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Abalone is a mollusk in a shell and has been harvested for centuries. Not only for the meat that today is considered a true delicacy, but also for the shell, which is processed into a beautiful-looking piece of jewelry.

It is because of this jewelry that the abalone shell is known to most people. However, some believe that the shell has magical and powerful properties.

What is an abalone shell

Abalone is a medium to very large, edible sea snail in a shell and it mainly lives on kelp and brown algae. The animal is a slow grower, but can grow very old. The shell looks very much like a large oyster shell and you can buy it in different health food stores, spiritual things or possibly via the internet. However, don’t be tempted by a super cheap specimen, because there are also all kinds of fake shells and these are very difficult to distinguish from the real ones.

The mollusk is more known to us under the name: sea ear, ear shell or venus ear. Sometimes they are also called the Mother of Pearl, sea opal or the crown jewel of the ocean. These nicknames are mainly due to the very nice-looking shell that they carry with them. The shells have a low, open, spiral-shaped structure and there are five air holes on the edge of the shell. These holes are needed for an even supply of oxygen-rich water and the emission of unnecessary waste.

There are more than 130 species, of which a hundred have already been recognized, and some of them have been included. Most are found along coastal waters: in Australia, the southern hemisphere of New Zealand, South Africa, West North America and in the northern hemisphere of Japan.

The shell is extremely strong

The abalone shell is exceptionally strong because its thick, glossy lining consists of alternating layers of calcium carbonate: these are different layers that overlap each other. When the shell is struck with great force, the layers do not shatter, but shift at lightning speed, allowing them to absorb the hard blow effortlessly. Scientists therefore study the entire structure of the shell, so that in the future they can make stronger ceramic products, such as bulletproof vests.

Hidden properties of the shell

Mother of pearl has been regarded for centuries as something that is very cleansing and positive. The power of the shell is therefore in the mother-of-pearl and its effect is like a gem: precious stones give energy and have a noble power and this mother-of-pearl gives that too. It doesn’t always have to be a shell to use these powers, you can also wear jewels with mother-of-pearl, such as a necklace in mother-of-pearl, because these have the same energy.

Purifying energy

Abalone shells have the purifying energy of the sea and in astrology they are linked to the element of water, as well as to people who ‘get’ the astrological sign and that are usually people who have to do with the emotional.

It is also said that these shells do have a good effect on our health, on our chakras, especially for the heart chakra. You also see all the colors of the rainbow, which means that it balances the chakras a little. It also ensures that the fears are relieved, that all the sorrows and worries are brought down and it also gives the property to soften the emotions.

A lot of mother of pearl is worn during weddings, not only because it is beautiful, but also for its emotional effect. So are you very emotional? Then wear mother-of-pearl, so that you get your emotions under control more easily.

The shells also have a powerful and cleansing effect. That is why they are often used to burn white sage in it, for example to purify houses, to purify yourself, etc. So it really does have a purifying effect.

Inspiring and harmonious

It also has an inspiring effect when painting, writing or composing music, because it would contain magical creativity. You can also place an abalone shell in the office as a decorative tool, because it can increase the harmony between people and ensure a positive cooperation. Furthermore, this shell would also be good for our digestion, bring inner wealth, give strength and it would give us a long life.


Abalone shells are also often used during meditation, as this is good for intuition, spiritual and psychological development. With a burning candle this would provide new insights, bring peace and ensure that we can let go of old habits and dare to admit renewal.

Energetic bath

The shell is increasingly being used as an energetic bath for precious stones, this to discharge used gems and to recharge them so that they have a powerful effect.

  • Discharging used gemstones: fill the abalone shell with pure, charged hematite stones and place the gem to be discharged overnight on the hematite stones.
  • Charging gems: fill the abalone shell with pure, charged rock crystal stones and place the gem to be charged overnight on the rock crystal stones.

For optimum effect: place the hematite and crystal stones every month, for an hour in pure, slightly salted water, rinse under running water until they are completely pure and then lay in the full moon overnight!

Burning herbs in the abalone shell

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In a ritual, the abalone shell is usually used to combine the five elements. The shell has small holes that provide the necessary air supply.

  • Water: abalone shell
  • Earth: herbs: Air: smoke
  • Fire: candle / match
  • Ether: ethereal effect

The power of mother-of-pearl

  • The reflection of mother-of-pearl would keep the evil eye out.
  • Mother of pearl would have a protective effect against negative energies and also prevent angry forces.
  • Mother of pearl ensures balanced contact with oneself and others.
  • Wearing mother-of-pearl provides a deep inner peace, balances the chakras, soothes sadness and relieves fear.
  • Parelmoer has an inspiring effect, is good for intuition, provides psychological development and brings new insights.

Discharging and charging the shell

Just like precious stones, the shell can be overflowing, which means that its functioning will no longer be optimal. For proper functioning, the abalone shell is, just like with precious stones, well discharged and charged. You can also do this with jewelry made from the abalone shell

  • put the shell in pure water or spring water. You may also keep it under running water until it is completely pure.
  • Place the shell in the full moon.

The abalone fishing

In the early days of abalone fishing, they were smoked, dried or sold fresh at local fish markets. They were also canned for export at a later stage. They are currently exported live, fresh or frozen and the largest buyer is Japan.

An endangered species

According to some scientists, the abalons will die out within 100 years due to the acidification of the oceans. Illegal abalone shells are therefore very rare. Harvesting and processing of the product is also not without risk, which makes these shells generally expensive.

What many people don’t know is that the abalone shell is very toxic. The dust particles (calcium carbonate) that are released during sanding or grinding can penetrate the lower respiratory tract resulting in: bronchitis, asthma, skin irritations ect. It is therefore advisable to process the shell in a wet condition and to use a dust mask.


Although abalone is very expensive in Japan, it is and remains a popular delicacy and is generally purchased by luxury restaurants to prepare their well-known dish “Sashimi”: a Japanese dish of fresh, raw fish and shellfish, served with all kinds of sauces.

Decoration and jewelry

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The color of the lining is very different, from species to species. The mother-of-pearl can, for example, color silver-white with a hint of green, red and purple or display a deep, blue color, fused with green, yellow and possibly red. The colors are very fascinating and for many cultures a feast for the eyes, so they are often processed and processed as: decoration, jewelry, buttons ect.

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