Top 10 Concealers That Best Cover Melasma Dark Spots And Dark Circles

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How to cover up melasma

Concealers for melasma. Makeup for melasma. From the most luxurious to the most accessible, these are the concealers that best cover up for melasma dark spots and dark circles and will revitalize your face, instantly!. If you’re like many with melasma (a type of hyperpigmentation characterized by brown patches on the cheeks, forehead, and upper lip)

10 Best foundation to cover melasma

1. Glow Key, from YSL

How to cover melasma. Makeup to cover dark spots or melasma. This concealer is proven to immediately cover dark circles, uneven skin tones, and fine lines. The best? It gives it a light healthy to face, all day!


2. Radiant Creamy Concealer, de NARS

Its formula is hydrating, strengthening and with good coverage, which makes this product an excellent ally when it comes to hiding signs of fatigue and age. Plus, it’s designed for all skin types !


3. Ultra HD Self-Setting Concealer, de Make Up Forever

It is ideal for hiding dark circles and blemishes, as well as lighting and contouring, but not only that! It is part of our favorites for 2 more reasons: It is imperceptible to high definition cameras and its pigments are coated with amino acids that preserve the duration of the concealer for up to 12 hours.


4. Lock-it Concealer Cream, de Kat by D

You will simply love it when doing the color correction on the face, as it fades smoothly, has high coverage, moisturizes the skin, does not clog pores and fades easily.


5. Shape Tape Contour Concealer, from Tarte

If you like creamy concealers, this is definitely your choice! It is full coverage without mark arruguitas or leave a plasta of MakeUp, makes them look the skin more firm and provides an effect lifting. That is why it is the favorite of many makeup lovers!


6. Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer, from Benefit

Believe it or not, with this product it is possible to hide even the most pronounced dark circles and spots (like those on the cloth) and, the best part, is that you can apply it with any tool, even with your fingers!


7. Pro Longwear Concealer, de MAC Cosmetics

It is a classic that you should not miss trying, first for its power to achieve an impeccable and homogeneous finish on the complexion and, second, for the matte and waterproof finish that works wonderfully for combination and oily skin .


8. Instant Age Rewind Eraser, de Maybelline

Corrects pigmentation, outlines the face and illuminates the dark circles at the same time, what you have already tried? Without a doubt it is perfect for daily use, thanks to its lightness and practicality in application.


Gotcha Covered Concealer, de NYX Cosmetics

It contains coconut oil to cover without drying out and give it a boost of light to the dermis, so no cakes or falls short time. Another of its advantages is that the line has 20 shades available so that there is no fault when finding the one for your skintone.


10. Pro Conceal, from L.A. Girl

It is the most affordable and also the most versatile option , as it offers orange, yellow, green, lavender, peach, mint, red, blue, pink and white color correction to cancel any pigmentation of the face. We assure you that it is worth giving it a try!

The five colors that correct the flaws in your skin

Surely for this fall, you want to give a new approach to your skin. The objective to be achieved will be that it appears uniform and bright. For this, it is necessary to neutralize scars, pimples, dark circles, redness, and blemishes, the worst nightmares that are usually reinforced during the summer after solar abuse, and what percent can mix with the appearance of autumn dermatitis outbreaks. 

Therefore, if it is always good to use the concealer, in these weeks, it is essential! And how to do it? Because although its results are miraculous and forgetting about them is very expensive, it is even worse to misuse them. But it turns out that applying the color theory, which states that using Opposite tones counteract the color mismatches that arise in the skin, is very easy. 

Orange, purple, green, yellow, and pink are the supervisory shades necessary to compensate for skin irregularities. Each of these colors also has some derivations, from the most persuasive tone to the softest. Purple turns to lilac or lavender; bright yellow can be pastel yellow, and so on.

Because you would be in a mistake if you discharge all the responsibility in the makeup fund, however covering it may never replace the concealer. The primary difference is that, while makeup bases or powders are applied all over the face, the concealer is only applied in critical points. This fantastic makeup product is not solely responsible for hiding imperfections, but it is also exciting to use as a highlighter, defining certain parts of the face and giving contour and depth.


Even the most beautiful face can benefit from the play of colors. Correctors are not just for covering defects; they also illuminate, sharpen, and enhance. You have to choose the right color to apply to each place.

According to Gato, an official makeup artist from Maybelline NY: ‚ÄúHe is a great accomplice to define areas of the face such as the arch of the eyebrow, the cheekbones and the arch of Cupid.‚ÄĚ For an expert like him, charged with backstage makeup for some of the top shows at New York Fashion Week, concealers are critical pieces of runway makeup. ‚ÄúTo camouflage dark circles, cover pimples, sun spots, acne, and endless problems that may appear on younger faces, are essential.‚ÄĚ

How does it apply? Like most face products, the concealer is applied by tapping the skin, never dragging it around the area, to do this you can use your ring finger since it is the one with the least strength or a small brush.

Before or after the foundation or makeup powder? The tones similar to beautiful sound can be put on top. Still, it is convenient to apply those of intense tonality before, to use the base after, and even to put some translucent fixing powders on it so that their effect lasts longer.


The dark circles area always needs a touch of concealer. In four different color combinations Studio Finish Conceal and Correct Duo, by MAC ($25). In five CC Stick shades by Max Factor ($11.99).

Which color to choose? Logically, and applying color theory, the selection is required according to the defect to be camouflaged. Therefore, it is convenient to have at least a couple of correctors of different shades on hand, if the defects appear in different colors.

‚ÄstGreen:¬†Any imperfection with a reddish hue: inflamed pimples, acne, scars, redness, couperose or rosacea.

‚ÄstOrange:¬†Perfect for dark circles that are bluish, gray or brown.¬†They will also help you to hide any dark spots or shadows that you have on your upper lip and to cover up brownish imperfections such as freckles, cloth, moles and spots.

‚ÄstYellow:¬†Ideal to neutralize dark circles that are purple or violet, and for any imperfection that appears in this shade such as bruises or bruises.

‚Äď Pink:¬†Imperfections of all kinds that have a greenish tone are neutralized with this color.

It can also be applied as a highlighter on light and opaque skin. On faces with yellowish skin it can be mixed with the makeup base to give it a touch of warmth.


¬†In three tones Touche √Čclat Neautralizer, by YSL ($ 36).¬†Stain-resistant eraser by Maybelline NY ($ 8.99).¬†La Roche-Posay Toleriane concealer brush ($ 14.76)

‚ÄstLilac:¬†Ideal to apply as a base on skins with a sallow undertone and on yellow-toned granites and imperfections that are brown, such as some scars or spots with orange tones.

‚ÄstWhite:¬†Although it does not cover imperfections or stains, it is ideal for concealing expression lines.¬†It also acts as a light reflector to enhance the areas of the face that you want to highlight.¬†Now it is forbidden to use it on dark circles, whatever the color, because the only thing that is achieved is to pronounce them even more.


 Color Correction Concealer Wheel, de Kiko (12,90 $). Color Correcting Stick, de Marc Jacobs ( 38 $). CC Quad, de & Other Stories (15 $). 

And the texture? There are four different presentations:

‚ÄstStick:¬†Due to its coverage capacity, it is suitable for very marked imperfections in dry or mature skin.
‚ÄstLiquid:¬†The ideal to hide small pimples and soft circles under the skin of normal and dry skin.
‚ÄstCream¬†: Denser and suitable for covering deep dark circles.¬†Indicated for dry or mature skin applied with a brush or with the fingertip.
‚ÄstPowder:¬†The best to hide defects in combination or oily skin.

According to Gato, if you choose the right tone and texture to apply to each area where it is necessary to cover the imperfection, the makeup will be a resounding success.¬†‚ÄúThere is no defect that does not improve or even disappear completely using the appropriate color corrector.‚ÄĚ

So you have to lose respect for this useful makeup product and use it daily to raise the level of your daily makeup.

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