What is shamanism? - What is the function of a shaman?

What is shamanism? – What is the function of a shaman?

(Last Updated On: February 19, 2021)

Do you also want to travel through different dimensions? Then it is handy to meet a shaman. He is the conduit between the earthly and the astral world. Also, he can heal people and make predictions. Moreover, he works with power animals.

But what exactly is shamanism? What else can a shaman do? What does a session with a shaman look like? And is a shamanic session perhaps something for you? 

What is shamanism?

Shamanism is a technique for making contact with the invisible or spiritual world. Shamanism originated in Mongolia and Eastern Siberia. The word shamanism comes from the Siberian Tunguz and means “he (or she) who knows.” Many cultures use shamanism. Examples are the Indians in North and South America, different peoples in Siberia, Mongolia, China, Southeast Asia, and Africa, and the Aboriginals in Australia.

The characteristic of the shaman is that he can travel between different dimensions through a trance. For this, he uses a ratchet and / or a drum that he regularly plays. He also uses his voice and any other attributes, such as singing bowls.

What is the function of a shaman?

Shamanism assumes that everything has a soul and is essentially the same energy. This does not only apply to trees, animals, and people, for example but also to nature beings in the invisible world. A shaman is a mediator between the spiritual and the physical world. From ancient times the function of the shaman was to heal people, make predictions, and positively influence events.

Also, the role of the shaman is to stabilize the forces between the animal kingdom and people. When hunters used to go out, a shaman was first brought in. This shaman connected with the animal kingdom and asked the animals permission to hunt them. In modern times, the shaman is used to clean spaces and expel any existing entities,

What does a shamanic session look like?

A session can be both group meditation and an individual session. The writer of this article has undergone a group session with shaman Job, which went as follows: The visitors entered the room and quietly sought a place. The shaman sat at the very front of a beautiful altar with various attributes.

He worked with drums, rattles, singing bowls, a didgeridoo, precious stones, feathers, and herbs. Every participant received a small ratchet. During the session, moments of silence were alternated with synchronous rattling. In the second part of the session, the participants were allowed to lie down and were instructed to look for their power animal. In their imagination, they went through a dark tunnel in the ground; they came out in the light, and there they met their powerful animal.

During this journey, the shaman made use of his drum and singing. After the session, they opened their eyes and asked the shaman which animal they had encountered. The shaman explained what this meant for each of them. A private session is similar to a group session, but the shaman will then delve deeper into your energy field. The shaman can work on this together with you.

Is a shamanic session something for me?

If you have mental or physical complaints, it is very advisable to visit a shaman. You can think of claims such as;

  • anxiety complaints
  • burnout
  • pain complaints
  • fatigue complaints
  • stress and unrest

Where can I follow a shamanic session?

There are several places where you can do a shamanic session. Depending on where you live, it is advisable to search the internet.

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