Everyone has dreams where sometimes the most absurd things occur. They can be fascinating and you can wonder the meaning of this. Scientifically they are busy researching it. It is possible to influence your dream so that you determine how this dream continues.

This is also called a lucid dream. It is sometimes used as a therapy, for example to get rid of nightmares. How does this work and what influence can this have on your daily life?

The sleep cycle

Scientifically speaking, they are not sure yet what the meaning of dreams is. A lot of research is currently being done. Normal sleep consists of a cycle of 5 phases. You go through such a cycle about 4 to 5 times per night. Dreams usually take place during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phase in sleep. As the name suggests, the eyes move quickly and the brain activity is greatest.

Why you dream

Opinions about the meaning of dreams are strongly divided. There are people who get creative ideas by having dreams. Dreams are personal and therefore the meanings in a book about dream symbolism may not apply to everyone.

Scientists think that dreaming is a processing of conflicts and emotions. A part is completed in each sleep cycle so that you can go fresh again the next day. It is also claimed that you can get to know yourself better if you analyze your dreams.

Strange dreams

Especially in busy periods where you have a lot on your mind dreams seem to become increasingly absurd. Sometimes you mix everything both work and private. Negative experiences linger longer as positive experiences and therefore most dreams are negative in nature. It becomes a kind of film about your own thoughts where searching for a meaning can be very difficult.

Influence your own dream

Some people are able to influence their own dream. They are able to realize that they are dreaming and to steer this dream. These are also called lucid dreams. The moment something happens that is not possible, such as flying, you suddenly realize that you are dreaming.

Research into brain waves and eye signals have now scientifically demonstrated that lucid dreams exist. If you manage to dream lucidly, most of the dreaming will always consist of non-lucid dreams.

How to dream lucid?

Sometimes it takes a lot of practice to be able to influence your dream. Many people who start this wake up immediately after they realize that they are dreaming. The trick is not to get too excited and stay relaxed. To have lucid dreams it is important to remember dreams.

A dream diary can ensure that your dream memories improve. It is important to write down the dream as soon as possible after waking up because this memory often disappears after waking up.

Types of lucid dreams

The degree of lucidity in a dream can vary. The moment you realize that you are dreaming, there is lucid dreaming. If there is a high degree of lucidity, the dreamer will notice that he is dreaming and that there is no danger. He also knows that he can wake up at any moment.

With a low degree of lucidity, the dreamer is aware enough to steer the dream, but he does not realize that it is not really happening. Some consider a lucid dream a fantastic or a spiritual experience.

Lucid dream as a therapy

Lucid dreams are better to remember than ordinary dreams including nightmares. If you suffer from nightmares, you might benefit from learning lucid dreams. Lucid dreams can also help to get rid of certain daytime fears. By sending a dream you can have beautiful experiences that make life a lot more pleasant. You can make all your fantasies come true.

In daily life

By influencing your dreams during sleep, you can benefit during the day. Every element in your life that you consider difficult can be influenced by a lucid dream so that the obstacle or obstruction becomes smaller. For example, you want to excel in a certain sport, but you are convinced that you cannot do it. For example, by scoring in the lucid dream, self-confidence can grow, making you better at this sport and ultimately scoring really.

Is it harmful?

Just as with normal dreaming, there is much unclear about the dream process and science is perhaps still in its infancy. Due to the many questions and lack of knowledge on this subject, it is not possible to determine whether lucid dreaming counteracts the positive effect of ordinary dreams. What is known is that people who can dream lucid do not suffer from mental disorders as a result.


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