchen where the eye is drawn directly and diverts attention from the kitchen.

Clean and tidy

Of course you have to keep the kitchen clean and tidy. If there are devices that do not work or do not work properly, remove them from the kitchen. If lights or parts are broken, repair them as quickly as possible.

Kitchen design

The person who cooks should take an important place in the kitchen. Preferably with the face to the door and not to the wall. In practice this is often not the case. You can solve this by placing reflective material (stainless steel rear wall, mirror or shiny tiles) behind the stove, so that you see what happens behind you when you are cooking. An open kitchen and / or cooking island are often good situations because you can usually overlook a large space and seem to perfectly match the trend in modern kitchens.

Water and fire are opposites. According to the teachings of the Feng Shui, fire appliances such as an oven, microwave and stove should not be directly opposite or adjacent to water appliances such as a refrigerator and a tap. This could lead to arguments and conflicts. It would be best if the fridge, sink and stove were placed in a sort of triangle. If this is not the case, you can neutralize it by putting something green or an object made of wood between them. This can e.g. are a green rug on the floor, a plant in the corner.

stove and feng shui

The stove

In the Feng Shui, the stove stands for health and prosperity. You should therefore use all the burners of the stove as often. Because of this you could expect income from all kinds of sources. You should also try to find a balance between traditional and modern methods of preparation. For example, many Feng Shui advisers prefer gas cooking and less microwave and electric cooking. A kitchen or stove that is not or hardly ever used stands for leaving out opportunities and untapped opportunities. So cook at least once in a while.

Color in the kitchen

White, yellow, blue, yellow, beige, brown and gray are great colors for the kitchen. Red, orange and pink could best be used as an accent or in moderation.

  • Shades green and brown can be used together or separately. They represent the wood element and are therefore a great addition to the kitchen where the fire dominates.
  • Yellow represents the element earth and earth is a good counterpart of fire. Yellow is therefore also a good color for the kitchen.
  • According to the Feng Shui, fiery colors belong to the shades pink, Orange and red, do not take a dominant color in the kitchen. This could lead to a heated atmosphere and disagreement.
  • Because the kitchen is a place where water and fire come together white a color that neutralizes. Other good colors for the kitchen are beige, gray and blue. These colors also combine well with modern trends such as stainless steel.

General tips

  • Fresh flowers or fresh fruit bring positive energy into your kitchen and are also very nice.
  • Make sure that the food you keep in cupboards, refrigerators and freezers is fresh. Food that is old or past the date stagnates the energy.
  • Knives and other sharp objects give negative energy. Do not keep them so that the sharp side is visible. Store them in a drawer close to a window or door.
  • You should repair leaking faucets as quickly as possible. It is a symbol for money that flows away.

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