What Is The Spiritual Significance Of Orion?

What Is The Spiritual Significance Of Orion

Orion’s belt spiritual meaning?

Spiritual meaning of stars. Orion is the best-known constellation in the sky. It is also known as the Hunter. The ancient Egyptians called her Osiris. Its stars are very bright and can be seen from both hemispheres. This makes it recognized worldwide. She is, mostly, a winter constellation of the northern region of the planet. In the southern hemisphere, it is visible during the summer.

She begins to see herself in the northern hemisphere in the final days of August, two hours before dawn, about four in the morning. In the following months, its appearance is anticipated in two hours each month, until it is visible almost overnight during the winter months.

That is why it is within the winter constellations of the northern hemisphere of the Earth. This beautiful constellation is not only visible for a period of about 70 days in the night sky in the northern hemisphere. This is from mid-April to mid-August. She is located near the constellation of the Eridanus River and supported by her two hunting dogs called Can Mayor and Can Menor.

At the same time, he is seen facing the constellation of Taurus. The main stars that form this constellation are Betelgeuse, which is a red supergiant 450 times more massive in diameter than the Sun.

From this star to be in the position of our Sun, its diameter would reach the planet Mars. Then there is Rígel, which is 33 times greater than our Sun. This is the brightest star in the constellation, radiating 23,000 times more light than our Sun. Rígel is part of a triple star system, of which its central star is a supergiant, very bright blue. At the same time, this star has a surface temperature of 13,000 degrees Celsius.

This constellation has another blue giant called Bellatrix that is the third brightest star in the zodiac. It also has three famous stars known as Hunter’s belt or “The Three Marys,” or “The Three Wise Men.” These are called Mintaka, Alnitak, and Alnilam.

Orion in the Bible

The Bible tells us about this constellation in several passages. The first time he is mentioned is in the book of Job, written by Moses about 1500 BC (Job 9: 9 and 38:31). It is also mentioned in (Amos 5: 8). The Bible also implies, in several passages, that towards the North, it is the place of the room of God.

The first of these texts that we would like to show you is the following:

“Great is Jehovah and worthy in a great way to be praised in the city of our God, on his holy mountain. Beautiful province, the joy of the whole earth is Mount Zion, on the north side! The city of the great King! “ (Psalm 48: 1,2).

In this text, reference is being made, mainly, to the New Jerusalem, which is the capital of the universe and where the throne of God is located. The heavenly Jerusalem is Mount Zion that is astronomically situated to the sides of the North for us. The ancients defined the North as a cardinal point upwards, contrary to how we do today.

Let’s see how the apostle Paul makes it clear to us, under divine inspiration, that the amount of Zion is not the earthly Jerusalem, but the heavenly one where the dwelling place of God and the angels of his power are.

“You, on the other hand, have approached Mount Zion, the city of the living God, Jerusalem the heavenly, the company of many thousands of angels” (Hebrews 12:22).

We should note that this universal cardinal point is where the universal throne of God is located. In the same words of the fallen angel, when he wanted to put himself in God’s place to be worshiped, he manifested this fact. In his greedy self-exhalation and full of arrogant pride he said: “I will go up to heaven.

On high, by the stars of God I will raise my throne and on the mountain of testimony I will sit on the northern ends; on the heights of I will raise the clouds and be like the Most High “(Isaiah 14: 13,14).

When we go to the book of the prophet Ezekiel, in his first chapter, we can appreciate the vision that the prophet had of the descent of God, in his cosmic chariot, to the city of Jerusalem to make an investigative judgment on his people, as a result of the apostasy in which they had submerged. But in verse 4 of that same chapter we can appreciate the direction from which God came to judge his people. There it is said that Jehovah was coming on his throne in the direction of the North.

But it is curious to note that he entered the city through the eastern or eastern gate and that he retired from that same place (see Ezekiel 10:19; 11:23). But Ezekiel tells us that when God’s glory returns again he will enter through the east gate (Ezekiel 43: 1-4; 44: 1,2).

There is a text in the book of Job, which Moses wrote over 3500 years ago. That text has great scientific revelations, long before modern science took credit for discovering these scientific facts already revealed in the Bible. In that passage it is said that the Earth is in a state of weightlessness long before the laws of universal gravitation were discovered. 

The belief of men of science until the 16th century was that the Earth was flat and held on elephants above a turtle lying in the middle of the sea. But this text says that the Earth was hung over nothing, that is, in empty space, in a state of weightlessness. 

Let’s look at the text: “He extends the North over the void, hangs the Earth on nothing.” (Job 26: 7).

But the detail that concerns us here is the fragment that says: “He extends the North over the void.” Here again we observe the mention of the North, which is the direction of the throne of God in the outer space. But there it is said that the North in the universe is spread over the void. When we go to the data of modern astronomy, our Sun with its entire system in motion, within our galaxy, travels an orbit of 30,000 light years, with a translation speed of 250 km / h.

But the route of this orbit is so huge that it seems to travel a perfectly straight line to the North. In other words, our Sun travels through space with all its planets in a straight line towards the North, in the direction of the constellation of Hercules.

This happens at a speed of 20 km / s, reaching the impressive distance of 2 million kilometers per day. But according to modern astronomy checks, that North direction, where the seemingly linear movement of our solar system is headed, is practically “empty” of stars, when compared to the other cardinal points in the regions of the sky. But Orion has a very mentioned and prominent area in recent years. That place or object is the nebula that this constellation contains in its domains.

When was the Orion Nebula discovered?

The Orion Nebula was discovered casually, in 1618 AD, by astronomer Zisatus, when he made observations of a luminous comet. Although it is also said that it was a French astronomer and not the Jesuit Zisatus who discovered her in 1610, and that Zisatus was only the first to make an article about her. As of that date this nebula has been studied a lot, by astronomy. And it is known that it is located within our galaxy, 350 parsecs from the Sun. A Parsec is equivalent to 3.26 light years.

A light year equals 9.46 billion kilometers. Then these 350 Parsecs would be 1,141 light years; which taken to linear kilometers would give us the figure of 10,793, 86 billion kilometers away. But remembering the text of (Job 26: 7), with regard to emptiness, it is curious to note the discoveries made by the international astronomical community in relation to the conditions present in this nebula. 

Now I will cite the information of an astronomy book by the Soviet publisher Mir, written in 1969, and that reveals something impressive:

“The average density of this gas nebula, or as they often say, diffuse is 10 to seventeen times lower than the air density at 20 degrees Celsius. In other words, a part of the nebula, with a volume of 100 cubic kilometers , it will weigh a milligram! The biggest void in laboratories is millions of times denser than the Orion Nebula! In spite of everything, the total mass of this gigantic formation, which deserves more than comets the name of the ‘nothing visible’ is enormous.

On the substance of the Orion Nebula, approximately one thousand suns like ours or more than three hundred million Earth-like planets could be made! […] To better illustrate this case, let’s point out that, if we diminish the Earth, to the dimensions of a pinhead, then, on this scale,the Orion Nebula would occupy a volume the size of the terrestrial globe! “(F. Ziguel,” The Treasures of the Firmament “, ed Mir. Moscow 1969, p 179).

In other words, the ratio would be as follows: The head of a pin is to Earth, as Earth is to the Orion Nebula. Therefore, if the place of God’s dwelling is “on the sides of the North” in the sky, and he has extended “the North over the void”, and the emptiest region of the sky is in the direction of the nebula of Orion. When we link the Bible with astronomy, everything seems to indicate that the place of God’s throne is located in the direction of the constellation Orion.

Orion correlation theory

Since 1989, the famous hypothesis about the correlation of Orion with the pyramids of the Giza complex has been published. This theory was formulated by Briton Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert. The primary publication on this subject appeared in volume 13 of “Discussions in Egyptology.” 

This theory suggests that there is a correlation between the location of the three pyramids of the Gizeh plateau complex in Egypt with the location of the three stars of the Orion belt. But according to the proponents of this theory, this correlation was intended by the pyramid builders.

This was executed by those architects, under the consideration that these enormous structures, focused on their orientation towards the stars, which were the gods of pagan culture of the ancient Egyptian world, would facilitate the passage of the pharaohs to their immortal life of gods After his death in this world. According to them, this correlation occurs looking from the north of the pyramids of Gizeh to the south. 

This correlation goes beyond a simple coincidence. These three pyramids known as Chephren, Cheops and Micerinos, dated at the time of the 4th Egyptian dynasty by archaeologists and Egyptologists, have a perfect alignment in relation to the three stars of the Orion belt.

Despite the immense dimensions of these three pyramids, their alignment accuracy with the three stars of the Orion belt is really impressive. At present this is not one hundred percent accurate. The stars of the Orion belt form an angle that differs by a few degrees from the one formed by the pyramids. Bauval discovered that the so-called ventilation channels of the great pyramid pointed to the stars. 

Those from the south pointed to the stars of the constellation Orion and the star Sirius. From the king’s chamber this channel pointed directly to the central star of the Orion belt, who represented the god Osiris for the Egyptians. And from the queen’s chamber he pointed directly at the star of Sirius, who represented the goddess Isis.

But according to them, the northern ventilation channels pointed from the queen’s chamber to the Little Bear, and from the king’s chamber to the star Alpha Draconis or Thuban, the star that marked about 4800 years ago marked the north. 

So also the Egyptologist John Anthony West in collaboration with geologist Robert Schoch, said that 12,000 years ago, the Sphinx of Gizeh was built representing the sky of that time and was located in reference to the vernal point of the Earth, which was pointing directly towards the constellation of Leo. 

They claim that the original form of the Egyptian Sphinx was completely a lion representing on Earth the constellation of Leo in the sky.

They say that the Sphinx degraded as a result of the rainwater, at the time of the last glaciation, which dates back to the years when the Sahara was not desert, but was a beautiful natural garden, where it always rained around 10,500 BC Thus Bauval, with the collaboration of archaeoastronomy, concluded that if the precessional changes of the Orion belt are calculated, over the centuries, it can be seen that there was a time in the past when these three stars were perfectly aligned in relation to the Milky Way, as the pyramids were in relation to the Nile River.

Robert Bauval shows these calculations in his book “The Mystery of Orion.” He speculates that this happened in 10,500 BC

According to his hypothesis, he says that this was the year in which such a master construction company was conceived, but that its construction began at a later historical period. In this way Robert Bauval goes further, in his logical speculation, by stating that all the other pyramids built in the land of the Nile are an imitation of the other stars in the sky. 

He states in his theory that the idea with which the Egyptians saw time was cyclical. He adds that they were governed by the laws of the cosmic order. They had a maxim that said: “As above, below.” Hence its imitation in the proportion of the earthly scale of everything that was in heaven.

Where Bauval and archaeoastronomy are wrong it is in the dating of the date of this construction of the pyramids and the Sphinx of the monumental complex of Gizeh. Its calculation of the year 10,500 BC, is totally logical in this correlation of earthly monuments and stars and celestial constellations, when the precession of the equinoxes is taken into account in light of the approximate 23 degrees of inclination that the imaginary axis of the Earth has , in relation to the equatorial plane of our solar system. 

If one thinks that this has always been the angle of inclination of the earth’s axis, the 10,500 years before Christ have all the logic of scientific reason.

But what Bauval and the others who support these 10,500 years do not count is that the Earth did not always have this difference in inclination of its imaginary axis in relation to the equator of the solar system’s orbit. 

But today we all know, or should know that the four seasons of the year are as a result of the inclination of the Earth’s axis, and that if it had an angle of ninety degrees, relative to the equator of the solar system’s orbit, there would not be the four annual seasons that the Earth has. 

This would give the Earth a perfect, stable and uniform climate of eternal spring without autumn, summer or harsh winters.

This was the condition that planet Earth possessed before the cataclysmic events of the universal flood, narrated in Genesis 7 and 8. Until before the universal flood occurred the climate of our planet was perfect and there were no seasons of the year as we have them. today, as a result of the inclination of its axis. 

This inclination happened as a result of the powerful cataclysmic forces that moved the globe on the occasion of the flood of water in the time of Noah. This event happened 4361 years ago until 2014, since according to the chronogenealogies of the Bible the flood took place in 2348 BC

If Bauval, archaeoastronomer, geologists and Egyptologists will take into account this fact of the 23 degree inclination of the earthly axis, which has to do with the precession of the equinoxes, in relation to what the Bible tells of the flood and that they they say “last glaciation”, they would realize that the pyramids have no more than 5,000 years of construction and so they would coincide in the dating of their date 4,500 years ago and not with 10,500 BC

That is to say that this analysis would make the archeoastronomy realize that there is difference of thousands of years of error in their calculations, by neglecting the fact of the inclination of the earth axis in relation to the data of the universal flood of Genesis.

The Bible says the following: “As long as the earth remains, the sowing and mowing, cold and heat, summer and winter, and day and night will not cease.” (Genesis 8:22) 

This was only the physical, climatic and geographical result of the inclination of the Earth’s axis as a result of the cataclysmic forces of the flood. Thus, in this way, the seasons of the year were born and the differences in annual hours between days and nights on our planet some 4,500 years ago.

 For this reason, everything seems to indicate that both the pyramids and the Sphinx were not really built by the Egyptian pharaohs, because it was impossible for their generation to build those impressive monuments.

These were built by the Nephilim (Giants), resulting from the marriage union of the sons of God, descendants of Seth, with the daughters of men, descendants of Cain. These were the disobedient members of the antediluvian generation who rejected God and Noah’s message about 45 centuries ago. 

This would make us understand that the Sphinx was not built 12,000 years ago as calculated by the Egyptologist John Anthony West and the geologist Robert Schoch. In addition to this they said that it degraded as a result of the rainwater, at the time of the last glaciation, dating from the years when the Sahara was not desert, but was a beautiful natural garden, where it always rained towards the year 10,500 BC

Undoubtedly this one was degraded by the waters, but these were the waters of the universal flood in the days of Noah, and not worn out by what the international scientific community has called “last glaciation.” 

But if the defenders of this theory value this data of the inclination of the Earth’s axis, as a consequence of the forces of the universal flood in the days of Noah, which brought as a final result the precession of the equinoxes, and therefore the seasons of the year on our planet; they would not make the mistake of 8,000 years of difference in the dating of the construction of the pyramids of the Gizeh complex in their correlation with the stars of Orion. Thus, the appreciation of this data would place them 4,500 years ago, and not in the year 10,500 BC.

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What Is The Spiritual Significance Of Orion?

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  1. I love this article a lot and I have been searching for this for years… You’ve connected the dots but what was the reason why the Nephilim built the pyramids. Is to gain access in the Heavens???

  2. Most of this (other than the Scriptural parts) is pure conjecture. Consider this: Orion and the Plaides are spoken of by Job – about the time of Abraham, yet, Orion is supposed to be a Greek mythological character – 3000 years later! It appears obvious that the naming of the constellations pre-dates history. One might wonder about the first verse of Genesis – what was before “the earth became void, and without form”?

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