SELENITE THE ANGEL STONE: Meditation and Energy in Motion Stone

SELENITE THE ANGEL STONE: Meditation and Energy in Motion Stone

Selenite is a white (semi) transparent stone with glass to pearl luster. The name comes from Selena, the Greek moon goddess. It is a very soft stone, hardness 2. On the surface, it looks like a white calcite. It is a transparent plaster. Natural selenite crystals are among the clearest stones that can be found in nature.

The stone was created by the evaporation of saltwater lakes and ancient seas. If the stone falls into water, it will fall apart into thin plates after a while. Rosette-like forms of selenite are called desert rose.

Alabaster is the opaque variant; in prehistoric times, statuettes were carved in the area east of the Mediterranean. Selenite is suitable as a meditation stone and can put you in contact with your guides / angels. The effect is purifying, the aura is cleaned. The light forces are strong.

New time stone

Selenite is suitable to tune into the highest regions of the mind. Spiritual insight is promoted. The white clear color of selenite indicates its effect on the crown chakra and the aura. This is a new age stone. The thinking processes are clear. The ability to visualize is supported. A positive intention reinforces the functioning of the stone.

Meditation stone

The effect of selenite on the crown chakra makes it suitable as a meditation stone. Unrest is dispelled, and the mind becomes clear. One becomes receptive to the purest thoughts and powers. Under the influence of this stone, one comes into contact with one’s own most profound and highest inner truth.

Angel stone

Because the stone is tuned to the most subtle and high levels, it helps you to get in touch with the atmosphere of the angels. You will be open to the guidance of guides.

Energy in motion

Blocked or stagnated energy starts flowing again through selenite. When tired at the end of a day, selenite dispels the tensions. It is a cooling stone. Selenite is one of the best stones to achieve a rapid energy exchange. Vitality is being renewed.

Dissolve tensions.

Take a crystal rod in your hand and visualize how pure energy flows in through the crown and how all tensions and worries disappear through the stone. Painful memories can also be removed from your system in this way.

Cleaning of the house

Selenite works primarily on the aura (the energy field around the body). In fact, its effect on the physical body comes about because the energy flow in the aura is restored. The aura is healed, gray and murky spots in the aura that often indicate old trauma, dissolve.

Light power

Selenite is suitable for working on and maintaining purity and clarity. The light power of selenite can be used to keep out dark forces. Shadows and darkness are being driven away. Problematic situations avoided. Bad influences do not reach us. The selenite can give you an insight into where negative forces come from.

You gain insight into your harmful content, such as anger and resentment that have settled. These emotions can be released and released by working with the stone. The intention to purify you is essential, as always. In the case of selenite, it is a requirement to let the stone come to its full power and effect.


Selenite fits during pregnancy and lactation. The stone would protect against epileptic seizures.

Colored selenite

Selenite also exists in other colors. The orange selenite works grounding and helps integrate higher energies into your existence.

The blue selenite is soothing and promotes concentration. The green selenite restores the balance. The yellow selenite makes it more lively.

SELENITE THE ANGEL STONE: Meditation and Energy in Motion Stone

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