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Lucid Dreams Learning? [Clear Dreams Meaning & Steps]

What’s the meaning of lucid dreams, or clear dreams? And what are ways and tips to do this? There are many people who have experienced lucid dreams. What is the best method? Read more…

What is a lucid dream, or a clear dream?

A clear dream is a dream come true be aware that you are dreaming! This simple realization triggers your awake consciousness while the dream, so that you can do some cool things, such as:

  • Explore the dream world with total clarity. Everything you see, hear, touch, taste and smell will be just as authentic as reality. It can really be mind-expanding to discover this virtual world.
  • Fulfill any fantasy. Fly over mountains, do time travel, spot dinosaurs, hold ninja battles, meet your hero or visit other planets.
  • Overcome personal problems. In the safety of the clear dream environment you can face your fears, phobias, nightmares and traumas from the past.
  • Make use of your inner creativity. You can compose music, create original artistic creations and solve technical problems in surreal and unexpected ways.
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What can I do in a clear dream?

A completely clear dream can be perfectly tangible, rich and visually detailed. Because all this takes place in your mind, the dream world is infinite.

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No laws. No limits. No limits. Everything you can imagine becomes reality. You can literally take control of your dream, just like Neo did in the Matrix.

Has clear dreaming been scientifically proven?

lucid and clear dreams
lucid and clear dreams

Yes, there are many examples scientific research that proves the existence of clear dreams. These studies have not been contradicted by the skepsis foundation, which is quite unique in relation to subjects of this kind that are close to spirituality.

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The first scientific proof of clear dreaming came in 1975 from the British parapsychologist Dr. Keith Hearne. For the first time he was able to let communication take place between someone who slept (and dreamed) and the outside world through commands to move the body.

Research from 2009 at the Neurological Laboratory in Frankfurt has shown that brain activity increases significantly during clear dreams. The researchers concluded that this justifies the classification of clear dreams as a new and separate state of consciousness.


What was completely intriguing: the research also showed increased activity in the frontal areas of the dreaming brain. That happens to be the location of linguistic thinking and other higher mental functions associated with it selfconsciousness – the mind.

In 2014 there was a remarkable follow-up to this study. The University of Frankfurt revealed that clear dreams can be induced with “zaps” of harmless electrical stimulation of the brain. When non-lucid dreamers were given 30-second shocks of electrical current to the frontal cortex during sleep, they spontaneously reported experiencing vivid dreams in which they were fully aware of what they dreamed.

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So there is an abundance of science on the subject of lucid dreaming and more studies are published every year.

How can you get a lucid dream yourself? Step-by-step

clear dream experiences

To be able to dream clearly, you only need the basics. The most important thing you can do to take the path to lucid dreaming is to start keeping a dream book.

  1. Put one notebook with a pen next to your bed.
  2. The intention to dream lucid is very important. Before you go to sleep, ask yourself, “What is the clearest dream of the universe for me?”
  3. Fall asleep and dream.
  4. Wake up the next day and write down your dream immediately in your notebook!
  5. Do this every day for a few weeks note that you will dream more and more clearly.

Why does this method work?

The special thing about dreams is that we can remember them pretty well if we just wake up, but as soon as we think of something else for a moment, we have completely lost the dream and we hardly know how to get it back.

By writing down your dreams immediately, you collect a nice bundle that contains all your dreams and your awareness of your dreams is immediately raised. This method was also mentioned in an NRC article from 2018.

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In the coming days, weeks and months you will notice that you will experience your dreams more clearly and consciously.

Everyone can dream lucid

Experts agree that everyone has the potential to realize a clear dream. But only a small proportion of people have taught themselves to do this regularly.

The biggest step you can take is to put a writing next to your bed and write every morning.

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