Spiritual significance of caves.

The caves represent often stored or censored memories, our instincts, and all those feelings that can hardly leave out the light.

The caves constitute a natural refuge, a place to hide or hide something that we don’t want to show. In short, the caves represent protection, both in real life and in your dreams.

Many times we dream of places and are usually dreams that tell us about the unknown aspects of our personality. In the case of caves, their symbolism in real life coincides quite a lot with their dream interpretation. Do you want to know the meaning of dreaming about a cave?

Face problems in a cave

Dreaming of a cave or, instead, that you are inside a cave, has a relatively clear and apparent central meaning. You feel in danger, you feel persecuted, and you need to hide from something or someone. It may be because your subconscious knows before you that a friend is going to betray you or significant problems are coming up in your life.

The problems of those who hide in the cave can come from any field, sentimental, social, family, or work, but protecting you may not be the best option to deal with those problems. You can take your stay in the cave as a form of reflection until you find a way to solve the issues, but keep in mind that at some point, you will have to go out and face it.

If in your dream you finally leave the cave, it means that you will overcome any adversity. Anyway, for the interpretation of this dream with caves, you have to take into account all the elements that appear, as well as the sensations that it produces, if you feel isolated, restless, safe, or protected.

The dreams where we see ourselves inside a cave or cave should be interpreted based on the events and images in it, as well as the feelings that are generated.

Dreaming inside a cave where there is water is a sign that our feelings flow smoothly, while if we find a fire in it, it indicates that we have kept various passions, and it is possible that at any time we let all this out, which would cause us multiple inconveniences. 

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