Makeup For Dry Skin: These Are The Best Foundations Creams

Makeup For Dry Textured Skin: These Are The Best Foundations Creams

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2021)

Best foundation for rough textured skin

Do you have dryness lines and flaky areas of skin? Then it would help if you used unique makeup for dry skin. Here are the best foundations with extra care!

Dry skin can make it challenging to find the right makeup. While the foundation still leaves the complexion looking fresh and silky in the morning, it has settled in dry wrinkles by noon. The skin seems scaly, and the pigmentation is uneven and pale. Suddenly there is no trace of the morning glow.

Fortunately, you don’t have to give up the dream of a radiant complexion. To save you from annoying bad purchases in the future, we present our makeup favorites here that care for dry skin and ensure a smooth finish.

Makeup for dry skin: you should pay attention to this

Just like our day cream, our makeup needs an upgrade over time. When we are in our early 20s, our skin tends to be excessively shiny. But suddenly, from the age of 30, it can no longer be adequately moisturized. By then, at the latest, mattifying and powdery makeup that dries out dehydrated skin, even more, should be a thing of the past.

Instead, you should rely on a foundation with a high care factor, which ensures more suppleness and makes the skin tone appear more even.display

Here are the 4 best foundations for dry skin:

Anti-aging foundation nourishes and smoothes dry skin.

A liquid foundation with a skin-tightening effect has two advantages for dry skin: On the one hand, the liquid formula easy can be applied over the day cream and provides the surface with an extra portion of moisture. On the other hand, it smoothes the skin and thus prevents unsightly dryness wrinkles in which the foundation can settle.

The “Age Perfect Foundation” from L’Oréal Paris contains vitamin C and antioxidants and is designed to keep demanding skin fresh and supple all day long. The light formulation should also be particularly natural to distribute and avoid a mask-like look. 

For a natural finish: Tinted day cream as makeup for dry skin

Do you want a natural look that nourishes and nourishes your skin? Then a moisturizing BB Cream is perfect for you. The delicately tinted cream prevents your skin from being uncomfortably tight and feeds dry skin areas smoothly. Redness and blemishes are concealed, and your complexion appears more even overall.

The “Hydra Zen BB Cream” from Lancôme contains skin-calming ingredients, such as peony root, which are supposed to bring the stressed skin back into balance. After application, the skin should appear refreshed and more radiant. 

Hydra Zen BB Cream" from Lancôme

With an extra moisture boost: serum foundation for dry areas

Foundations that are enriched with serum have a particularly high maintenance factor. Their high concentration of active ingredients nourishes the skin intensively and gives the complexion a fresh glow. Its light texture allows the skin to breathe and ensures a natural, radiant complexion.

The “Nude Air Serum Foundation” by Dior contains an ultra-liquid serum for a smooth, even complexion. A combination of hyperoxidized oil, cranberry oil, vitamins and minerals is said to vitalize the skin and care for it more beautifully every day. 

Nude Air Serum Foundation

Protects dry skin: make-up with UV protection

Dry skin is often accompanied by sensitivity to light. Too much sun not only accelerates the aging process of our skin, but also removes valuable moisture, which keeps it plump and elastic. With special sun foundations you can kill two birds with one stone: They protect your skin from drying out by the sun’s rays and at the same time give you a flawless skin tone.

The “UV Protective Liquid Foundation” from Shiseido with SPF30 provides the skin with long-lasting moisture. It is resistant to sweat and sebum and gives the complexion a delicate glow. 

UV Protective Liquid Foundation" from Shiseido

Dry skin: the best creams and most important tips

Dry skin on the face is a common problem. We’ll tell you what’s behind it and which creams are the right choice for dry skin.

Anyone with dry skin knows the problem: the skin scales, tenses, and looks like a desert landscape. Unique products from pharmacies promise remedies, but this is often not permanent. When the products are discontinued, the drought begins on the face and body again. We spoke to a skin specialist and asked for a permanent solution to the problems of dehydrated skin. Here are the answers.

Why do I have dry skin?

The so-called hydrolipid film lies on our skin like a protective cover and prevents typically it from drying out. When the skin is dry, the natural protective coat is holey and torn.

The reason: there is a lack of fat. The dry skin’s sebum glands only run at minimal performance, which is not enough to prevent water from ‘evaporating’ from the surface. The result: the skin becomes rough, flaky, and, in the worst case, can even break open. In this state of emergency, she is also susceptible to germs that trigger inflammation.

In most cases, dry skin is a predisposition – in some cases, the wrong care also causes the problem, says Kerstin Sonntag, a cosmetician from Cologne. Facial water containing alcohol or too frequent washing, for example, can leach the skin on the face.

But too much care products can also lead to dry skin. If the skin is overloaded with active ingredients, it forgets to care for fat and moisture and becomes dull. If more cream is then applied, pustules can form around the mouth and eyes. “A lot helps a lot” does not apply to dry skin.

Dry skin on the face: which creams help?

“It is important to buy the right care,” says the expert, referring to this: not only adding fat to the skin but also moisture. An essential player in the beauty routine is the day cream.

The recommendation: “Use a vegetable fat-based cream such as jojoba oil, almond oil or olive oil.

Synthetic oils such as paraffin also dry out the skin because they lie like a film on the surface and prevent the skin’s metabolism.

Also among the insider tips against dry skin: creams with snail slime. At first, it sounds disgusting, but the care products manage to turn dry areas into silky soft skin. The reason: snail slime has strong moisturizing properties.

Cleaning products especially for dry skin

There are also a few things to consider when cleaning dry skin; after all, warm water alone removes valuable fat and moisture.

Use cleansing milk, no washing gel,” advises Kerstin Sonntag. “It is also essential to use an alcohol-free facial toner. It moisturizes the skin when you apply it and let it dry.”

Special care in winter: That needs dry skin now

In winter, dry skin needs extra care to stay in balance: “At temperatures below eight degrees, the skin shuts down sebum production and forms much less fat, which means that it also loses moisture.” We also sweat less in winter, and because sweat also transports skin fat, the problem worsens.

Extra care is therefore mandatory for dry skin in winter. “You should apply a cream mask once or twice a week and use a moisturizing serum every day,” advises Kerstin Sonntag.

Active ingredients that dry skin is particularly happy about:

In freezing temperatures: Cold protection creams based on silicone

Those who love long winter walks should protect their dry skin with cold protection creams based on silicone. They lie on the surface like a film, seal them and thus prevent moisture from being lost in the dry winter air. Back in the warm home, the cream has to go down again – otherwise, it damages the skin.

From her practice, Kerstin Sonntag knows that dry skin is a problem that many do not get to grips with on their own. She, therefore, advises everyone who suffers from this to get cosmetic advice. Care errors can be uncovered, and the right beauty products can be determined.

Make up dry skin: you have to pay attention to that.

If you have dry skin on your face, you know the problem: As soon as you have applied the make-up, flaky areas appear, and the foundation is unsightly. In addition to the mandatory moisturizing care, two things help a primer that balances the skin surface and a moisturizing make-up.

Primer against dry spots on the face

An introduction is a perfect base for make-up. It balances the skin surface and ensures that the foundation does not settle in the pores and wrinkles. This makes pale, dry skin look much more radiant. Also, the make-up lasts much longer, thanks to the primer.

Makeup for dry skin

Those who tend to have scaly areas should avoid matting foundations. They only make the problem worse. Tinted day creams, also called BB creams, are much better. They moisturize the skin and make it more even. If you want more coverage, you can also use foundation serums. The nourish dry skin and provide it with moisture all day long. At the same time, they hide imperfections and make the complexion radiantly beautiful.

Home remedies for dry skin: water march!

While too much water dries out dry skin from the outside, water from the inside is a MUST. Because dry skin areas can also be the result of a lack of fluid, on the other hand, only one thing helps: drink, drink, drink.

It should be at least 2 liters of water a day – preferably more. If pure water is too boring for you, you can also pimp it with fresh fruits such as berries, orange, or lemon slices. Herbs like basil or rosemary also taste great and give the water a special kick.

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