What Is The Onyx Stone Meaning In The Bible?

What Is The Onyx Stone Meaning In The Bible

What is the onyx stone meaning in the Bible?.

The onyx is a form of chalcedony, related to the agate, although of bands of a different colour. However, the precious or semi-precious stone called shôham cannot be identified with certainty. Some believe
that it is the carnelian.

Shôham was in the antediluvian land of Havila (Gen. 2:12) and Eden (Ez. 28:13). It was the 2nd gem of
the 4th row of the pectoral of the high priest (Ex. 28:20; 39:13,); The names of the Twelve tribes of Israel (28: 9-12) were engraved on 2 of these stones, fixed to the shoulders of his ephod.

Job observes that wisdom and understanding It is of more value than a gem like this (Job 28:16). The translation of the The Greek word refers to a variety of precious stone whose identity is not specific. It was the 5th foundation of the New Jerusalem that John saw (Rev. 21:20).

Onyx, properties of the protective stone

This precious gem is composed of anhydrous silicate with a hardness of 7 on the mosh scale. It is believed that the word onyx comes from the Greek term ” onychion” . The onyx stone I am referring to is deep black, although we can also find white, veined or beige onyx, which have other properties. The most crucial onyx deposits are found in Brazil and Uruguay.

The black onyx was a very precious mineral and used in ancient times. Some documents show that the Romans used it to make stamps, brooches and earrings, where the signs of the zodiac were engraved to be used as talismans.

In England, about the fifteenth century, it was used as an amulet to protect those who carried it from evil spirits, from the evil eye or any other misfortune.


It is a porous and absorbent stone; the stone magnetically attracts negative vibrations and dissolves them. Negative vibrations when entering the onyx are submerged in the void of nothingness.

If the onyx bearer is attacked by the envy or jealousy of other people, the stone will absorb the attack and cancel it. Thus any negative energy, wherever it comes from, will weaken and be cancelled by contact with the stone.


When in direct contact with the person, the onyx cleanses the aura, but the benefits do not remain here: if we leave the stone at home, in the corners, in the room. The onyx will purify the house. If it is placed under the bed where we sleep, it will free us from nightmares and help us to have a peaceful sleep.


If someone tries to use the onyx to cause damage, the stone will transform all that intention against the person trying to use it for that purpose.

It is a gem of power, with its wise vibration transforms evil intentions and kindly protects the bearer of it. She is aware of the mysteries of life and death, the onyx transmits seriousness, humility and confidence, without realizing its wearer will see how your doubts are clarified, increase your mental strength and receive vibrations of peace.


Used in therapies, the black onyx will provide us with calm and inner peace; it will help us overcome fears, it will provide us with joy, good humour and laughter, it is a toning and strengthening gem, it will give us clarity of thoughts.


If you want to try at home its therapeutic effects, you will lie on the floor with your legs and arms stretched, palms facing up. We will place a black onyx gem on the pubic (sacral) chakra and close our eyes.

Try to get used to the posture while focusing your attention on breathing, loosening the body more and more, when you are relaxed you will rescue from your memorable moments in which happiness has invaded you, moments of laughter, well-being and you will recreate in them. Do not hurry, focus on being happy feeling the energy of the onyx in your base chakra and how it extends throughout your body.

Finally, you will take several deep breaths feeling like a bright fog surrounds you, purifying your entire contour. When you finish, you will clean the onyx stone by dipping it in water and sage or with a little salt and load it in the moonlight or buried in the earth where you have the energy of the sun indirectly, since directly exposed to the sun it would lose its brightness.

I hope you put a precious black onyx in your life and love it.

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