Meaning of common Dreams and common items

Meaning of common Dreams and common items

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Dreams are not just meaningless images that occur in our heads when we are asleep. During dreams, daytime memories and events are often processed and played again.

These are not literal films from what we experienced that day but can have a latent meaning. 


Dreams are often about matters that concern us in daily life. You take specific thoughts and mental activities with you when you crawl into bed and don’t take enough time to relax. As a result, you will continue to grind while you sleep on topics that also occupied you during the day.

Dreams are subtle, unconscious (or subconscious) thoughts that concern you in daily life. They are not necessarily predictions of the future. They are senseless, deep emotions, and things that keep you busy.

Common dreams

Dreaming about tripping/falling

One of the most common dreams is the moment between waking and sleeping. Suddenly you wake up with a shock, the feeling or idea that you have just stumbled, sprained your foot or fell. It feels like you had a convulsion. This is also the case.

Bigger dreams are dreams in which you really seem to fall, not just stumble or turn your foot. You really fall down from a certain height, the wind rushes past you, and you feel anxious. It can also involve sinking in water, where you are afraid of drowning. The meaning of this dream is linked to feelings of loneliness and insecurity. In daily life, for example, you have the feeling that you are not being supported enough or that you are being overwhelmed by events or emotions.

Dreams about being killed or killing yourself

When dreaming about murder, it will be clear that it is a negative experience. It is then often about feeling in everyday life that others have power over you or want to do something about you. If you are the murderer yourself, it can be about you wanting to close a certain part or to get rid of you. It doesn’t make you a killer, of course!

Dreams of being chased

Dreams about chases are about threats. Someone often feels threatened in real life by others in the environment. It can be about a specific person, but also about certain emotions that haunt you and that you cannot let go. Find out for yourself what the precise meaning can go: what is in your life that makes you feel threatened? Is there a certain person that inspires you, or is it a specific event? Can you do something about it?

Dreaming about being naked

You are getting dressed, and suddenly you notice that you are surrounded by others. You sit in a toilet, and suddenly the walls turn transparent. These dreams are, of course, about feelings of vulnerability and shame. In daily life, you probably experience the impression that you have to expose (too) much of yourself, that you carry with you a secret that is very heavy for you.

It also appears that this dream is common among people who are about to get married (even then, you have to expose yourself to someone else because you are going to share your life with that person).

Dreaming about missing a plane or train

In these dreams, you rush to a platform or a port to catch a train, boat, or plane, but at that very moment, you see the vehicle driving away. The feelings that accompany this are often frustration, not fear. This is not about actually missing a means of transport (you can also dream that you are missing a meeting or an important event), but the meaning is an extension.

Most of the time, you have had to face a difficult decision in your real life, or you are still in the middle of it. The dream indicates that you have missed a significant opportunity, and you are in a difficult situation where you have to choose between two (or more) things that are all dear to you.

Lost your dreams

This dream is a clear reflection of real life. You can also get lost in daily life, and this is often reflected in the dream. In the dream, you might find yourself in a maze or in a huge city where you don’t know the way. This indicates the desperation that you can sometimes experience in your daily life.

Dreams about cheating from partner

In a relationship, you often hear that one of the dreams that the other is cheating. The other person behaves in your dream as if it means nothing at all, as if it is a very regular event, which makes you feel incredibly frustrated. You are powerless, just like if someone broke up in real life. The meaning of this is that you are (unknowingly) afraid of losing the other. Still, it can also mean that you already have the feeling that something is missing in your relationship (mainly because your partner in the dream reacts so loosely to it).

Common items in dreams

Dream symbols

  • Animals: nature and survival
  • Houses: inwardly (emotions, memories)
  • Roads: the path of life/choices
  • Teeth: beauty (for example, losing teeth)
  • Water: unconscious, inner peace
  • Marriage: need to get married (so quite literally)
  • Money: self-worth
  • Mountains: obstacles
  • Babies: vulnerability, something new
  • Exam: self-evaluation
  • Death: changes

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