The Angels around you: How to Know When Angels are Around You

The Angels around you: How to Know When Angels are Around You

(Last Updated On: December 27, 2020)

Nowadays, angels are no longer only mentioned in the sphere of religion, where they are considered to be the messengers of God. Outside the walls of the church, the Angels are increasingly becoming the topic of conversation. There are currently many books about Angels to be found. Would they like to attract our attention? 

Everyone has Angels with them, but they cannot always get through to people no matter how much they want to. Angels can help us with specific problems or in situations where we have lost our way. Angels can give us clear insights and protect us against negative influences. All we have to do is learn to “listen.”

Angels & Guides

The name Angel comes from the Greek word Angelos which means messenger. Angels are sometimes regarded as guides, but this is not true. Guides are ancient souls who have gained much wisdom during the many lifetimes they have led. All those life lessons enable them to help people where needed.

Angels (except 2 Archangels) have not had life on earth, but are a direct spin-off from the Divine energy. Angels, therefore, have no “ego.” They are in unconditional love and strive for the highest reach for happiness and health.

The hierarchy among the Angels

Within the religion, a ranking of Angels has been made. The distribution consists of 3 triads. Much has been written about this. The 3rd triad knows the format:

  • Princes
  • Archangels
  • Angels

The princes accompany the rulers and great leaders on the earth, but also countries and populations.

Archangels are seen as the messengers of the Divine energy of the Creator. They bridge the Divine and the matter; they connect the Creator with his Creation and vice versa. Archangels give us inspiration and revelations. They provide us with insight into our soul purpose here on earth. They help us remember why we are here on earth and guide us in our spiritual development. 

Archangel Michael is knew and stood for protection and safety, among other things. His flaming sword ensures that the cords between you and everyone who has a negative influence on you are cut away (fear thoughts). This does not mean that the relationship with the person involved is terminated in this way, but the negative energy between them will disappear. Nothing happens by the way if you don’t ask for it yourself.

Where the Archangels are for all of humanity and have a more global task, the Angels are for the individual. 

Guardian angels are always with you and have always been with you. Not only in this life but also in previous and possibly next lives. They won’t leave you anymore. There are also Angels who watch over nature and animals. There are Angels who focus specifically on healing Angels surround everything that lives. So there are also very many, as you can imagine.

Observing angels

Angels do not have a physical body and are independent of the laws of matter. Angels do not know time and space but are free in all respects. Consider the wings with which Angels are often depicted, which stands for freedom.

Angels can show themselves to people in a way that is most accessible to the person in question or that best fits a particular situation. It doesn’t really matter how you perceive Angels. You can feel, hear, see, or know that they are there. People often have inspirations or a “clear moment.” This, too, can be a form of communication from the Angels.


People think all day long. If you want to specifically ask the Angels something, first call them up clearly. Otherwise, it could be that Angels do not respond but regard it as yet another thought. Make a clear distinction here. The best thing would be to call the name of the (archangel that you would like to have with you at that moment. If you are not sure which Angel to draw upon, then you can call the Angels in general.

Angel Workshops and Angel Readings can help you become acquainted with your Guardian Angels and the Archangels. In this way, you will eventually know who you need and when, or who speaks to you or wants to talk to you. Remember, always be as transparent as possible in your communication and leave nothing to be desired. If you ask the Angels to show themselves, then try to be open to all possibilities without expectations. “Refusal” no outcome.

Also pay attention to signs around you; a butterfly flying around you, a shape of an Angel in the clouds, energy balls in your photo, a white feather swirling in front of you, special people suddenly coming your way, the smile of a baby (baby ( s and very young children can often still see Angels), a funny thought from nowhere …

You don’t have to be paranormal to be able to communicate with Angels. We are on our way to a new time. This time also means that communicating with Engelen will become more comfortable and more accessible to everyone.

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