People Having Prophetic Dreams About End Times

People Having Prophetic Dreams About End Times

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People having prophetic dreams about end times

Some predictions from famous prophets like Nostradamus, B. Vanga, I. Lockwood, E. Cayce, and M. Taylor have already been fulfilled; even others are happening right now.

Will Venus provide a new form of energy? Will the main global media go bankrupt? Will communism fall in China? Will a new spiritual consciousness emerge for the world? We invite you to take a look at these and other bizarre and amazing prophecies gathered and presented by Edge of Wonder.

1. Nostradamus predicted the arrival of the “kingdom of terror”

Nostradamus, famous for his book of prophecies written in the 16th century, announced events of the future, some of which have been amazingly fulfilled.

The great fire in London, the French Revolution, the rise of Napoleon and Hitler, the first and second world wars, the nuclear destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, are some of the historical events that the French doctor predicted in his prophecies.

Such is the precision of his predictions that one, in particular, was even fulfilled exactly in the year and month that Nostradamus predicted.

In the year 1999, in the seventh month, a great King of Terror will come from heaven, to resurrect the great King of Angolmois, before and after Mars will reign in the name of bringing people happiness


The “Great King of Terror” refers to the antichrist or some being of great evil. In the “great King of Angolmois”, there would be the anagram (or change in the order of the letters) of the word Mongolais, a king or leader of the Mongols, at his second coming or resurrection.

The phrase “before and after Mars will reign”, would allude to the spread and power of Marxism in the world, raising the deceptive idea of ​​”liberating humanity” and the promise of giving happiness. The social assistance based on higher taxes would be one of its expressions.

The “second coming” of the “great king” is shown in the current boom of communism in the world. If this interpretation were correct, it would mean that when communism rules the world, we are at the end of time.

According to an investigation by Edge of Wonder, a major event that took place in July 1999 took place in China, when the communist regime, under the command of then-leader Jiang Zemin, began the violent and fatal persecution of millions of people for practising Falun Dafa (a peaceful cultivation system for improving the body and mind, also known as Falun Gong).

This crime against millions of people continues in China and will turn 20 on July 20, 2019.

Thousands practising Falun Dafa in Beijing in 1998, before the start of the persecution at the hands of the Chinese communist regime of millions who believe in Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance; In 2019 this terrible persecution turns 20 years old.

2. Baba Vanga, predicts the discovery of a new form of energy from another planet

Baba Vanga, the famous Bulgarian seer, prophesied the fall of the USSR and, one of the best known, would refer to the Russian nuclear submarine K-141, named by NATO as “Oscar II”, which on August 12, 2000, it sank in the Barents Sea, killing its 118 crew.

In 1989, Baba Vanga predicted the fall of the Twin Towers, which happened as a result of the attacks on the WTC in New York, on September 11, 2001. Baba also predicted the death of Princess Diana, as well as the Obama presidency and Donald Trump in the US

In 2014 NASA planned to explore Venus in a manned spacecraft, and its results may not have been released to the public yet. But there is also the “Venus Project,” which started in Venus, Florida, USA, started in 1995, according to the  Edge of Wonder report.

According to its website, the Venus Project “Proposes a feasible action plan for social change; a holistic global socio-economic system called the Resource-Based Economy, which works towards a peaceful and sustainable global civilization.” Among its objectives, it seeks to create clean and renewable energy sources. Will they be just coincidences?

3. Other prophecies about Trump

Ingersoll Lockwood was an American lawyer and writer who passed away in 1918. His children’s books would contain prophecies that would be happening in our day.

One of them, “Baron Trump and his wonderful underground journey,” tells the adventures of Wilhelm, a wealthy young man by the name of Trump, who lives in Trump Castle in New York.

In this book, published in 1893, young Trump is under the care of Don, the “teacher of all teachers.” Many think there is a great parallel with Barron William Trump, the youngest son of Donald Trump.

Ingersoll wrote in 1896 another book entitled 1900 or The Last President, where he says that “Large mobs are organizing anarchists and socialists, and threaten to loot and plunder the homes of the wealthy who have mistreated and oppressed them for many years. The mobs scream ‘Down with our oppressors! Death to the rich man!'”

And a strange fact, the date in the book, Tuesday, November 3, corresponds to the year 2020, the day of the US presidential elections. “That was a terrible night for the great city of New York; the night of Tuesday, November 3, 1896”, reads the book.

A mention in the book of a presidential executive order would have parallels with the recovery of the gold and silver standard in that country and the abandonment of the Federal Reserve that would be happening these days.

4. The reversal of the poles and the rebirth of China

Edgar Cayce, recognized as the father of holistic medicine, was also clairvoyant. He died in 1945 and was called the “sleeping prophet” for his patients’ psychic diagnoses of illness.

Four years before, he predicted the fall of the US Stock Exchange. From 1929; he also predicted World War II, the countries that would participate in it, and the Nazis.

Edgar anticipated the discovery of the Dead Sea Manuscripts, of the lost city of Atlantis, and the reversal of the poles at the turn of the century, as the beginning of a new cycle.

Cayce, who was deeply religious, spoke about the resurgence of spirituality in responses during hypnotic trance states. Buddha statue on Lantau Island, Hong Kong. Buddha taught that true compassion is letting go of the ego and putting others first. Recent research shows that selfless love, deep, genuine desire for the happiness of others influences the brain’s reward centres.

Among Cayce’s prophecies is predicting the reversal of Earth’s poles, a topic that worries scientists and that NASA estimates may occur in 170 years.

… When there is a reversal of the poles, or a new cycle begins



Cayce also predicted that China would become more spiritual, returning to divine origins, with religious freedom and democracy, and suggested that it might have the highest human civilization.

5. A prophet of our day

Mark Taylor, a former firefighter born in 1977, claims that God appeared to him by telling him to write everything down, and much of what he wrote has finally happened. So it was that in “Trump’s Prophecies,” written in 2011, he predicted Donald Trump’s presidency.

Taylor foresaw that the opposition would use billions to prevent Trump from winning the election and that the media and his political opponents would portray him in a negative light.

The results of the investigations still ongoing on the alleged collusion against Trump to prevent him from arriving and exercising the US presidency would confirm this prediction.

America will be respected again as the most powerful and prosperous nation on Earth



Years before its rebound, he wrote that “The dollar will be the strongest in the history of the United States and will once again be the reference currency for all.”

In 2016, he wrote that the United States would fight the New World Order: ISIS, the Illuminati, globalists, and the world’s elites, as well as the country’s energy leadership with Israel.

He has written that “A massive volcanic eruption will indicate that this is the time for my America and Israel and the end of energy corruption.” If the first part is not related to the supervolcanic eruption that scientists estimate would be about to happen, by the last part, does it refer to OPEC?

Taylor predicted in 2017 that the media would fail and be replaced by a new media organization based on the factual reporting.

The most important media and networks in the world have recently been exposed and denounced for offering news that would have no true basis or for being fake news.

These and other predictions have the world waiting, will we witness the fulfilment of more prophecies?

What does the Bible say about visions and dreams?

The Bible teaches that, in ancient timesGod transmitted His messages through the power of the Holy Spirit to His chosen servants through visions and dreams. These messages were also given to the apostles and prophets (Amos 3:7, Eph. 3:5).

We must make a distinction between visions that come from God and those that come from Satan and his demons. In Matthew 17:1-9, Jesus gave Peter, James and John, a vision of the coming kingdom of God on Earth – this is a case of God using a vision. In I Samuel 28:3-20, a “spirit of divination” was “made to come”, disguised as the late prophet Samuel, to inform Saul of his impending death – this is a case of Satan using a vision.


What does the Bible say about visions and dreams?.

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One thought on “People Having Prophetic Dreams About End Times

  1. I am now 62-year-old from the Philippines, a long time ago (maybe 50 years back) when my Grand Father name Elias is still alive, he told us several visions that really came to pass, and the remaining unfulfilled vision he told us is the coming of our Lord Jesus in our generation. My Parents and other Grand Parents are all in heaven several years ago, but I missed the time when we used to pray together every day at 6:00 pm and after my Grand Parents continue to pray for other hour or more. He also told us that many religious leader, priest, preacher, and pastor will scratch their buttock/head during rapture. I know now why because some our new Christian Church/Institutions know the Bible from top to bottom but voted for our current President who have a bad tongue for decades. But I still pray that they will change, accept, and surrender their mistakes and sins including our president and his followers before the end of time.

    Way back in my teenage day, I saw very small fire like torch and then later one house in our neighbour got on fire. I did take that vision seriously until in 2009 when I saw a rushing water and then Storm Ondoy came that create flush flood in the City and kills hundreds of lives. Then while praying on my bed with closed eyes, I felt the bed is shaking and then after few months the 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami came that kills several thousand people. With closed eyes, I saw a treasure and I frequently bought Lottery ticket thinking that I will win but it was the treasure found in Indian Temple.

    Last year 2020 I got other vision two frames, one had several drawings of very big water drops and so we experienced several typhoons and heavy rains that flooded several areas in the Philippines until December (very unusual). The next frames are dot points and I assume it will happen in 2021 but why the dots are only at the first right half of the frame and last half is empty. I assume instantly that those dots represent the covid virus but why it suddenly disappears in the last half of the frame. Then I pray to the Lord to give and help me to understand this vision. The one night while praying, I saw the white shining cloud that opens like a cross shape then shining and glowing image of man is coming out.

    To all who received visions and dreams, like John we will experience the swallowing of the Little Book in the revelation, sweet in the mouth and bitter in the belly. We spread our visions to the people and families, it is sweet to the people to hear your visions, dreams and the rapture but later when they think about it, they will suspect you are having a metal problem like I experienced. Remember evil spirit cannot predict the future only GOD or the Holy Spirit can.

    My intention is be prepared, do good thing, always think, and involve God in your daily routine, surrender all your sins and do not forget to pray daily even you are tired from any works.

    When the apostles asked Jesus about the apocalyptic time, He replied gently but firmly, “It is not for you to know times or seasons which the Father has put in His own authority. But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you” (Acts 1:7-8).

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