How to keep your girlfriend, After having had a number of failed  relationships, you finally found her: the true one. At least, that’s how it feels at the moment. This is of course a wonderful feeling, that you can always share your feelings with someone you trust and you can count on. If you[…]

How To Get Slime Out Of Carpet

How to Get Slime Out of Carpet. Whenever we tackle a job like figuring out how to remove slime from carpet, we want to start with the lowest-strength option that can get the job done. The goal is to clean the carpet without damaging it, and the best way to[…]

Difference Between Falcon And Hawk

Difference between Falcon and Eagle. Telling the difference between a falcon and a hawk is a common identification problem, so common that people often ask me for help. Today I’ll tell you how to identify the birds yourself. Right off the bat I’m going to narrow the scope.  In western[…]

How To Metal Scream | The Best Techniques

Protecting your Voice How to sing heavy metal. The first thing that you have to learn in scream singing is warming up. Shouting or any forceful type of vocal release are not advisable is your vocal folds are feeling flimsy. Apparently, pushing your voice too hard can cause swelling in[…]

How To Get Noticed On SoundCloud

How to get discovered on soundcloud When you get more and more people to start noticing you on SoundCloud for your music, the more you increase your chances of becoming the next best-established artist. Here are a few tips you can use to encourage more people to start listening to[…]

Where exactly is Patagonia?

Where is Patagonia? Well if you ask locals in Chile they’ll say it starts in Puerto Montt and heads south. If you ask the locals in Argentina they’ll say from San Carlos de Bariloche heading south. So who’s right? Well, they both are. Patagonia encompasses both Chile and Argentina, from these starting points all the way[…]

Leyenda de la llorona – Historias de Terror

La leyenda de la llorona es una de las más famosas Leyendas Mexicanas, que ha ha dado la vuelta al mundo, se trata del personaje de una mujer, la cual tiene sus orígenes desde el tiempo en que México fue establecido, junto a la llegada de los españoles. Se cuenta que existió una mujer indígena que[…]

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