Two Different Colored Eyes Spiritual Meaning

Two Different Colored Eyes Spiritual Meaning

Two different colored eyes spiritual meaning

People with 2 different colored eyes. Someone with two totally different colored eyes has heterochromia iridis, a rare disorder. Heterochromia is caused by a hereditary disorder or by external influences. Usually someone with two different eye colors also has other striking physical characteristics.

A discoloration of the eye can occur at any age. At what age you first see it depends on the cause of the discoloration. Precisely because only two different eye colors are rare, it is important to find out what that cause is. In some cases, the discoloration of one eye may also have to do with other physical problems.

Eyes are also called the mirrors of the soul. They have an energetic connection with your liver. Since I have been working with eyes in all kinds of ways this year, I thought it would be nice to write a blog about the spiritual side of eyes that you encounter or encounter in various cultures.

Hereditary forms

There are various hereditary forms of heterochromia iridis. If someone only has two different color eyes, we call this ‘simple heterochromia’. In this hereditary form, one eye turns lighter over time. The cause is a change in pigmentation in your eye, for which there is no clear reason.

Another hereditary form of heterochromia is Waardenburg syndrome. This syndrome is named after the Dutch eye doctor Petrus Johannes Waardenburg. He discovered that two different eye colors often go together with deafness. But not only that. A broad nose bridge, a white lock of hair on the forehead and prematurely graying were physical characteristics that he discovered in several generations in one family. People with all these different abnormalities have Waardenburg syndrome.

The Horner syndrome is also caused a birth defect that heterochromia. The discolored eye then turns blue. People with this syndrome often have more striking symptoms. The condition that causes the syndrome can cause damage to your brain, backbone, lungs and neck. This can be congenital, but also arise later.

External influences

In addition to hereditary disorders, external influences can also cause heterochromia. Examples of these influences are:

  • Bleeding or inflammation in the eye.
  • For example, damage to the eye due to an accident.
  • Long-term use of eye drops.
  • A brain tumor .

When an eye suddenly changes color, it may indicate another physical problem. It is therefore important that you have an eye doctor examine the discolouration.

Through the eyes of an angel

Looking through the eyes of an angel.  People live on earth in matter and have to deal with all kinds of limitations and obstacles, often caused by themselves.

Even today, people are much unaware of the greatness that they are and that they can experience.
Just like the Earth, humans have a light body as well as an earthly physical body.
This Lightbody, like Heaven, envelops the Earth, the people.

What makes it difficult for people is that they consist of different elements.
Among other things, you have to deal with feeling, reason and will.
Angels are the people without light bodies who reside in the Light World, the etheric realm around us.
Angels have only 1 will to serve God, who is the Source of All Life.
God is love, All-embracing love ..
So what angels do is serve love, and that is undeniable for them because their mind is pure love and knows no fear.

Everything they do has the commitment to spread more love.
People often have a hard time because they have different phases of consciousness and also a mind that can be focused on two emotions, love and fear.
When people would focus on the Spirit of love that flows through every person and is available without barriers, love will naturally flow.

This has preceded a whole process of transforming the ego, the mind of fear. You can do this by consciously focusing your mind on it and asking the angels to support you.
From their pure state of love, angels are doing nothing more than helping people in their processes because they serve love, logical and understandable.

Angels also have a very deep knowledge that nothing can go wrong because ultimately every fear, every ego will be transformed into love …
And love is the Creator of Light …

Angels sing Holy, Holy, Holy is the love that flows for everyone from it Sacred Heart of the Source of Consciousness, our Creator, and they cheer with every act of love.
They accompany and encourage each victory over the ego.
We humans on Earth go through these processes toward awareness of love until the day there is Light everywhere and the angels know: It will become Light … With all my heart ,

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  1. Robin Seymour

    My brother had one eye that was two different colors, brown and blue. The other eye was solid brown. He passed in 2009 at 39. He was a loving and generous soul. Through some recent reading. I believe he may have been gifted in some way. I loved Througj the eyes of an Angel. It was beautiful. Thank you for sharing the enlighment!

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