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Orbs: dust particles or entities?

Orbs are orbs that can be photographed and observed by some people with the naked eye. There are many who think that it is just a dust particle that was on the lens of the camera while shooting, but if there are people who can see an orb with their eyes, is it dirt on the glass?

What is an orb?

The word orbs are derived from the Latin word oribis, which means a circle. An orb is (usually) a white-colored sphere that is accidentally photographed. An orb can be photographed at any time. If you take a photo, you will not see the orb unless you are gifted paranormally, but as soon as you look back at the photo, this sphere appears on the picture. There are various explanations for what an orb would be.

Dirt on the lens

One explanation for an orb is that there is dirt on the lens. People who photograph an orb often think that it must have been dust, snowflake or raindrop or something else on the lens of the camera. However, a dust particle should form a haze and should not cause a real sphere on the lens. Dust can also be found everywhere, while still rarely pictures are taken with orbs present.


Another option is that it is an entity. Some people with paranormal gifts say that it is the soul of a deceased person, animal or even a plant. Their body has died, but their soul, vibrations, and energy would still roam the earth. The entities will mainly appear in a place where strong emotion is present such as:

  • a concert -> a lot of joy
  • a cemetery -> a lot of sorrow
  • someone you know from the past -> can evoke both negative and positive emotion

Some places are also known as ghost sites such as in certain castles and ships. Here orbs are regularly recorded, and sometimes difficult things are observed, such as certain sounds.

Shape and color

The most common color is white. However, other colors, such as blue, red, orange, green, and purple are sometimes observed. An orb also looks like a luminous sphere and really gives more brightness than a dust particle. Sometimes it seems that the sphere moved while you took the photo.

This is another reason to doubt a dirty lens; a substance stuck to the glass will not move. An orb is sometimes visible on film material as well, and often the orb is only visible for a short time and may be recorded on the camera with movement.

Identify entity

There are a number of ways to recognize an orb:

  • if there appears to be a circle around the sphere through which you can see that the orb has energy
  • some have a kind of pattern which is repeated which may look like some worms
  • in some, you can see a face or its initials

It is better to photograph an orb if you have the flash on. Orbs can be recorded both analog and digital. More detail can be captured with digital cameras. For example, a room full of dust can be photographed, but it is also better to see that there is a difference between a dust particle or an orb.

The phenomenon would be easier to photograph if you yourself were also spiritually laid out. It is difficult to say what orbs are exactly, but since they are more often recorded by people who have something spiritual and they occur more often in places with a lot of emotion, it seems strong that it is about souls.

To communicate

Orbs seem to be benign, perhaps because they can’t do anything malicious, but it also appears that several people can communicate with orbs. They ask the orbs to go to a certain place in the photo or to adopt a certain color. It may be a coincidence, but outside the photos and the differences between an entity or dirt, it is challenging to prove what an orb means.

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