Hebrew year 5777 prophetic meaning, jubilee year 5777

With the sunset of last Sunday, October 2, the new year 5777 began in the Hebrew calendar. And with that, the seventh year of a seven-year cycle begins, and a new seven-year period opens at the Time of God’s Kingdom. On the other hand, the calendar year 5777 begins, a number ending in 77, which in the Hebrew alphabet would be represented by the letters Ayin-Zayin, so we can proclaim that this new cycle in the Time of the Kingdom of God will be a Year of Fullness and Compliance .

In previous studies we have seen that in the time system of the Kingdom of God the number seven represents the Time of God, the eternity of God, His rest, in which He manifests and reveals how the great I am, or the Eternal present . We have seen that God operates in cycles of seven times, actions or events. Number seven(which means fullness, fulfillment and perfection) represents the Time of God. We extract this principle or law from the moment of creation when God decided to bless and set aside for Him (to sanctify) the seventh day (Time, age or cycle).

And the seventh “day” represents the sphere of God’s Time, for it represents His rest. And He wants us to dwell, rest and remain from that sphere of Time, to create and rule over all creation (Gen. 2: 1-3; Ex. 20: 8-11; Lev. 23: 2-3; Mr 2: 23-28; 3: 1-5; Mt. 12: 9-13; Col. 2: 16-3: 4; Heb. 4: 1-13).

We have also learned that the new Hebrew civil year takes place in the context of the celebration of the  Feast of Trumpets , the first of Tishri ; and that within God’s prophetic Plan, He wants His people to be attentive, prepared and ready for His judgments and redemption. This civil calendar is also known as the calendar of the kings and the calendar of the earth, which was used from the beginning of creation (Gen. 7:11; 8: 4-5, 13-14).

For that reason, God in His desire to separate from the nations a people for himself, consecrated for His purposes, established that for the newly created nation of Israel there would be a new calendar, which would begin, not with the month of Tishri or Etanim , but with the month of Nisan o Aviv (Ex. 12: 1-2).

So, for the people of Israel, according to the Holy Scriptures, God commands them to take the month of Nisan / Aviv as the first month of the year. But today not all Jews do; but nowadays they separate the calendar into two: one of a religious type, which begins with the month of Nisan, to observe the Feasts of the Lord and other religious activities and festivities; and the other calendar of civil type, which begins with the month of Tishri, to observe the times of tax collection and other activities of governmental or civil court. 

We, the Church of Jesus Christ, the people of the New Covenant in Christ, can observe them both, for we are already under the eternal Time of God, under the rest of God in Christ Jesus, our Lord (Heb. 4: 1-10 ; Mt. 11: 28-29). And in a particular way the Christian Community There is peace with God, that we are not Jews or a Jewish-messianic community, we do not stick to the letter of the Mosaic Law, but to the Law of the Spirit of grace in Christ Jesus; nor do we stick to any kind of legalism of any culture, people or nation (1Cor. 9: 20-22; Ro. 6: 14-16; 7: 6; Gal. 3: 9-11; 5: 17-18 ; Col. 2: 16-17).

In our case, thanks to the Holy Spirit of God who guided us to know and understand the language and Time of God, since 2010, we can now understand that the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ could well happen in this month of Tishri, between the celebration of the Feast of Trumpets and the Feast of Forgiveness.

And we have learned that our Lord Jesus Christ has already fulfilled or completed the prophetic meanings of the first four Feasts of the Lord . And these are: Easter , Unleavened Bread , Firstfruits and  Pentecost . It is worth noting or underlining, that He not only fulfilled the meanings of each of these Feasts, but that He did it in the Time established by God for each one of them!

So, there are three Festivities pending for compliance, which are: the Feast of the Trumpets ,  the Forgiveness and the Tabernacles and all of them are fulfilled in the month of Tishri , in the autumn season! That is why those students of the Bible, understood from the times of God, have concluded that the Second Coming of the Lord has a high probability that occurs during the celebration of the fifth and sixth Feast of the Lord, between the Feast of the trumpets and Forgiveness … Only God knows!

Now let’s see what meanings and events we can find and expect in this year marked by Ayin-Zayin: 77 …


AYIN: the number 70 is representing in the Hebrew alphabet (alefato) with the letter Ayin, whose symbol is an eye, and whose meaning is vision, the ability to see. From the year 5770 (2010), in the Hebrew calendar, we enter a time cycle of ten years, where God will be preparing His people, His Church, to acquire the correct prophetic vision, to be able to correctly execute the mission that He He has left us and we can understand His prophetic plan for the nations.

AYIN: Heb. means eye, see, in gematria also represents 70; in the Bible the number 70 represents the nations (universality) and the perfect order or spiritual and material administration, but also restoration and well-being (Num. 11: 16-17, 24-29; Ps. 119: 121-128).

Since the year 5770 (2010), we have also entered a new cycle of seven and seventy years, we enter a new time in the Kingdom in which the Lord is restoring His people according to His Word and the design He has left in her.

Zayin Meaning:

ZAYIN: It is the seventh letter of the Hebrew alefato, which originally meant “sword”, “weapon”, or “sharp weapon”; and because of its location in the Hebrew alphabet it has the numerical value of seven (7). From this letter comes the Latin letter “zeta”, which was inherited by the Spanish or Spanish.

ZAYIN:  We have seen that God operates in cycles of seven times, actions or events. The number seven (which means fullness, fulfillment and perfection) represents the Time of God. We extract this principle or law from the moment of creation when God decided to bless and set aside for Him (to sanctify) the seventh day (time, age or cycle) and other prophetic passages in which we see God judge His people and the nations in seven year cycles

Zayin, the sword of Time

We have already seen that Zayin represents the number seven (7) and a sword, so because of its relationship with cycles of times in the Bible, it is considered to “cut time or periods of time.” Let’s see some examples:

  • Saturday (shabbat), the seventh day of a seven-day week.
  • Pentecost (shavuot), which falls on the 49th day after Easter (Pesach), or after seven weeks, or a week of weeks.
  • Tishri, the seventh month in the year, or a week of months.
  • Shemitá, the seventh year for the rest of the earth, or a week of years.
  • The jubilee (yovel), which falls in the year 49 after seven cycles of seven years, or a week of seven weeks of years.
  • The millennial Kingdom, the seventh millennium of the entire history of mankind, or a one-week cycle of 1,000 years. 

A very interesting fact is that the word z’man (zeman) in Hebrew means “time” (Es. 5: 3; Dn. 3: 7, 8; 4:36) and also begins with the letter zayin (z). Z’man can also be translated: season, times, designated occasion, season, opportunity (Dn. 2:16, 21; 6:10, 13; 7:12, 22, 25).

And these cycles of times (z’man) mentioned above, also “cut” or establish prophetic times within the economy of the Kingdom of God, are cycles and seasons “marked” or established in the Word (zayin) of God, and mark opportune times (kairos), special for the people of God in their relationship with the Creator, who established them from the beginning (Gen. 1-2).

That is why God, in his effort and desire that His people learn to count the days and times, commands us to “remember” (zacher) His resting times and His Feasts (De, 32: 7; Ex. 20: 8; Mal. 4: 4: Ps. 90:12), for which he established the great lights in the sky (Gen. 1:14). Pay attention that the Hebrew word for Time (z’man) is closely related to the words “remember” (zacher) and “remembrance” or reminder (zicharon), and they all begin with the letter zayin!

In fact, in the Hebrew Bible, in the Masoretic text, there is a curious and very special case, since a highlighted Zayin letter appears and larger than the rest of the letters of the verse where it is found, in Malachi 4: 4, in which the Lord tells His people:

“Remember [zacher]  of the law of Moses my servant, whom I commissioned in Horeb ordinances and laws for all Israel.”

Zayin the crowned man

If we look closely, the letter zayin is a Vav crowned letter (tagin), especially when we observe zayin crowned (see photo on the left).

In fact, the letter Zayin is considered in the Hebrew, one of the eighth crowned letters. And as we have seen, the Vav represents man and if Zayin represents the “crowned man,” then we could conclude that the letter Zayin represents the “Messiah King,” the “Messiah ruler,” who comes to judge the world and establish His Kingdom with the sword of justice, and therefore, will establish an eternal and lasting peace (Isa. 42: 1-4; 49: 1-3; Acts 17: 30-31; Rev. 19: 11-16).

This evokes the prophecy given by Jacob to his son Judah (Gen. 49:10):

“The scepter of Judah will not be taken away, nor the legislator from between his feet, until Siloh comes; and the peoples will congregate to him.”

The Messiah, the Son of the crowned man, the Lion of the tribe of Judah comes with a scepter (rod) to reign and with a sharp two-edged sword that comes out of His mouth, to judge and establish justice in the nations.

Jewish tradition also sees in the figure of Zayin “a virtuous woman,” based on a verse by Rabbi Dov Ber Ben Avraham, also known as the Maguid of Mezeritch, successor to Rabbi Israel ben Eliezer, the founder of Hasidic Judaism, and known as Baal Shem Tov, who says: “A virtuous woman is her husband’s crown”; For this one has the power to reveal in her husband her own crown of knowledge of the Most High, which she experiences when she lights the candles during the Shabbat. Thus the virtuous woman can also help her husband, and still rectifies her, so that she acquires greater spiritual awareness and sensitivity, always under an attitude of honor, humility and subjection to him.

Zayin and the sword of the Word of God

The symbol or figure of the sword in the Bible is extremely rich and it is not my goal at this Time to give a comprehensive study on this fascinating subject; but I could take a brief look at some of the main biblical meanings of the sword:

  1. The word of God as a sword (Ps. 149: 6; Is. 49: 1-2; Eph. 6:17; Heb. 4:12; Rev. 19:15, 21)
  2. The word spoken as a sword (Ps. 55:21; 57: 4; 59: 7; 64: 2-4; Pro. 12:18; Rev. 1:16; 2:16; 19:15, 21)
  3. The sword as a symbol of God’s judgment (Gen. 3:24; Es. 9: 7; Ps. 17:13; 78:62; Jer. 14:18; 16: 4; 29:17; 44:13; 50 : 37; Os. 7:16; Am. 4:10; Nah. 3:15; Zech. 9:13: Rev. 6: 4, 8;
  4. The sword symbolizes war, punishment or exercise of justice on the part of the rulers (Lv. 26:25, 33; Jer. 12:12; 44:13; Lam. 1:20; Ez. 14:17; Ro. 13 : 3-4; Rev. 6: 4,8)

Biblical and prophetic meaning of 777

Now we enter into a complex subject because of its biblical and prophetic content, it is the presence of three (3) sevens (7) in this year 5777, which makes it extremely special … And gold to the Lord at this hour, so that His Holy Spirit may give me clarity and the ability to explain this issue to you. And to my readers, may the Lord give you science, intelligence and wisdom from above.

And to explain the context of what we might have in front of us, I must go back to a signal event, which occurred in 1994, the year in which the inhabitants of planet Earth watched with great attention and admiration to Comet Shoemaker-Levi cross our system solar and hit the king star twenty-one (21) times: Jupiter. Because that event marked the beginning of three (3) cycles of seven (7) years within the prophetic Plan of God, ranging from 1994 to 2015.

  1. The date on which the comet’s impacts against the planet Jupiter occurred was July 16-22, 1994; and between July 16 and 17, the 9th of Av occurred in the Hebrew calendar . That is, the 21 impacts of the comet began on the 9th of Av! If you do not know what the 9th of Av represents , you can read more in the message published in this blog “Meanings of the month of Av” , but suffice it to say that it represents a day of judgment and destruction in the history of the Jewish people.
  2. The name of the planet Jupiter in Hebrew is “Tsédec,” which can be translated as justice, doing justice, just (Strong 6663, 6664, 6666).
  3. On that date the constellation near the planet Jupiter was Libra (Lat. The scales of justice), which in Hebrew is called “Mozanaim” (the scale or weight, regret) and which, in addition to being the symbol of justice, also It represents light (knowledge).
  4. From the Hebrew perspective the message of the Creator sent through this comet against Jupiter could be interpreted: I am announcing my judgment on the nations in My justice (Is. 5: 15-16; 51: 5-7).
  5. The twenty-one (21) fragments of the comet hitting the great planet Jupiter, represent three (3) cycles of seven (7). The number 21 represents a designated time, an appointment, a time preceded by a process. We see it in the 21 days that Noah waited before descending from the ark (Gen. 8: 1-18); in the 21 days that the prophet Daniel fasted to receive revelation about God’s Time and prophetic Plan for His people; and more dramatically, in the cycle of judgments in the Apocalypse of John (seven seals, seven trumpets and seven cups).
  6. Between 1994 and 2015 there are exactly twenty-one (21) years. A cycle of Time will be over and the Earth will soon have an appointment with its Creator!
  7. In the Hebrew calendar the year 1994 was 5754, and the year 2014 was 5774, both years ending in number 4, which is the same to say: in the letter Dalet , which as we have seen in the Fourth installment , represents ” The door”. If what I have said is true, in 5754 a door was opened, a 21-year cycle, which will be closed in 5775; but in 5774 another door opened that could well last another 7 years …

What I perceived in my spirit when studying this stellar phenomenon, as it happens to me with the book of Revelation, is that “I hear” or perceive in my mind and spirit how you make drum sounds announcing that “something or someone” is approaching , or “something” is coming to an end …

This stellar event marked the beginning of three (3) cycles of seven (7) years, totaling twenty-one (3×7 = 21) years: 1994-2001, 2001-2008, 2008-2015 (see chart below). The 2015 (5775) closed a Shemitah year  and the year 5776/2016 opened a year of connection and transition that culminated in 2016, specifically on Sunday, February last October, and now begins the Hebrew year 5777.

It is important to keep in mind the biblical meaning of the twenty-one number (21), as it can be valuable for our future studies. The number 21 relates in the Bible to the 21 names of God; the 21 chapters of the book of Judges and the Gospel of John; also with the 21 sins of Israel’s rebellion in the desert; in the books of I and II of Kings 21 references are made to the sins of Jeroboam, first northern king of the divided Kingdom of Israel; and in Timothy II chapter 3, the apostle makes a list of 21 sins of men in recent times.

But the number 21 is also related to Time: Noah had to wait 21 days or three (3) weeks (7), to leave the Ark; Daniel prevailed in prayer for 21 days before the angel Gabriel notified him of God’s message; and for 21 years Jacob worked for Laban, to obtain Rachel as his wife. These passages indicate that the number 21 in the Bible also points to fullness of Time, to the fulfillment of a time limit. Which we also observe in the sum of the first six (6) days of creation that give a total of 21 days: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6. In Revelation, a total of 21 trials are unleashed against the sin and rebellion of mankind in 3 cycles of 7 trials (seals, trumpets and cups).

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