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Goat horoscope

Years of the Goat: 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027…

Chinese horoscope goat. The Goat is eighth in the Chinese zodiac cycle. According to Chinese astrology, each year is associated with an animal sign, occurring in a 12-year cycle.

The Goat is also called the Ram or the Sheep. This sign is the eighth sign in the Chinese zodiac and is a Yin sign. The Goat falls under the element fire and fits the month of July.

The Goat is creative, curious and imaginative, but can also be pessimistic, insecure and irresponsible. The Goat is the sign of the Chinese zodiac that lives the most in the here and now. In terms of work, the Goat thrives best in a quiet environment where he can use his artistic and creative gifts.

Work in which they can help others fits well with the Goat. The Goat loves being in love and can find it difficult to connect. They are independent and place great value on freedom. What else can we say about the Goat? You read it in this article.

External animal, secret animal and inner animal

In Western astrology we know the constellation, the moon sign and the ascendant. We see the same in the Chinese zodiac. The animal of your birth year is what you show yourself to the outside world. The animal of your birth month is how you are inwardly and how you are in relationships and in love. Your secret animal is the animal of your birth time; this animal is about your true, deep self. You will keep this true self hidden from others.

The dates and dates of the Goat according to the Chinese calendar

  • 17 February 1931 – 5 February 1932 (metal)
  • 5 February 1943 – 24 January 1944 (water)
  • January 24, 1955 – February 11, 1956 (wood)
  • February 9, 1967 – January 29, 1968 (fire)
  • January 28, 1979 – February 15, 1980 (earth)
  • 15 February 1991 – 3 February 1992 (metal)
  • 1 February 2003 – 21 January 2004 (water)
  • February 19, 2015 – February 7, 2016 (wood)

Birth month and time of the Goat

The month of birth that belongs to the Goat is July. The birth time that belongs to the Goat is between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.

The five types of Goat

The basic element that belongs to the Goat is fire, but every year has its own element. This ensures that five types of Goat can be distinguished, which I will briefly explain below.

Earth goat

January 28, 1979 – February 15, 1980
This Goat loves rare, beautiful and refined objects and can intensely enjoy art. This Goat would also excel as an antique collector. This Goat generally has a stable personality, even though they sometimes suffer from low self-esteem. For this Goat, family and relatives are the most important thing in life and they will do anything to ensure that their loved ones are happy.

Fire goat

February 9, 1967 – January 29, 1968
This Goat is brave and intuitive, but it is also people who can be reckless and brash. This is partly due to their great sense of drama. This is not the type that needs approval from others, unlike the other Goats. They will also not easily be hurt by others, partly because they are able to stand up for themselves. These people are energetic, lively and enjoy going to social occasions. They also fit well in the theater.

Wood goat

January 24, 1955 – February 11, 1956 & February 19, 2015 – February 7, 2016
This Goat is the most sensitive type. They are generous, helpful and have a lot of compassion. Partly because of this they are good leaders and can agree with different religions. These people are great among large social occasions and often have a larger group of friends. Yet it is sometimes difficult for this Goat that people sometimes abuse him. It is therefore important that the Goat sometimes stand still for a while to look after itself, instead of just for others.

Metal goat

17 February 1931 – 5 February 1932 & 15 February 1991 – 3 February 1992
This Goat is determined and ambitious. These people have thick skin and are almost immune to criticism. Partly because of this they are able to seize all the opportunities they encounter. Yet these people have a small heart deep down and have deep emotions. They only show this to their loved ones / loved ones. This Goat can sometimes become a little too protective or vulnerable. In addition to a love of art, this Goat also has a love of culture. This type of Goat therefore loves culture the most compared to the other types.

Water goat

February 5, 1943 – January 24, 1944 & February 1, 2003 – January 21, 2004
This Goat is the most conservative of all Goat types. This Goat does not like changes. They are sympathetic people who are sensitive. They want to take over everyone’s worries and therefore regularly consider their own emotions and those of others. These people are guided by what life brings them and are easy to get along with. They like having a safe base in the form of a cozy home. These people sometimes lack confidence.

Features and characteristics of the Goat


The key words of the Goat are: flexible, sexy, creative, friendly, curious, insecure, reserved, artistic and smart.


De Geit is attractive, helpful, creative, artistic, imaginative, intuitive, sensitive, vulnerable, romantic, open, honest and modest.


The Goat can also be negative / pessimistic, vengeful, fickle, irresponsible, indecisive, lazy, careless and deceptive.


The Goat is a Yin sign and matches the fire element. The Yin energy is opposite the Yang energy. The Yin stands for the accommodating, the passive, the cold, night, the north, winter, water and the receiving. The element fire stands for the south, passion, intelligence and movement.


The colors that match the Goat are yellow, mauve and pink.


The taste of the Goat is erotic. The Goat is not really sporty, but does like to dance for fun. They like to be able to express themselves creatively. They also love gardening and sailing. When they go on vacation, we often see them wandering around, sniffing history.

Character of the Goat

The Goat is also called the Ram or the Sheep. This sign is the eighth sign in the Chinese zodiac. The year of the Goat stands for style and creativity according to Chinese culture. The Goat is the sign in the Chinese zodiac that lives the most in the here and now. These people are enjoying. They do not worry about the past or the future. These people are relaxed and carefree and enjoy what they have now. They therefore prefer to enjoy now rather than having to make an effort for what may be possible in the future.

These people want to relax and live peacefully. These people are social and love meeting new people. They are talkative, kind, sincere, honest and imaginative. These people are also creative. Although the Goat may not want to do too much for the future, the Goat is very helpful. They are therefore willing to do (almost) everything if this can help others.

The Goat is also graceful and elegant in its way. These people are basically independent and they don’t like it when someone tries to limit their freedom. These people are needed to gain new experiences and to get to know new people to enjoy life.

They are very curious about what life can offer them, but this also causes them to get into trouble sometimes. The Goat has the heart in the right place and is willing to give a lot to their loved ones. The Goat tries to treat children with the same respect as adults. As a result, the Goat is often loved by children, because children do not feel patronized by the Goat.

Work of the Goat

The Goat can be enormously diligent if he does a project with regard to creativity or with projects that help other people. De Geit would prefer to focus entirely on their artistic / creative gifts. De Geit is therefore generally creative and imaginative, which makes them good at art and writing, among other things. The Goat thrives best if it has a quiet environment to work in. Jobs as an actor, editor, (interior design) architect, painter or design therefore fit well with the Goat.

The Goat in love

Character in love

The Goat can give its partner the feeling that they are very special. They may give their partner the feeling that they are true, but the Goat has had several lovers. They are not people who will soon enter into a permanent relationship, because for them this feels like their freedom is being restricted. The Goat simply loves to be in love and to be loved. These people are curious and mysterious in love.

Sexually, the Goat likes variety and experimentation. Once they have found the right person, they will do everything they can to keep this relationship stable, because the Goat is generally a family person. Once he has found the right one, they can claim something. The Goat is looking for someone who supports him in his self-confidence and encourages them to use their talents and gifts.

Perfect match

The Goat fits well with the Pig and the Hare. These three animals fall under the mediators who are focused on maintaining peace and harmony. These people are very helpful. De Haas is intelligent and able to stimulate the Goat in his creativity. De Haas can also poke through pessimistic behavior and “victim behavior”. These two have virtually no arguments. The Pig is selfless, but is a little more practical than the Goat. Just like the Goat, Het Varken loves fun and has an eye for beautiful things. These two certainly fit well together.

Other good combinations

Goat – Horse
These two can learn a lot from each other, but can also give each other enough. This combination also works great.

Goat – Monkey
The Monkey is able to motivate the goat. The Goat, on the other hand, is sometimes able to slow the Monkey down a bit. So this works great together.

Don’t do better?

De Os is strict and disciplined. The Goat, on the other hand, lives in the here and now and can be somewhat erratic. This makes De Os grumpy. De Os also has a dominant and authoritarian character, while the Goat is just meek and values ​​freedom. These two are each other’s absolute opposites and this will therefore not be a good combination.

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