The Truth About SPIRITUAL RESTORATION In 3 Minutes

The Truth About SPIRITUAL RESTORATION In 3 Minutes

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Restoration has to be achieved by the qualified people that are spiritual. When it is not done from a religious center of gentleness and wisdom, the person who’s trying to reestablish can damage the one being aided and be dragged into temptation himself.

To locate recovery or to restore a person spiritually, you have to know what being religious is.

Spiritual” in this context means seeking God’s evaluation of the issue, permitting God both to identify the issue and to supply the solution.

A religious solution comes when the Holy Spirit illuminates God’s truth from His Word into your heart, your thoughts and your own life.

A Spiritual Approach to Life

A spiritual way of lifestyle dependence and sins is necessary since the outward symptoms are not generally the underlying reason.

You can not treat something unnaturally by simply taking a look at the indicators of the issue. You have to discover the religious cause and cure it emotionally so as to restore somebody.

Just like a dog tied to a tree with a rope, a great deal of individuals that are sitting in our churches every week happen to be hooked right into a sin or a position, and though they tug hard to attempt to break loose, they just rope themselves tightly into the circumstance. Because of this, they wind up being strangled by something that they can not fix.

How to locate Spiritual Restoration

Biblical restoration process. Many times we would like to assist people from a circumstance with no identifying the religious origin of the issue. However, if the religious is the reason, the religious needs to be the remedy.

A trap is obviously rooted in a religious cause because the origin of any trap is Satan, our flesh or even both.

As soon as we attempt to revive another, we have to want to cover the spiritual reason for the trap because only then can we place the individual free.  Healing is revived by fixing the origin, not the signs. To get into the origin, we will need to get a spiritual way of recovery.

The function of Anxiety in our Spiritual Lives

A basic cause for folks to become ensnared in the first place is pain.

Nowadays people concentrate so much on distracting themselves from pain instead of curing their origin of pain they wind up piling vice rather than reaching true recovery.

The worst thing they could do is to make a single trap so as to escape another. Healing happens and freedom in sin takes place when folks recognize the main cause of their pain and turn to God.

Restoring others starts when we help them determine the origin of the pain. Healing of the spirit has to occur before they could experience any progress in their debilitating symptoms.

God then told Solomon (from the verse above) that, if the Israelites sinned, they’d be revived after moving through a four-step procedure. God’s Word is eternal; consequently, this four-step procedure has unequivocal application to Christians now. Christians ARE God’s people called by his title.

STEP 1: Humility

The initial step in religious recovery is humility. To initiate the restoration process we have to first comprehend our nothingness before an Almighty God. In my, I’m both accountable and unworthy to maintain his Holy existence. God is all; I’m nothing.

…that the LORD is in his holy temple: let all of the earth keep silence before him.  ~Habakkuk 2:20

STEP two: Prayer

The next step in spiritual recovery is prayer. Prayer isn’t presenting God with a listing of desires. But, Jesus showed us that the key aim of prayer is to prepare men to carry out the best will of God (Matthew 6: 9-13, Luke 22:42).
~Luke 22:41-42
When we humble ourselves before God, we then want to find His will for our lives through prayer.

STEP 3: Communion/Fellowship

The next step in spiritual recovery is communion with God:’seeking God’s face’. To’seek God’s face’ would be to reside in His existence to commune/fellowship with Him. Prayer is the door through which we enter into communion with God. To commune/fellowship together with God would be to live one’s life each second as if functioning before God’s throne in heaven.

It’s to maintain continuous conversation with God. When Moses communed with God he came so close after the encounter his face fades (Exodus 34:34-35). Paul communed with God and has been caught up from the third heaven (2 Corinthians 12:1-3). God desires to lead us into adulthood; and out of prayer to communion with Him.

STEP 4: Repentance

The fourth and last step in spiritual recovery is repentance: turning out of”wicked ways”. This really isn’t the exact same”repentance” which is a necessity for salvation (Acts 3:19), since this passage was addressed to”my own people, that are called by my name”. Thus, God was covering those that are currently in the fold. Repentance for believers is explained as Romans 12:2 as transformation with a renewing of their minds.

God plans to bring us out of humility into adulthood, from prayer to communion with God and eventually communion brings birth to repentance (psychological renewal): a shift in mindset enables us to turn out of our”wicked ways”.

Start… and You’ll End

These four measures of spiritual recovery, though successive, aren’t independent of one another. The believer that humbles himself before The Almighty God will beg, since he admits he has to submit to the will of the Lord of Hosts. Along with the believer that walks into communion with God can’t help but have his own thoughts revived.

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