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You feel that all changes are going on, both in the world and in your personal life. What is going on? People say that you are awakening spiritually. But what exactly is this? And what are the ten signs of spiritual awakening? 

What is a spiritual awakening?

Spiritual awakening is awareness of the fact that we consist of mental energy that manifests itself temporarily in a human body. Also, spiritual awakening is an evolution in our consciousness process. We awaken from the illusion.

What is the illusion?

Everything we perceive is a projection of our thoughts. For example, the house you live in started with an idea. Namely that you wanted to move, and most likely, you also had a thought about how you wanted the house to look. Now you live in this house.

This applies to all material manifestations but also to situations that you experience as your reality. And because all material events and situations are temporary, it is an illusion. Not only your house, job, car, and experiences are temporary, but also your body. The only thing that is real is your consciousness. Because with your knowledge you create these thoughts.

The new world

The realization that thoughts are energies that manifest in this 3D reality leads to many people deciding to put their TV away and not to read newspapers anymore. They no longer want to get negative thoughts because they directly affect the way they experience life. Instead, they go to yoga, mindfulness, or decide to meditate for half an hour every day.

They will write and express their intentions. Also, many people do positive visualizations. Because of this, they experience more peace and love in their lives, and their plans will manifest themselves faster and faster. Increasingly more light comes on earth as a result.

Also, there will be a transition in needs. We are currently living in the Aquarian age. Where in the past Piscean era people placed value on performance, power, money, and status, honesty, and authenticity are now central. The focus shifts from the ego to the heart. People are going to develop their initiatives and discover their potential as influential creators. Conscious of their divine mission on earth, they only want to add value.

10 signs of spiritual awakening

How do you know if you are waking up from the illusion?

  • The activities that were previously satisfactory lose their appeal. Examples of this could be: going out late, getting drunk, promiscuity, and aimless consumption.
  • You increasingly need to be alone and feel more connected to your higher self.
  • You increasingly desire healthy eating.
  • Busy places are exhausting, and nature is a real charger for you.
  • You become increasingly aware that 3D reality is an illusion. You have moments where you feel that you are in a dream.
  • You become more sensitive and cannot handle loud noises and busy places.
  • You change work because you no longer get satisfaction from it, or because you come into a moral conflict with yourself.
  • You become more intuitive and feel more and more energies from other people, but you also often know what they think.
  • You see 11:11 or 22:22 everywhere.
  • Synchronicity is increasingly taking place. Apparent coincidences. An example of this is: you are thinking of someone, and just then, the person is calling you.

How can I initiate this process?

If you think after reading: I also want to wake up, then this is possible. For this, it is essential to write down your intentions and to undertake activities that increase your frequencies. Examples of this are Shamanic healing, angel therapy, regular yoga practice, but also nature walks and light, healthy food. Eating light literally makes you shine.

This brings you into more contact with the astral world and less with the earthly realm. Moreover, it is very advisable to meditate for half an hour every day. It clears your mind; there are silence and space in this way to come into contact with your higher self. This makes you feel lighter, sharper, and more confident. You know that your consciousness is guiding you. Your knowledge is free of time and form. You are your consciousness.

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