Jewish surnames: a list of popular and beautiful surnames

Jewish surnames: a list of popular and beautiful surnames

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Jews are the oldest nation with unusual, sonorous, and melodic surnames. This is a strange people in all respects, very different from the Slavs. No exception and Jewish surnames. Then they are unique as they are shaped – the details below.

Analysis of the origin and importance of Jewish surnames

In ancient times, when the Jewish people were born whose ancestor was Jacob (who later became Israel), no one used the surname. They simply did not exist. The person’s name was always used for the identification of the person, if necessary there was a clarification: the patronymic was added to the name. But later the number of people grew, and over time the Jews were confronted with the same identification problems as other nations.

The Jews did not divide people by last name, but could identify each other by their tribes.

There are 12 tribes in Israel, according to the number of the sons of Jacob (Israel), named after the latter.

  • Judas;
  • Simeon;
  • Levi;
  • Reuben;
  • Than;
  • Benjamin;
  • Naphthali;
  • Asher;
  • Gad;
  • Isahar;
  • Zebulon;
  • Simeon.

That belongs to a certain knee and the generic characteristics are determined. Today it is extremely difficult to trace the lineage of a representative of the Israeli state to find out which tribe. But today all Jews have their own name. Because of a partially nomadic way of life and a long stay under the yoke of other nations, the Jews borrowed many traditions from the goyim (pagans).

As a result of long wanderings, the Jews borrowed the tradition of obtaining a surname. They started assigning them to every boy or man and he handed his wife and children from generation to generation.

Popular Jewish surnames were formed under the influence of the following factors:

  • the names of the parents;
  • profession;
  • residence
  • belong to a certain tribe;
  • external functions.

Warning! The state of Israel was not restored until 1948 and before that all Jews were scattered around the world. This also influenced the formation of surnames and their peculiarities, taking into account the region of residence of each individual family and clan.

Beautiful Jewish surnames for girls

Jewish surnames are not only popular in Israel. Due to the fact that people are scattered all over the world, you can meet its representatives everywhere. As a rule, the sound and pronunciation may determine that the name is of Jewish origin.

Beautiful Jewish surnames with a brief description of the meanings suitable for girls and women are described below.

  1. Eisenberg – the name formed in the 17-18 century. In literal translation – “Iron Mountain”.
  2. Altzitzer – means “frequent guest”, “more frequent”.
  3. Bil, Bilman, Bilberg are the last names derived from the female name Bail (Beila in Yiddish transcription).
  4. Blank – is of Germanic origin. Literally it means “crystal clear”, “snow white”.
  5. Weigelman is a last name that first appeared at the bakery product vendor, according to the literal translation.
  6. Weizmann is a “trader of wheat or grain.” The surname is most popular in Eastern Europe, often found in Russia.
  7. Vainbaum – “wine tree”. The first carriers are Jews of German descent.
  8. Hassenbaum – “street tree” or “outdoor plant”. Origin – Austrian.
  9. Dahinger – so started calling the Jews born and living in the German city of Dahingen.
  10. Diament of Diamond – “pure diamond”. The largest number of Jewish carriers live in the United States of America.
  11. Evruhiem – literally translated from Hebrew, means “grace” or “grace”.
  12. Kershtein – “cherry kernel (bone)”.
  13. Korenfeld – translated as “a field covered with wheat.”
  14. Lamberg – “alpine sheep” or “mountain sheep”. In ancient times such a name was often assigned to shepherds.
  15. Mandelshtan – “an elegant trunk of the almond tree.”
  16. Neumann is a “new man”, “newcomer” or “young generation”.
  17. Ofman – “chicken seller”, “poultry breeder”.
  18. Oytenberg is a “blood-red mountain”.
  19. Pappenheim is a surname by territorial origin. For the first time they started calling Jews who lived in the German province with the same name.
  20. Rosenstein – “pink mountain” or “stone”. For the first time, a family name could have been assigned to a bricklayer or an experienced jeweler.
  21. Simelson – the son of a man who was called Shem, or a girl named Sikh.
  22. Tevelson is the son of David. In Yiddish, Tevel is a diminutive in this name.
  23. Schwartzman – “black man”. According to historical information, a part of the Jewish people is characterized by excessively pigmented skin.

Warning! Few people know the benefits of a Jewish surname. Even if his courier is no longer in the first generation living in the territory of another state, he still retains the right to obtain citizenship.

List of male surnames in Russian style

About 1 million Jews live in Russia today. In the neighboring Russian-speaking countries, 3 times more. These people did not appear here yesterday, but lived for hundreds of years, faithful to their beliefs and traditions. Not everyone managed to reunite in restored Israel. That is why the names in Russian ways are much more than any other. A special role in the transformation took place in the era of communism and the times of the Second World War, when Jews were persecuted in every possible way and violated their rights. During the twentieth century, most of the existing names underwent a metamorphosis.

Lists of Jewish surnames in Russian ways – below in alphabetical order.

  1. Aaronov, Ashmanov, Aliyev, Akivovich, Alzutsky, Akentsov.
  2. Baazov, Berkovich, Brainin, Bilyarchik, Budashev.
  3. Vorotsevitsky, Vitkunsky, Vaynarsky, Vortmanov.
  4. Gilkin, Golansky, Goldbaev, Gershenov, Gersonov.
  5. Dainov, Dushinsky, Dynkin, Domeratsky, Dubanov.
  6. Yerzakov, Yevseyev, Yeremeyev, Yegudin.
  7. Zhagorsky, Zhinderov, Zhutinsky, Zhidkov, Zhingerov.
  8. Zaytsman, Zvansky, Zelensky, Zubarevsky, Zonenov.
  9. Ivkin, Ivleev, Ishanin, Iosifov, Iokhimovich, Istshakov.
  10. Katsmazovsky, Karamaev, Kats, Kupetman, Krushevsky, Krasnovich.
  11. Libin, Lipsky, Lastovitsky, Lakhmanov, Ladovich, Labensky, Ladorzhev.
  12. Malik, Manasievich, Manakhimov, Molbertov, Mendelevich, Musnitsky, Mushinsky.
  13. Nitishinsky, Nakhutin, Noah, Neumanov, Nikitinsky, Nussinov.
  14. Obrov, Orange, Oblegorsky, Ostrogorsky, Ovcharov.
  15. Paleev, Pantyukhovsky, Pevzner, Pashkovetsky, Pushik, Pultorak.
  16. Rabayev, Rakuzin, Rabinovich, Rachkovsky, Rosalinsky.
  17. Saevich, Saulov, Sobolevsky, Spitkovsky, Sovinkov, Skaraev, Sukhmanov.
  18. Tabansky, Talsky, Tumalinsky, Traimanov, Talachinsky.
  19. Ugrinovsky, Udmanov, Usvyatsky, Urbov, Usanov.
  20. Fabianov, Faybyshev, Fateev, Fleischer, Fosin, Frismanov.
  21. Khabensky, Khaetovsky, Havermans, Khautin, Khodikov, Khrisky.
  22. Tsaveler, Tsukermanov, Zuler, Tsapov, Tsiporkin, Tsipermanov, Tsakhnovsky.
  23. Chemeris, Chernyakhovsky, Cherneev, Chikinsky, Chikhmanov, Chopovetsky.
  24. Shevinsky, Shvetsov, Shimanov, Steinin, Shmorhun, Shpileyev, Shulyakhin, Shushkovsky.
  25. Scherbovitsky, Shchedrin, Schirin.
  26. Abramov, Edelmanov, Elkin, Esterikin, Efroimovich.
  27. Yudakov, Yudin, Yurgelyansky, Yuzhelevsky, Yushkevich.
  28. Yablonsky, Yagutkin, Yakubovich, Yarmitsky, Yakhnovich, Yastersonov.

Many surnames became more similar to the Russians when they were translated and went into testimonies. So during the persecution period, the Jews concealed their membership of the Israeli people in the name of saving their lives.

There are some names that cannot be distinguished by their sound. Some of them are most common in the CIS, although they are considered extremely rare in Israel.

What are the most famous and popular names of Jews – list below.

  • Rabinovich – a surname that became popular through the selection of jokes about Jews published in the second half of the 20th century;
  • Goldman – only in Moscow can you find about five dozen families with a last name that is not family ties;
  • Bergman – no less popular, but more common in Poland, Germany and Bulgaria;
  • Katzman or Katz is a Jewish surname that is common in the post-Soviet countries.

An interesting fact: the name Abramov is mistakenly considered Israeli. In Russia the name Abram has also been used since ancient times, which was later also used for clan appropriation and inheritance.

Rare Jewish surnames

In the folders you will find thousands of options that are more or less popular, depending on the region. But there are those that are extremely rare.

Exclusive Jewish surnames that many have not even heard of:

  • Mintz;
  • Maryamin;
  • Yushprah;
  • Mojzes;
  • Dekmaher;
  • Harishman;
  • Khashan;
  • Nehama;
  • Shhizer;
  • Karfunkel.

Throughout the history of mankind, the Israeli people have been exposed to all kinds of disasters, so many surnames have remained just a memory in the archive. The above are only those options whose carriers are still alive.

Famous owners of Jewish surnames

The greatest men of science and art are often Jewish. This phenomenon is easy to explain the characteristics of mentality and education. Many well-known contemporaries also have involvement with the Israeli people, although they often hide this fact.

The greatest people who wore Jewish surnames are on.

  1. Albert Einstein is the greatest scientist to whom modern science owes its existence. The discoveries of a physicist brought a breakthrough in many directions.
  2. Karl Marx – the famous communist leader and author of labor on capitalism. His ancestors were Jewish rabbis in Germany for generations and his mother hoped that Karl would also continue the family business.
  3. Franz Kafka is a sensitive and incredibly talented writer, whose name is still honored by connoisseurs of literary art.

Many representatives of contemporary art – artists, singers, actors, comedians – also have Jewish roots and bear corresponding surnames. Scientists suggest that the presence of exceptional talents and qualities that make them reveal is also genetic. But this fact has not yet been proven and is considered a hypothesis.

Jewish surnames are diverse and beautiful, although the sound is very different from the usual domestic ears. However, each of them has its own unique history, rooted in deep antiquity.

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