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How can you apply mindfulness to work? Here you can read why it is so important and how you can apply it. Read on for the tips …

Why mindfulness at work?

Suppose you are working at your desk for an hour. A few things happen in that one hour:

  • The phone will ring about 5 times.
  • You will be asked something 3 times.
  • A joke is made twice.
  • A colleague answers the phone 4 times and therefore talks in front of you for a total of 15 minutes.
  • You pick up the phone once and you talk for about 5 minutes.
  • You will be greeted once by a colleague who comes in and tells you what his weekend was like. This takes 5 minutes.
  • You will receive a popup notification of your email and / or a notification on your phone 5 times.
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These are more than 10 incentives in an hour time, while you just have to focus on your tasks! And if a working day has 8 hours, then all those incentives have a debilitating effect on you. Mentally, you are hacked into, without seeing it coming to the outside.

That is why the mindfulness principles, such as monotasking and breathing, are so welcome at work. Let’s see how we can apply this …

Mindfulness exercises at work: Techniques & tips against all those stimuli

incentives at work mindfulness

Below you will find the mindfulness exercises that you can apply to work. If you first want to know what mindfulness is, you can read it here.

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1 – Get up every 25 minutes

If you sit at a desk for more than 25 minutes in a row, your ability to focus is unnecessarily reduced. If you stand up for a moment and do the dishes, then you will be at full speed again when you sit down at your desk.

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2 – Stretch (by standing up every 25 minutes)

There is a second reason why you have to get up every 25 minutes: to stretch. Sitting is the most harmful activity for your back, because your back is made to move.

Stretching is at the same time a mindfulness activity because you suddenly notice your body and feel your body.

But what kind of stretch movements can you make? Here you will find the best back-correcting stretch exercises that are very mindful and “yoga-filled”.

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3 – Touch something and move your body

jump mindfulness at work

Mindfulness does not necessarily have to do with adopting a “meditative attitude” and sitting still. You are also doing mindfulness when you are moving with your body, dancing, jumping and touching people and things.

4 – Make your breathing deeper

Often we automatically have superficial breathing. Notice this and send your breath to your abdomen by taking a deeper breath. This has a direct effect on stress feelings.

5 – Organize a standard walking lunch

Make it a habit in your company to walk together during lunch. Walking is not only mindful, but also very healthy for your body.

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6 – Feel how you are carried by the ground

We sometimes forget to “ground”. Simply bring your attention to your feet and how the ground supports your feet. This immediately makes your energy calmer and stress-free.

7 – Take a formal mindfulness moment

formal mindfulness at work


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