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“Lightworker” is a term used in the spiritual world and can indicate a specific type of person. The number of lightworkers has been increasing since the turn of the century, and according to many, that has to do with the situation in the world.

There is more room for it. Moreover, many lightworkers experience it as necessary in connection with how things are going in the world. What are lightworkers actually for people, and what purpose can the lightworker serve? 

The lightworker in the spiritual world

Spiritual lightworker. To begin with, it must be said that the lightworker is a term in the spiritual world, and if the spirit is far away from you, the explanation about the lightworker may add little. The person who, in whatever way, has faith/trust that there is more between heaven and earth than what is visible can place the lightworker in his / her role and see the added value of this type of person.

What are lightworkers?

The lightworker, as it were, gives himself up as it were to help people get rid of fears – and what effect they have on the world. It is “an old soul,” and it must come into contact with itself in particular on earth. He/she must process trauma and the learning process to function not from the mind/mind, but the heart must play a decisive role.

To give substance to the life cycle as such can be a start for him/her and an example for others. The meaning of the word “lightworker” is more literal. You bring “enlightenment” from yourself with which you can touch other people.


Although it works from the inside, many a lightworker is not even consciously involved with it during life. The terrestrial, where the material, in particular, plays a role, can, for example, play tricks. This can unknowingly bring the lightworker into a minor mood, and one loses the real goal. People may even wander through life. Addiction is often lurking in practice.

Do you recognize yourself in the lightworker?

As a possible lightworker you have to see a large number of recognition points in the list below, namely:

  • Have faith in healing situations with spiritual methods.
  • Feeling attracted to the process of helping others based on pure motives (not to divert attention from yourself).
  • Healing one’s own life as a first step and then “the rest.” Some form of haste or a strong urge.
  • Without this knowledge being “active” in the process (looking back).
  • All life on earth or in nature, and people want to save or at least want to warn.
  • I have mystical experiences without being consciously involved. See it as a solid form of intuition.
  • Have quite a bit of life experience that might seem to take you on a different path.
  • You have a strong tendency to “exclaim” what you want to share. This can be in the role of coach, writer, or for example, as a healer.

“Don’t hold on to anger or fear; this will steal your energy and keep you away from love” Lightworkers

What can you do with being a lightworker?

Life purpose

For many lightworkers, it is difficult to determine the meaning of life. Searching and trying things out, it can give a feeling of emptiness. This feeling can persist as long as you do not fill that void. The recognition can be the first step. A step that implies that there is more than the material things as we know them in our society.

Moreover, a level that lets you recognize that you know more than you can understand. Whether that is an inspiration about something that later turns out to be that way, a gut feeling that tells you exactly what is going to happen or your way of communicating with others without actual words that drives change.

You can do more than you think

Lightworkers are counted on from the spiritual world because they can naturally make the difference. But then they have to solve their issues, throw fears overboard and accept the reassurance that they feel like something that comes from “higher” and cannot be explained rationally.

With the intention and focus as you have as a lightworker, you can do more than you think. The realization that you can do more is also becoming more transparent for the lightworker. Moreover, the role that you play and can be described as “calling back” does not scare you (leading the way, being a booster, stubbornness, etc.). Translating into practice in daily life may be the most challenging step.

Also logical, because you are walking around on the earth. Being healing, as the spiritual world calls it, can be done in all sorts of ways, and so it is about finding this in your human form.

Finding your path

There is no ready-made solution that starts this process. You can see it as something that unfolds during life and which you, as a matter of course, give substance to. Some people call it “feeling good,” but it is not possible to name it. They cannot indicate why they are following an absolute path, but they do it anyway. Sometimes defying multiple obstacles. Usually, the moment you look back over time, you can suddenly see the logic of your path.

The process as a lightworker can be implemented in various ways. Think of:

  • The man or woman as a pioneer or precursor. This can, for example, be based on a coaching role, but also a writing one.
  • The guide in intuitive and energetic growth and development.
  • Supporter in transformation processes, which can lead to a spiritual growth (which helps you to let go of earthly things).
  • Inspirator and example officer for those who are in the process of “seeing it.”

Each lightworker will interpret it in his way, and that means that every lightworker attracts what fits him/her.


It is up to everyone to do something with the explanation about the lightworker or not. Sometimes reading is already a kind of recognition, and for others, it is still far away. Every person in the spiritual world is at his or her level that is appropriate for that moment, and things come to him/her with which one can do something. If not, then the person concerned is not ready. There is no right or wrong; in fact, there are no natural gradations to be attached to the processes in the spiritual world.

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