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Most people are generally familiar with what is called “the third eye.” But many people do not know exactly how the third eye works or people are skeptical about it. If you want to know more about it, questions often arise, such as, what does the third eye mean, what does it do and what is it and finally – and not unimportantly – what can you do with it? 

The third eye

We call “the third eye,” the place in the center of your forehead. Just above the eyebrows. Especially with Indian people, you see the area indicated with a red dot on the third eye. The third eye, or sixth chakra, stands for intuition, imagination, inner wisdom, and visualization.

First eye?

The third eye is sometimes called the first eye. This has to do with the fact that at birth, that third eye is still completely open. You can recognize this by, for example, small children who share entire stories with imaginary friends. Friends who, if you ask them, are as real as they are. Gradually, with most people, this third eye closes mostly and sometimes in its entirety.

“Train” the third eye

To use it, in most cases, you have to train the third eye. For most people, it does not happen automatically.


You can activate the third eye, which usually closes more and more again. As said, it often does not happen automatically; it is a process that you must go through. Meditation is suitable, among other things, to stimulate the opening of your third eye. During meditation, you create the substance DMT. DMT stands for dimethyltryptamine and is a so-called indole alkaloid with a molecular structure.

This is related to the more well-known neurotransmitter serotonin. Moreover, a range of organisms produces DMT and is therefore not only reserved for humans. It is not clear what DMT does in humans, but it plays a role in visual dreams and near-death experiences.

Meditation, about the most diverse things, stimulates your visualization anyway. If you focus your energy on your third eye during meditation and do this regularly, then you train your third eye as it were. If you do this daily, and that does not have to take a lot of time, you will see different colors and shapes at some point during your meditation.

You feel somewhat lighter in the head, and you can handle this physically. It can also happen that it becomes quiet and dark again for a while, and you no longer see those colors and shapes. This is an ongoing process and can happen every now and then.


Chanting is also a method to open the third eye. Chanting is the rhythmic speaking or singing of words or sounds. Usually at one or a maximum of two pitches. It sounds pretty monotonous to many people.

Chanting works as follows:

  • When chanting, you sit in a comfortable position for you, but at least upright.
  • Abdominal breathing is better in most cases, but certainly, when chanting, it is good to work with abdominal breathing. Begin by breathing deeply through the nose several times.
  • Exhale through the mouth and continue this process until the tension in the body is completely gone.
  • When you are completely relaxed, it is good to bring your concentration to the point on your forehead where the third eye is.
  • Visualize an (indigo) blue luminous ball at that spot. In addition to seeing, it is also good to try to feel it at that place.
  • Now breathe in and with your tongue slightly clamped between your front teeth, gently exhale and try to produce the sound THOHH on the exhalation. Do this in total about seven times in a row in peace. If it is right and with the right pitch, you will get a slight tingling sensation where you visualize the ball.
  • Do this exercise with some regularity.


Certainly, in spiritual matters, people want some proof. Possibly inspired by the mysticism that surrounds the subject. To be able to do something with it, you first have to know for yourself whether you are on the right track. You can check this based on everyday things. It is essential that you know about yourself how you usually experience these everyday things, and after a while, you experience training.

We speak very concretely about the following things, among others:

  • Dreams can come across more vividly than normal.
  • Dreams can be reconstructed better afterward, sometimes even very detailed.
  • Often or at least more often than standard deja vu s at the most different times of the day.
  • You know what will happen even before it has taken place.
  • Sometimes you feel energies in space. Powers that cannot be defined, but that you think.
  • You can feel emotions from other people in your own body.
  • The gut feeling the intuition comes up more.
  • Sometimes you see things that others don’t understand.
  • More and more often a kind of serene calm comes over you.

What can you do with it?

Intuition is something precious, but certainly in Western society, we want to have everything tangible and preferably act scientifically based. Intuition is gut feeling, and if you work on gut feeling, then that is not based on evidence, just feeling. Sometimes a decision can be made on gut feeling like quicksand and therefore scary. As a result, many people ignore their intuition, and if you do that long enough, you will not get those promptings either. You stand, as it were, a little further away from yourself. This, while using your intuition at certain times, is valuable.

Inner wisdom is also a fact that is important for your balance to be able to make informed decisions and act accordingly. Also, for inner wisdom, it is not based on science, and therefore the same problem applies as with intuition. If you know how to handle it well, it can enrich your life.

Visualization can help you with creative processes, and this can be anything. Of course, the painter who has a picture in his head and wants to get it on the canvas. But you are just as good looking for something concrete as an old house. You walk into an old building that has not seen a lick of paint for years and where the kitchen cabinets are back from decades. Many people walk out just as fast because it seems impossible. One cannot visualize; one cannot look through the mess while such a building may have enormous potential.


Countless things can play a decisive role in your life if you actively get started with your third eye. For one person, the spiritual aspect, and therefore, the ‘higher-touch’, is essential, and for the other, it may only be applied in daily practice. There is no right or wrong in this, only interpretation. But for whatever reason you become active with your third eye, why would you let it go if it can offer something extra?

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