Get Paid to Watch Movie Trailers [Earn $300+/Month! Online]

How to get paid to watch movie trailers?. watch trailers for money.

If you are a movie fan, you will love this article. Surely you never imagined making money watching trailers, right? Well, this is already a reality for movie and trailer lovers.

It turns out that there are pages and apps that pay you to watch movie trailers and watch movies; this way, you save a little money and stay at home watching free movies.

Excellent right? Well, keep reading so you can earn money and entertain yourself with what you like, here we explain it to you.

Let’s start with the main thing; you know what a trailer is? Surely you thought that it is a sample of a movie X where they present the plot of the same, and yes that is; However, it can be defined as an “advance” as it indicates a synopsis of the plot of the film, as well as a television series, music video or video game that will be released soon.

But for marketing, a trailer is a tool that positions a certain film in the world of the film market; you learned something new, right? It turns out that the trailers allow the audience to have an expectation in front of the film and long to see it.

Enough definitions. It turns out that watching free movies also tells those who make them whether or not the public likes it. Ah! And you don’t have to limit yourself to a computer because you can watch movie clips on your mobile.

How do I start making money watching movies?

Make money watching movie trailers. You should always register on the pages and applications you have chosen, enter your username, email, passwords and the information requested by the web portal. Be sure to write the details correctly so that the money reaches you. The pages generally deposit into a Paypal account.

Earning money using trailer apps or through your computer is easy as long as you have played the short film, video or movie itself. You don’t need to see the material; you can let it run while doing another activity. And so you earn money easily.

You must be clear that the amount you will earn is small. However, the opportunity for extra income is not negligible.

On which page can I register?

There are a large number of portals and applications to earn money watching trailers, however here we recommend the following:



It is a virtual distribution chain that projects the audiovisual productions of independent filmmakers, who want their works to be seen by the public for whom they were made.

Through this website, you can watch movies and receive an incentive for continuing on the platform.

How does it work?

At the time of registering on this page, you must send the address of your Ethereum wallet or purse; there you will receive the cryptocurrency from this platform. Once this is done, you choose the movie that the portal offers you – some are free, and others ask you to buy the ticket – and sit down to enjoy it comfortably in your favourite place in the house, yes you should watch it until the end and leave your comments.

So you start making money watching movies. It is important that you do not open other windows and / or applications while watching your favourite movie since the system tracks it and will not send you your payment.

This portal pays you to watch a movie once, that is, if you want to see the same movie again and think you will earn more money, you can’t do it. The platform pays you only once for production seen. However, you can watch other movies and receive payments for other content.

How do I receive the payment?

After getting excited about watching your free movie, logically you want to know how you will receive your remuneration for the time you spent and the use of your resources (computer and internet).

The payment for watching movies is through cryptocurrencies. has its own virtual currency called ApplauseCash (APLC), which you can redeem for current currencies.

You can also buy APLC, in case you need more, with your local currency. And you can earn more when there are commercial exchanges within the platform.

Although the payment is the same for all the movies you watch, the platform ensures that the payments will be different, taking into account the duration of the same.

App trailers

App trailers earn money. It is a mobile application with which you can earn money watching videos, movie trailers, games, among others.

By using app trailers, you can earn money by watching movie clips. The system is for points; this means that you are remunerated with two and up to 5 points for each video you watch, which you can exchange for gifts in Amazón, Google Play, among other sites, or exchange it for real money in your Paypal account.

When you have accumulated 500 points, you can request payment in your account, and you will receive the money quickly. It is important that you know that 500 points equal $ 0.50

You can also get money through the referral system, in which you invite your friends or acquaintances to register in-app trailers through your link. For each person who registers, you get 250 points ($ 0.25).

You should continually review app trailers as there are times when you have many opportunities to make quite a bit of extra money; There are also days when the supply of trailers is low.



One of the easiest ways to make money online is with. You will earn money by watching a variety of videos ranging from world news, sports highlights and other thematic videos. You can even get paid to watch sponsored videos.

Besides getting paid to watch videos, you can also earn money by surfing the web and even shopping online.

When you’re ready to get paid, you can exchange your dollars for gift cards or PayPal money. It’s up to you.


also allows you to earn money by watching a variety of short videos daily. As one of the main Swagbucks alternatives, you will also earn money by completing surveys, playing online games, doing web research and signing up for promotional offers.

You can also get paid every day to open sponsored emails sent from Inbox Dollars. You might also like this because you get paid in cash and earn your first $ 5 just for signing up. So far, Inbox Dollars members have won more than $ 57 million in rewards!


are a sister site to Viggle and a better option if you want to make money by watching short videos.

Some of the ways you can earn bonus points include:

  • Watch movie and app trailers
  • Watch popular videos
  • Take the pop quiz
  • Perform web searches on Perk
  • Online shopping
  • Download and try new apps

You can redeem Perk Points for cash, gift cards, merchandise or donations to charities.

In addition to earning Perk Points, you can also earn Perk tokens which can be redeemed to participate in sweepstakes.

Some of the potential prizes include cash rewards, gift cards, and electronic products, including video game consoles.


is a joint venture between Nielsen and IRI that tracks people’s opinions on various topics. While ASC primarily focuses on tracking your buying habits by analyzing the products you buy, it also provides video surveys to collect your views on advertising campaigns and product announcements.

To start using NCP, it is best to have an Apple or Android device. If you don’t have a compatible smartphone, the National Consumer Panel will also send you a barcode scanner.


Netflix, the most popular subscription video streaming service, periodically hires “taggers” to watch and tag their programs to provide specific recommendations to other subscribers.

All vacancies are posted on the. The posts of taggers are not the most lucrative and can require long hours. But if you like to watch content in a frenzy or all that Netflix has to offer, this can be a great opportunity.


Makes it easy for you to make money by watching your favourite TV shows. All you have to do is “tap the app” when you’re watching TV or listening to streaming on Netflix, Amazon or Hulu. You will earn one per minute plus bonuses.

Some shows offer a 10x bonus allowing you to earn 10 points per minute of viewing. To make watching videos enjoyable, Viggle offers in-show games and opportunities to interact with your friends to earn even more points. Viggle will even offer additional points for watching new shows in addition to your current favourites.

To start watching with Viggle, you’ll need an Android or Apple device. Points can be redeemed for gift cards, prizes or cash with a prepaid debit card.


YouTube is another video service that lets you watch a video on just about any subject. will pay you to watch videos.

You earn money by watching YouTube videos posted on their website. To maximize your earning potential, take the time to rate the videos, leave comments, subscribe to YouTube channels, and refer friends. After winning $ 10, Paid2YouTube will do it.


As many households cut cable from cable television and broadcast online television shows and videos online, the methods used to measure television viewing habits have changed. Gives you the ability to tell the world what you are watching on your computer or mobile device by downloading the Nielsen app.

In addition to earning rewards for watching videos, you will also be rewarded for your additional web activity.

You will earn rewards and will also be entered into the monthly sweepstakes. Nielsen distributes at least $ 10,000 a month, and over 400 members win smaller cash prizes. Additional rewards can also be obtained by participating in surveys.


If you still watch traditional TV, you can also make money. For decades, “Nielsen families” have been the main influence of television program ratings, while households watch the programs they watch.

While this can be an exciting opportunity, participants are chosen at random, and there is no application process. You will need to look at your mailbox for an invitation. If you are selected, they will pay you for your efforts.

Nielsen invites more families during the months of February, May, July and November.


If you like interactive ads on your smartphone, give them a try.

Slidejoy displays an announcement when you unlock your phone on the access code screen. If you slide your thumb to the right, the ad will be ignored, while if you slide the slider to the left, the ad will run, and the advertiser’s website will allow you to interact with it.

These ads may include viewing YouTube videos, browsing the advertiser’s website, activating a digital coupon or. To ensure fairness, you earn the same amount if you interact or reject the ad. You can also earn points by referring friends and linking your Facebook account.

For now, Slidejoy is only available on Apple and Android smartphones. They plan to make the Slidejoy compatible tablet.


Another site that allows you to earn money by watching videos and doing other tasks online is. Many people in the online community prefer QuikRewards because membership is open to residents of the United States, Canada, and the United States.

In addition to watching videos, you can also sign up for additional money-making opportunities, including at least three daily surveys, read emails, and a daily shopping opportunity that earns you at least 25 % cashback. You can redeem points for PayPal money and gift cards at your favourite restaurants and stores, including Amazon.


Pays you to download and test different apps. While most apps are, there are also non-game apps and paid ads. You will earn “chicks” for each completed activity that you can redeem for Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and Xbox gift cards.


Allows you to watch videos, shop online, participate in surveys, explore websites, play quizzes and sponsor friends. The earning possibilities are virtually endless, and your reward points can be redeemed for gift cards and PayPal money. New members can also earn a $ 5 sign up bonus.


is another popular website that lets you watch videos online, participate in surveys, shop and search the web. You will be paid in cash and can also earn your first $ 5 just by registering.

As a note, SendEarnings is owned by Inbox Dollars, another site recommended in this article that lets you watch videos.

Conclusions, Earn Money Watching Trailers

In this article, we present you with two excellent options to earn money, watching movies or watching movie clips, which you can enjoy alone or in a company. Remember that you must watch the videos until the end so that you can receive the payment. These options represent an extra income that you can use as you wish, and another aspect to consider is what you choose when to see them and the place.

Get Paid to Watch Movie Trailers [Earn $300+/Month! Online]

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