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Nose Piercing Meaning In The Bible

Nose piercing meaning in the Bible

Nose piercing meaning in the Bible?

One of the first records of nose piercing is in the Middle East, about 4000 years ago. The nose piercing is also found in the Bible, more specifically in the Genesis of the Bible (24:22), where we read that Abraham gave a golden hoop nose piercing (Shanf) to his son’s future wife.

Although there are also traces in other cultures, such as the Berbers of Africa and the Bedouins of the Middle East, who continue to use it today. In Bedouin culture, nose piercing indicates the wealth of the family.

The nose piercing is also observed in the Hindu culture, who place the nose piercing in the left fossa and connect it, through a chain, to a piercing in the earlobe.

In our culture, nose piercing appeared among the hippies who traveled to India during the 60s. During the 70s, the nose piercing was adopted by punks as a symbol of rebellion.

In this post, we will talk about the history of nose piercing, because it is done, since when, and other curiosities.

Some tribes formerly placed the nose piercing as part of a distinction of their tribes, as the custom of pierced nose pierced already has more than 4000 years old, including customs of Christians and Hindus.

People used to put their nose piercing for religious and aesthetic purposes, but nowadays, for many young people putting a nose piercing means rebellion, and a nose piercing means resistance or a way to counter the rules and norms of the society.

Meaning of nose piercing:

Nose piercing in the Bible:

The meaning of the nose piercing by the Bible makes a special mention of the courtship of a man to a woman, which is seen when Isaac gives Rebeca a ring to put on her nose, which would be a Piercing for the nose.

Nose piercing in Hinduism:

Formerly, nose piercing was associated with the ancient legends of Parvathi, daughter of the Himalayas, and the goddess of marriage and was placed as a sign of social status and beauty.

Currently, the woman’s nose is pierced the days before her wedding. However, the custom of piercing a nose piercing in the woman is still maintained. On the wedding day, the husband removes the piercing bride of the nose as part of the wedding ceremony, and this then becomes part of the main symbol of marriage.

Another of the beliefs of nose piercing:

On the part of the Hindus suggested that depending on the position of the piercing in the nose, if the piercing was placed in the left fossa this suggested improving fertility in women, however, today the nose piercing is not only set in women because it is just as good in a man as in a woman and nose piercing is a fashion symbol.

And you? Do you have a nose piercing? 

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