Double Rainbow Meaning In Bible

Double Rainbow Meaning In Bible

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Meaning of the double rainbow and its magic.

A rainbow is an optical and meteorological phenomenon that separates sunlight into its spectrum, and when the sun continues to shine, it shines in the raindrops.

It’s a multicolored arc with red on the outside and violet on the inside.

The complete order of colors is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Its name comes from Greek mythology, where Iris was a goddess who served as a herald of God.

The rainbow had many meanings in many cultures, the main similarity is that it is always connected with the deities.

In the Christian Bible, the rainbow was created in the sky as the promise that God would never again make a great flood.

In the Yoruba culture, the rainbow is also represented as a divine messenger to the humans in the figure of the deity Oxumare.

In Burma the rainbow is a dangerous spirit, in India it is a bow of divine arrows that are shot.

In the Nordic mythology the rainbow is the bridge that Odin built from Midgard.

In ancient Rome, the rainbow was the coloured robe of Isis, Juno’s manager.
The luck of seeing a rainbow can be transmitted in a spell, a few moments after seeing it.

If you want to do it while you see it, and this time imagine this desire, keep thinking about reaching the place that can do your magic, with candles, incense, a crystal and a spell.

But never point your finger at a rainbow directly because the next rain will be for you.

In Ireland, anyone who sees a rainbow and touches the ground will find their treasure, their pot of gold.

A rainbow in the morning means more rain during the day, but a rainbow that appears at the end of the day means the rain is gone.

Small pieces of a rainbow appearing in a cloudy sky sometimes means that in the next storms, your requests will be fulfilled.

If a rainbow disappears very quickly, good weather is on its way, and so is love.

A rainbow usually means that the rainy season is about to end.

But for the gnomes, a rainbow is the right time to make requests and do magic. And the closer you are to it, the better luck you’ll have.

For witches the rainbow is a dream, and it helps to focus energies on favorable spells.

What does a rainbow symbolize in the Bible

After the flood, Noah left the Ark, and the Lord established an alliance with him. The visible sign of this pact is the Rainbow. The Scripture puts these words on the lips of God: ‚ÄúThis is the sign of the covenant I make with you and with all that lives with you, for all ages: I will put my bow in heaven, as a sign of my covenant with the earth and I will remember my covenant with you and with all the animals, and the flood will not destroy the living again‚ÄĚ (Genesis 9:12-15). What does this bow mean?

When two countries of the ancient world, after a long war, reached peace; the king of each town placed its battle arc on the ceiling of the throne room. Thus, the bow attested that both nations had come to peace. When the Israelites saw the Rainbow in the sky, they thought, metaphorically, that it was the bow of God.

In that way, they understood that the Lord had hung his bow in the clouds and established the final peace with his people and with the entire Humanity.

The experience of Yahweh as the God who is at peace with his people is one of the characteristics of Israelite religiosity. Ancient peoples were afraid of God. They thought of God as with an adversary and an opponent. Instead, for Israel, God is someone who gives peace and establishes an alliance with his people and with the entire earth to protect it.

God’s covenant is not limited to Israel; it also covers all men, animals and the whole earth. All reality is in the hands of God, but not to destroy it, but to give it peace and trust. The Rainbow is the sign of the peace alliance that God establishes with all his creatures.


We often find many writings about the rainbow in the Bible and find its direct relationship with the flood and imagine Noah on a mountain of green pastures with his family around and as SIGN (not) a beautiful rainbow in the outline.

Well, beyond this, the word ARC iris has more significance; as the Glory of God Most High. Without any comments, let’s look at a simple meaning of what the rainbow is and its representations in the Word of God. You will judge its significance. 

A rainbow is a phenomenon that occurs when a distant light passes through a body of water that is in the form of rain, steam or fog. Depending on the angle at which the ray of light passes through the drop of water, different colours are projected in the shape of half a wheel. 

After the flood God told Noah that the rainbow would serve as a sign to remember that there will be no more flood of waters to destroy all flesh ( Genesis 9: 9-17 ), and God said: This is the sign of the covenant that I establish between you and me and every living being that is with you, for everlasting centuries: My bow I have placed in the clouds, which will be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth. And it will happen that when I bring clouds over the globe, my bow will be seen in the shadows. And I will remember my covenant, which is between you and me and every living being of all flesh; and there will be no more flood of waters to destroy all tissue.

According to Exequiel, as the rainbow that looks in the clouds looks like on the day it rains, so will the appearance of the radiance … of the likeness of the glory of Jehovah ( Ezekiel 1.28 ), and I saw an appearance like gleaming bronze, like an appearance of a fire inside her, from the side of her hips up; and from his hips down, I saw that it looked like fire and that it had a glow around it. Like the look of the rainbow in the clouds on a rainy day, so was the look of the light around.

John saw around the throne, a rainbow and an angel with the rainbow above his head ( Revelation 4: 3; 10: 1 ). The appearance of the one sitting was similar to a jasper and carnelian stone, and around the throne was a rainbow identical in appearance to the emerald I saw another strong angel descend from the sky, wrapped in a cloud, with the rainbow above his head. His face was like the sun and his feet like columns of fire. 

As well. Not only the rainbow is named in Genesis but in many other parts of the Word of God. It is not only a sign of a covenant but of Greatness and Glory; As a curious fact some rabbis point out that the rainbow is in an inverted way towards the earth, as a warrior lowers his bow when he stops using it, which is a symbol of peace and explains in his opinion the spiritual meaning that is quite interesting.

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