Best Hair Color When You Have Rosacea ‚Äď minimize the redness in face


Q: I suffer from rosacea. Which hair colors can either improve or make it worse? What colors should I avoid? What color neutralizes red?.

A: Above all, I would avoid cool shades as well as colors with a touch of green and also greyish, underlying brownish tones with a hint of olive, like dark blonde. The blue and green shades result in a hair color that increases your skin’s redness even more.

Choose a color that has a golden (yellow), neutral, or even orange base tone. Avoid particularly dark or very light colors. (As always, they stay within three levels of their base color.)

If their natural color is a dark brown, they can see some of the redness go away if they lighten the shade with a neutral base color, but an even darker color will make the red in their skin tone shine. The same thing can happen if you lighten your hair too much, and the redness is even more noticeable as a contrast.

You should choose a color that will not conflict with your natural hair color. To make the right decision, check the primary color of your hair by stepping into the natural daylight with a mirror and looking closely at your hair in sunlight. The general tone of the ‚Äúshimmer‚ÄĚ of the hair color shows you the primary color of your hair> In most cases this is: gold or yellow, yellow-orange, orange, red, red-orange, blue, violet, blue-violet, red-violet, green or neutral (no recognizable primary color).

Best hair color for red face. You are either of the spring or winter types if you have a light or very light complexion. We’ll tell you which hair colors suit you best:

  • Color type spring

You have fair skin with a golden undertone, are prone to freckles, and have blonde, brown or red hair.

You are right with these tones: golden blonde, honey blonde, strawberry blonde, golden-red, and medium brown.

  • The color type of winter

You have very light skin with a cool bluish undertone. Your natural hair color is dark or medium brown to black.

You are right with these tones: aubergine, mahogany, black with a bluish sheen.

You can see which hair colors the stars use for best hair color for red skin tone!


1 /10

Emma Stone

Hair color for red complexion. Emma Stone likes to switch between red and blonde. Strawberry blonde is the perfect combination and goes particularly well with her light complexion. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES


2 /10

Coca Rocha

The model is clearly a winter type with her Snow White complexion. The dark brown hair looks particularly good for her: the blue eyes shine and the red kiss mouth completes the fairytale


3 /10

Elle Fanning

The actress also separated from her natural blonde mane and opted for a light chestnut brown . Tip: You can achieve such a shiny appearance if you straighten your hair with a flat iron (don’t forget heat protection!) And then spray on some shiny serum .PHOTO: GETTY IMAGESpost-82735f7fd075d62c986376f05240ab14a6f6bfa7ed711db7b7400fd0-1735380

4 /10

Elle Fanning

Here we see the actress with her¬†beautiful natural hair color¬†‚Äď a¬†cool platinum blonde¬†that accentuates her sweet freckles as well as her light blue eyes.¬†Warmer skin types¬†should¬†choose honey blonde, golden blonde or cream blonde¬†.PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES


5 /10

Krysten Ritter

Actress Krysten Ritter could also play the leading role in the next¬†‚ÄúSnow White‚Ä̬†film.¬†Her¬†black hair¬†contrasts beautifully with her¬†light complexion¬†and her¬†favorite color red¬†.¬†Tip: Black hair is¬†less dominant¬†if you don‚Äôt let it fall on your face and take it back to a ponytail or a¬†simple post-6152985279e0c8f76dd3800d00fbb9b24d7c27ecba11c3c148462dbe-9174737

6 /10

Georgia May Jagger

The model Georgia May Jagger has a¬†skin with a golden undertone¬†.¬†Accordingly, her¬†warm blonde tones¬†‚Äď like honey blonde here ‚Äď are particularly good.¬†Gold blonde¬†, flax blonde or¬†golden brown¬†would also fit¬†.PHOTO: GETTY IMAGESpost-4ac9b884ba8ac01926b4f0ec64d102635b9984591776a33f9b31760e-3348891

7 /10

Poppy Delevingne

Ultra-light platinum blonde wears It-Girl Poppy Delevingne. This striking hair color suits cool skin types with a bluish undertone particularly well . Tip: If you want to dye your hair yourself, make sure that you choose a lightener with an anti-yellowish formula !PHOTO: GETTY IMAGESpost-74f2ea2c171ea0aba67a91c53fa2e21ec7d2b817491e1752bcacb3b3-4829937

8 /10

Ella Hunt

Tone-on-tone: the medium brown looks particularly natural with slightly brightened tips in the actress because it harmonises perfectly with the eyebrows and eye color . Tip: A small blob of color in the form of red lips would go well with the uniform look!PHOTO: GETTY IMAGESpost-0dd3361216c9f85b1037e2bcb8e7f590f080917e10156a04718f9e4c-3008282

9 /10

Victoria Magrath

The Instagram favorite is famous for his experimentation in hair colors. Here she shows a cool gray blonde , to which bright colors like a lipstick in coral or an eyeshadow in green would be a perfect match.PHOTO: GETTY IMAGESpost-4b4c762f9bed35cd10493f3b62623e1d2b444d892e9920e004881ec4-9877967

10 /10

Chloe Sevigny

Chloe Sevigny wears her hair in a light Swedish blonde, flashing out the dark approach . Because her skin tone has a rather golden shimmer , she would have been better advised with warmer blonde tones such as honey or cream blonde. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES.

Tips for caring for rosacea

Since there are different types of rosacea (reddish skin tone), the care of the affected skin must be adapted to individual needs. The disease can occur with any skin type. Consequently, when choosing care products, care should be taken to ensure that they are suitable for your skin type. Which triggers are responsible can also differ from person to person and should be clarified with a dermatologist.

There are many ways to improve the skin feel and appearance for the different types of rosacea. These tips can soothe the skin and reduce redness:

1. Gently cleanse and soothe: With rosacea, cleaning must not irritate sensitive skin. Instead, your protective acid mantle should be strengthened during cleaning. Therefore, the care products used ideally contain skin-soothing substances such as panthenol and bisabolol. Face water can, after cleaning, reinforce the calming effect and moisturize. It also regulates the pH of the skin and is therefore anti-inflammatory.

2. Protective care:  Because of the sensitivity of the skin to rosacea, natural care with protective ingredients is ideal. It should reduce inflammation, narrow vessels, and provide a cooling effect for a better skin feeling.

4. Enjoy the sun-protected:  The sun is a problem for the skin with a tendency to rosacea. On the one hand, UV radiation intensifies the skin symptoms in many sufferers. On the other hand, their skin often reacts to the heat from the sun with deterioration. Sunscreens are, therefore, not only mandatory for sunbathing.

Those who stick to these tips offer the skin with a tendency to rosacea what it needs: rest and protection. red hair colors for cool skin tones.

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