Spiritual Meaning Of Dream Catchers History, Legend & Origin

Spiritual Meaning Of Dream Catchers History, Legend & Origin

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Spiritual Meaning Of Dream Catchers History, Legend & Origin.

Meaning of dreamcatcher. The dream catcher is a well-known phenomenon in the spiritual world and should help us on our way in life, according to many a medium. But that is relatively general and requires a little more explanation to apply the use of dreamer catching if you already need it. How exactly does the dream catcher work, and where does the dream catcher originate?

The Ojibwe (or Ojibwa) believed that if the dream catcher hung over the bed, it would keep nasty dreams off. Dream catchers have been hanging over the beds of young children for centuries. Of all those dreams that exist, the bad dreams would be caught in the web (the beautiful and good dreams go through the web without any difficulty).

The bad ones slide off during the early morning hours and dry on and thus disappear. If there is also a breath of wind that makes the dream catcher move, that is the signal that the child has beautiful dreams. As a child, you are free from bad dreams, and you only dream beautiful and good, according to those who believe in the dream catcher.

Dream catchers meanings: history, legend & origin

Meaning of a dream catcher. Dreamcatcher history and meaning. Almost everyone has seen dream catchers, hanging in a tree, in front of a window, in a souvenir shop, or as a tattoo. A dream catcher is also called a dreamcatcher. But what does the dreamcatcher mean now?

A dream catcher is a round pendant made of wood, rope, feathers, shells, and beads that you can hang above your bed or in front of the window. The legend tells that dream catchers to have a protective effect, stop bad dreams and let pleasant dreams pass. The origin of dreamcatchers lies with the Indians.

Read more about the legends, origins, symbolism, and the meaning of these beautiful spiritual pendants. Below is a detailed explanation of the dream catcher and how it works.

What is the origin and history of the dreamcatcher?

Spiritual Meaning Of Dream Catchers History, Legend & Origin

Dreamcatchers were initially created by American Indians. Ancient legends about the origin and history of the dream catcher exist among various Native American tribes, but especially among the Ojibwe and Lakota countries. Dreamcatchers are often thought to come from the Ojibwa Chippewa tribe in particular.

The Ojibwe word for dream catcher is Asabikeshiinh and means ‚Äėspin‚Äô. This refers to the web that is woven into the hoop. The spider is a symbol in their culture for protection and comfort, especially with regard to babies and young children.


According to the story of the Ojibwa tribe, a mystical, mother figure ‚ÄúSpider-Woman‚ÄĚ served as the spiritual protector of newborns and young children. But as the Ojibwe people grew and migrated further and further away, they could no longer personally watch over all the new, young members of the tribe.

That is why the ‚ÄėSpider-Woman‚Äô created the first dream catcher. She gave the dream catchers to the mothers so that she could continue to protect the families remotely via the dream catchers.


The legend of Lakota tells the story of a spiritual leader of the Lakota tribe who had a vision on a mountain. In this vision, the Spirit of wisdom ‚ÄúIktomi‚ÄĚ appeared in the form of a spider. Iktomi told the story about the circle of life. We are born, our children, and become adults. Eventually, we grow old and have to be cared for as children, and so the circle is round again. During this conversation, Iktomi weaved a web and decorated it with feathers.

He gave the web to the leader and said he should use the web help the people make pleasant dreams come true and fend off bad dreams. Because he sees: the web is a perfect circle, but there is a hole in the middle. All beautiful dreams will be caught; all bad dreams will disappear through the hole.

Dream catcher symbolism

Native Americans believe that the night is filled with dreams, both good and bad. If the dream catcher hangs above the bed in a place where the light of the morning sun can touch it, the dream catcher draws all kinds of dreams and thoughts into his web. However, bad dreams are caught in the protective net and then burned in the light of the day.

Meaning of dream catchers: what is the purpose and use?

Spiritual Meaning Of Dream Catchers History, Legend & Origin

How do dream catchers work. Ojibwe dream catchers, also referred to as ‚Äėsacred hoops,‚Äô have traditionally been used as talismans to protect sleeping people, especially children, from bad dreams and nightmares.

Native Americans believe that the night is filled with dreams, both good and bad. If the dream catcher hangs above the bed in a place where the light of the morning sun can touch it, the dream catcher draws all kinds of dreams and thoughts into his web.

However, bad dreams are caught in the protective net and then burned in the light of the day. The feathers, shells, and other decorations let the pleasant dreams through the night. This way, beautiful dreams find their way to the dreamer unhindered.

All parts of the authentic Native American dreamcatcher have linked their meaning to nature. The shape of the dream catcher is a circle or the circle of life. The dreamcatcher web symbolizes protection, a kind of spiritual safety net, and the infinity of everything (the web has no beginning and end). The feathers symbolize softness and caution, but also the power of the air and the wind.

In some stories, the beads symbolize the spider (s) themselves on the web, but according to other stories, it would be the good dreams that could not be passed on. Those dreams are then immortalized in the web as sacred beads or pearls.

What do dream catchers look like?

Authentic native dreamcatchers consist of a wooden round hoop (often made from a willow branch), in which a web of wire is stretched. At the bottom of the circle are meaningful objects such as beads, shells, feathers, leaves, leather, bones, and stones. Real (authentic) dream catchers are made by hand and made from 100% natural materials. The Indians make a dreamcatcher even more beautiful by tying the owner’s personal affairs on the web.

Today there are many variations of dream catchers. From key rings, earrings to dream catcher XXL. With a neutral look or in bright, cheerful colors. It is now also a well-known and contemporary phenomenon in Europe and other parts of the world. You also regularly see a dream catcher in the nursery or cute dream catchers for babies.

The colors used with the original species symbolize the four elements:

  • Earth (black gray and brown)
  • Fire (yellow, orange, gold and red)
  • Sky (blue and white)
  • Water (sea green and white)

Is a dream catcher dangerous?

In my eyes, dream catchers are not dangerous. It used to be associated with black magic or voodoo, but the dream catchers, as we know them today, are meant as decoration. It is more about the beautiful intention dreamcatchers have. If you or a child tell the legend and have the intention to sleep better, you will see that it can work just like that! But dangerous, dark, black magic, I wouldn’t worry about that.

Dream Catchers in the Bible?

A Christian does not need amulets or spiritual instruments to sleep peacefully, the Scripture says:

Psalm 4: 8¬†‚Äú¬†In¬†peace I will lie down, and I will also sleep¬†;¬†Because¬†only you¬†,¬†Jehovah¬†,¬†make¬†me¬†live in confidence¬†. ‚ÄĚ

Proverbs 3: 21-24 “My son, do not turn these things away from your eyes ; Keep the law and the advice , 22  And they will be life to your soul, And grace to your neck. 23  Then you will walk your way confidently , and your foot will not stumble. 24  When you lie down, you will not be afraid ,
but you¬†will lie down, and your dream will be pleasant¬†. ‚ÄĚ

Thank you for reading the full article, we have tried to expose the Word of God without turning aside to the left or right, to be edification for both Christians and unbelievers, however, while we are in this body and with this human mind we will not fully understand the mysteries of God:¬†Isaiah 55: 9¬†‚ÄúAs the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts more than your thoughts.‚Ä̬†Romans 11:33¬†‚ÄúOh depth of the riches of the wisdom and science of God! !! How unfathomable are his judgments, and inscrutable his ways!‚ÄĚ

If you disagree with any position set forth in any of the articles, we urge you to pray, asking that the Holy Spirit be the one who guides you to the truth on any particular subject and you study the Scriptures asking God to guide you to the truth.

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