Mess away with feng shui

Everyone knows the uncluttered feeling that you get when you have just tackled, cleaned and disposed of.

If you collect a lot of things around you, it can cause a feeling of oppression. Literally, because all those things take up a lot of space. Moreover, it is not said that you will benefit greatly from all those things. Because how do you find something back?

If you have cleaned, sorted and organized everything, then that is more than just the idea that everything is nice and fresh again. It also gives you a sense of space and new energy and creates space for new opportunities. And that is exactly where it goes Feng shui is about.

Feng Shui and junk

Feng Shui is the art of balancing the flow of energies in your environment. Clutter has an adverse effect on the energy flow, it blocks the flow of energy and it limits you.

What is junk?

Rubbish is basically everything you keep but:

  • does not like
  • not need / not used
  • didn’t know you had it
  • what you can’t find
  • that evokes bad memories

And you know it. You are about to give away / give something away and then the voice returns: Yes but… ..

  • it was a gift from ……….
  • it has cost a lot of money
  • I will use it again
  • I will wear it again
  • I feel guilty
  • I feel wasted


One is not the other

And everyone has their own things that he has a hard time with. One will have trouble disposing of clothing, another will throw away old letters and cards and another will have a hard time saying goodbye to his stack of magazines he / she has been subscribed to for years.

It all has to do with emotions. Everything you save from the past prevents you from living 100% in the now.

To work

How do you start the cleanup

1. Place for new energy

Get rid of the idea that tidying up your stuff is a terrible job, but realize that with every book, magazine, item of clothing, furniture item or whatever you do away with, you create space for new energy and new opportunities.

2. Sort

Sort items from cupboards and drawers into:

  • to hold
  • throw away
  • to give away
  • to charity
  • just think about it.

If you get the stuff out of the box with “just think about it after not having needed it for a year it is really time to finally throw it away.

3. Step by step

Don’t go wild. Take a shelf or drawer one day. Continue to work until you reach your goal.

4. Really beautiful

Take a look around your room and see what there is or is hanging about decoration that you can do best. Just keep what you really like and save the other if necessary so that you can alternate once in a while.

5. Own corner

But a corner for yourself where you put a few photos, souvenirs, books or art objects that are very dear to you and that will brighten you up when you look at them. Keep in mind that “less is more” and check regularly whether these items should not be replaced by items that are important to you at that time.

6. Good night’s sleep

For a good night’s sleep, also look critically to your bedroom. Dispose of as much electrical equipment as possible. Mirrors don’t actually belong in a bedroom because they release yang energy into a space that is actually a yin space. In the bedroom, use especially calm colors such as blue, green and pastel shades, avoid red, gold and other stimulating colors.

7. Keep it that way

Think about new purchases. Try to prevent impulse purchases. Think about whether you really need it, like it and have room for it, etc.

8. More yang

Bring more yang energy into the living space. Bring music, light, water, flowers, plants and color into your home. Open your curtains so that the sun and the light shine inwards.

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