Prophetic Meaning Of Cows In The Bible

Prophetic Meaning Of Cows In The Bible

Prophetic meaning of cows in the Bible.

An animal that played an important role in the economy of the Israelites, because in addition to serving as a beast of burden, it was appreciated for its milk production, from which other everyday food products were prepared, such as cheese, butter and fermented milk (Num 19: 2; Isa 7:21, 22.) Also, a variety of leather goods could be made with the skin.

Sometimes he sacrificed to heifers. (Ge 15: 9; 1Sa 6:14; 16: 2.) On the other hand, the ashes of a red cow that burned outside the camp were part of the “cleansing water.” (Num 19: 2, 6, 9.) And in the case of an unsolved murder, the older men representing the city closest to the crime had to kill a heifer in an uncultivated torrential valley and then wash their hands on the carcass while attesting to his innocence in the crime. (Deut 21: 1-9.)

In the Scriptures, the cow or heifer is used in illustrations many times. For example, the seven fat cows and seven skinny cows of Pharaoh’s dream referred to seven years of abundance followed by another seven of hunger. (Ge 41:26, 27.) Samson also compared his fiancee with a veal of his property with which the 30 wedding partners had plowed to achieve the solution of their enigma. (Thu 14:11, 12, 18.)

The women of Bashan, who were plundering and loved luxury, were called the “cows of Bashan.” (Am 3:15; 4: 1.)

On the other hand, Efrain was compared to a “trained heifer who loved threshing” (Os 10:11), a comparison that takes on greater significance when we consider that the animals that threshing they were not muzzled, so they could eat cereal, and thus receive the direct and immediate benefits of their work.

(Deut 25: 4.) Because Israel had gained weight as a result of God’s blessing, he “kicked,” rebelled against Jehovah. (De 32: 12-15.) Consequently, a stubborn cow who does not wish to bear the yoke is properly compared. (Os 4:16.) Egypt resembles a beautiful heifer that would be a disaster at the hands of the Babylonians.

(Jer 46:20, 21, 26.) When the Babylonians plundered Judah, ‘the inheritance of God’, they were compared to a fiery heifer that was digging in the tender grass. (Jer 50:11.)

The calm conditions that result from the reign of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, are adequately represented in the prophecy through friendly relations between the cow, which is docile, and the bear, a fierce animal. (Isa 11: 7.)

Meaning of Dreaming with Cows

Cows are an ancient symbol in dreams.

Just remember the biblical passage that speaks of the seven fat cows and the seven skinny cows, the dream of an Egyptian pharaoh played by Joseph, one of the sons of Jacob.

Thus, this ancient and traditional symbol today is considered a good omen.

Dreaming fat and beautiful cows suggest that for the dreamer, everything is going well, and so it will continue, at least in the immediate future.

This dream in a woman can mean that her wishes will come true.

Dream milking cows healthy, and hooters suggest that their affairs will wind aft.

Dreaming skinny cows in weak grass fields symbolizes the opposite.

Dreaming of cows in stampede cows suggests that their affairs will go from bad to worse due to lack of control and that they threaten to cause significant losses.

Dreaming about milking cows means longing for profit, quick enrichment, fun, and pleasure, but if the cow somehow throws or wastes milked milk, it means the imminent risk of failures in its activities.

Still, if the cows are thin and sick, the meaning will be the opposite.

Dreaming black, dirty, skinny, and sick cows does not presage anything good.

Dreaming white and healthy cows is always a promise of prosperity for the immediate future.

When one or more calves are seen in dreams, it is a warning that a cruel disappointment will be received from a person who was highly esteemed.

Dreaming of cattle will always be a good omen. If we see a large flock and the animals are in good condition, the gain will be abundant; in case of seeing few animals and that they are sick, there will still be gains, but they will be below what we expected.

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