Sagittarius and Pisces: the compatibility of signs in love relationships, in friendship and in marriage

Sagittarius and Pisces: the compatibility of signs in love relationships, in friendship and in marriage

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Pisces man sagittarius woman. Sagittarius and Pisces is a controversial and complex union. With common interests and similar life goals, they have almost opposite temperaments. The compatibility of Sagittarius and Pisces in love, family and friendship is described in detail in our article.

Characteristic signs of the zodiac

To understand the compatibility of these characters in detail, it is worth examining the general characteristics of each of these characters. Below is a detailed description of the personality of Sagittarius and Pisces.

Sagittarius (23/23/21)

Sagittarius refers to the element of fire. Most of these people are charming adventurers who are always surrounded by a crowd of friends. They do not sit still, constantly looking for sources of new impressions, they like to travel, do sports, including extreme sports. Possessing natural charisma, the optimistic Sagittarius meets people quickly and often enjoys success with the opposite sex.

Sagittarius is characterized by child proximity, linearity and sometimes tactlessness. They can unknowingly touch someone with an incorrect comment. But being angry with Sagittarius for a long time is impossible, realizing his mistake, he will do everything possible to return the location of a loved one.

In financial matters, archers are as a rule carefree. They are not inclined to gather, they spend a lot of money on entertainment.

Sagittarius – inveterate romance. They fall in love easily and quickly, but cool down a bit when their partner starts talking about the family. Brand representatives are often afraid of responsibility, so they get married and have children at a fairly mature age.

Active and fun, Sagittarius quickly gets tired of the routine, so they try to choose an interesting job for themselves. Representatives of this sign often become public figures or athletes. They are not indifferent to doing business. Very good singers, actors and dancers often come from Streltsov.

Fish (20/02/20/03)

Pisces are among the elements of Water. Representatives of this sign – fighters for justice, calmness, wise and sympathetic people. They easily find a way out of difficult life situations, not only for themselves, but also for those around them. Pisces are often susceptible to someone else’s influence, they can change their position several times on the same subject.

Representatives of this sign are perishable, they easily go away with even the oldest friends, if they interfere in achieving goals. Fish are good psychologists. Sometimes they try to convince people of a wrong idea of ​​their own weakness, so that they can easily be manipulated later, making them their helpers or patrons.

Pisces is controversial. Natural perseverance, determination, the ability to adapt to changing circumstances allow Pisces to easily achieve their goals. However, their innate laziness, passivity, fear of responsibility, lack of discipline and a desire to continue about their weaknesses can play a cruel joke with them. On time without trying with high goals, Pisces often try to escape the reality with the help of alcohol.

The attitude to finance in Pisces can be different. Among them are both rich and absolutely poor people. Some representatives of the sign are economical and able to save money, while others who follow certain principles of general equality actually deny material values.

In a love affair, Pisces devoted himself entirely to the chosen one. Representatives of this sign are, despite some passivity, rather passionate personalities. They remember their first love all their lives and painfully survive the breaks.

The tendency to adventure and the desire for simple enrichment can push the representative of this sign on a slippery slope. Natural reactions and sympathy, however, make Pisces good doctors and volunteers. They have excellent creative skills and are often in the arts.

Compatibility of male Sagittarius and female Pisces

Male Sagittarius has not taken away women’s attention. He is usually looking for a companion who will inspire him for excellent promotions and who wants to keep the fireplace at home. Women Fishing are not always the deciding factor when choosing a partner. They often leave decent men looking for better. Girls from this sign were born to love and to be loved.

Under certain circumstances, Pisces and Sagittarius can form a successful alliance.

In love

Both the Pisces girl and the Sagittarius man are passionate personalities who seek high and pure love. In life they can search for their ideal for a long time, meet each other for quite a while while looking at each other and study the behavior of a partner in different situations.

After seeing her soulmate in a male Sagittarius, a Pisces woman becomes more open to her partner and starts taking care of him. And he, in turn, tries to please the beloved in every possible way and sometimes lets her lead. Given the love of both signs, such relationships are only successful in the case of unconditional mutual trust.

In marriage

The marriage of the wife of Pisces and the men of Sagittarius is probably very different from ordinary families. There are no standard tasks. It is unlikely that a Pisces woman will agree to do it in the kitchen and devote her life to children, and a frivolous and frivolous Sagittarius will not become a reliable husband. To appreciate each other they will be something else.

For Sagittarius, her ability to solve everyday problems, support and comfort at the right time is a big plus for his wife. A woman will admire her husband’s activity and his adventure. They will love to travel together and their way of life will be a stable transience. Miss each other, they will not give. Moreover, common interests and comparable values ​​of life will further strengthen their unity.

In friendship

The clear and intense friendship between the male Sagittarius and the female Pisces will be strong. They like to share each other’s impressions about the film and music. They will gladly walk together, try something new. They are unlikely to help each other with practical advice, but they will be able to talk fully about each topic. Very often such a friendship flows smoothly into the novel.

Sagittarius woman and Pisces man compatibility

Mysterious, dreamy man Pisces and active girl Sagittarius is quite difficult to achieve understanding in a relationship. The degree of compatibility depends on the type of relationship and the desire of partners to work on themselves.

In a love affair

Sagittarius, female and male fish are similar in their view of life. Both are often immersed in their thoughts and dreams. But if the calm man of Pisces is used to going with the flow, the Sagittarius woman does not sit with folded arms. It is active and energetic, it is inert and heavily on the rise, therefore such alliances are quite rare. A Sagittarius woman will constantly have to convince a Pisces man of some act, which in her opinion will be useful to him. It will grieve the girl, she will get tired and break the relationship.

In marriage

The compatibility of constellations in family life is rather low. Marriage Fishing men and women Sagittarius will be difficult for the latter. Girls from this sign often choose a reliable man as a husband who will be a support, which unfortunately cannot be said about Pisces.

The Pisces man does not want to comply with the standard concept of her husband, it is quite difficult to excite him, which will certainly upset Sagittarius’ wife. The same girl is also far from the image of an ideal woman. She is often absent from home and sometimes does not perform household chores. Such a marriage will be successful if the Sagittarius woman takes on the role of breadwinner and the profession of a man is creative.

In friendship

In friendship, the Vissenman and the woman Sagittarius are not as demanding for each other as in a marriage or a romance. It will be interesting for them to talk about everything for a long time, they will not be able to tire each other out. He is an excellent psychotherapist who will give her moral help in a difficult situation, she is a person who can respond positively and give hope. Their friendship will be pleasant and long.

Positive and negative sides of the union

Despite the fact that the association of Sagittarius and Pisces is quite rare, it has some positive aspects.

These include the following points:

  • since the representatives of both signs strive for high spiritual ideals, they will be able to educate their children adequately, imparting to them the capacity for compassion and love for justice;
  • If desired, Sagittarius and Pisces can easily achieve harmony in relationships because they can adapt to certain circumstances;
  • in pairs A woman is a fish and a man An Sagittarius is often a wise and careful husband who teaches her wasteful husband to save money;
  • impulsively by nature, Sagittarius sometimes just needs the innate rest of Pisces, which helps them relax, distract from the daily bustle and reflect on their actions;
  • Very often Sagittarius and Pisces become ideal partners for each other in bed, because both love experiments and strive for something unusual.

The disadvantages of the love union or the marriage of Sagittarius and Pisces are the following:

  • The fish quite often irritate the excessive (in their opinion) Sagittarius activity because it forces them to act and think about pressing problems after they have left the world of their dreams;
  • Sagittarius grieves the passivity of the partner, his laziness, unwillingness to achieve his goals in reality;
  • Sagittarius woman, leaving their interests behind for her husband’s sake, and the Pisces man, who succumbed to his wife and began to appear, can become very unhappy in marriage;
  • the vulnerable wife of Pisces may be saddened by the tactlessness inherent in Sagittarius;
  • a woman born under the sign of Pisces is completely devoted to love, so she can be hurt by the lightheartedness of Sagittarius, who has many other interests in addition to feelings for her partner.

The compatibility horoscope presented contains general information about the character of Pisces and Sagittarius. The success of the union of these signs largely depends on the individual characteristics of the person and the ability of both parties to make concessions.

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